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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2638

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Dou Ling’s eyes became cold as he gazed at the entrance of the Warrior’s Gate. He then looked at Jiang Chen. At this moment, he was able to detect the dragon qi coming from Jiang Chen. Although Jiang Chen was pretty strong with his Dragon Transformation Art, it’s still slightly weaker than him. Especially now that he needed Jiang Chen’s blood…

“The fresh blood of the Dragon Clan, I’ll use your blood for my clan’s Saint Ancestor’s spine.” Dou Ling flew towards Jiang Chen like a meteor. The latter readied his stance, preparing to clash with his foe.

Zi Xi and the others were stunned. Dou Ling was powerful as he was able to sweep the floor while facing several elders from the Heavenly Profound Sect and Killing Luo Sect, even Bai Qi had lost against him and ran away.

Dou Ling’s attack was unstoppable, Jiang Chen could only parry while retreating with his Heavenly Dragon Sword. Dou Ling was dominating Jiang Chen even though he was in his Draconic form. Dou Ling hasn’t even used the Battle Formation Technique. Jiang Chen moved forward carefully. Although Dou Ling was powerful, Jiang Chen hadn’t unleashed his full strength yet.

Dou Ling, meanwhile, was looking for a chance to cut through Jiang Chen’s skin, and obtain a drop of his blood.

Donghuang Zhuoqing collaborated with Qu Tianshu to face their enemy. Dou Ling was forced to face his foes seriously as he was faced with three powerful opponents. However, he did not dawdle for long and quickly retreated back to the Saint Soul Mountain. Donghuang Zhuoqing and Qu Tianshu wanted to pursue him but were stopped by Jiang Chen.

“He has set up a Heavenly Lightning Downpour Formation below the Saint Soul Mountain. Be careful, do not go near.” Jiang Chen said quietly.

“This fella seemed like he had something in mind.” Zi Xi said.

“The Saint Soul Mountain is Princess Bingying’s final resting place. That bastard must be trying to do something towards the princess.” The Kraken said.

“Princess Bingying!” Jiang Chen murmured.

Dou Ling flew up to the Saint Soul Mountain and they were blocked by the Heavenly Lightning Downpour Formation, obviously not wanting them to step into the mountain.

Dou Ling dropped Jiang Chen’s blood on the Saint Soul Mountain and unleashed the energy of the spine. At that moment, the whole mountain began to shake.

“How can this be? The Saint Soul Mountain has never been shaken before. That bastard, what is he trying to do?” The Kraken said in shock.

“You must stop that bastard, this is our princess’ final resting place, it must not be disturbed!”

“It’s too late.” Zi Xi said, shaking his head.

The Saint Soul Mountain was crumbling and the giant majestic ridge was falling apart. The mountain seemed to be cut in half.

Dou Ling’s eyes shone brightly as he finally succeeded, he couldn’t wait anymore.


The whole sky was covered with lightning storms and thunder clouds as a boundless injustice and anger was showering the land.

That milky white halo was clashing against Dou Ling’s light on his palm, both wanting to overpower the other.


Dou Ling once again unleashed the Saint Ancestor’s spine and a rainbow-colored ray shot through the Saint Soul Mountain. A golden light burst forth from the mountain ridge.

A beautiful woman with her eyes closed came forth.

“Princess Bingying, it’s Princess Bingying. That bastard, you’ll be damned!” The Kraken said while shivering.

He was right, this was Princess Bingying’s final resting place.

“Such a mysterious burial ground, is she the princess of the Battle Kingdom?” Jiang Chen silently gasped.

She was extremely beautiful and possessed a mysterious charm coming from her body.

The whole Saint Soul Mountain shook violently the moment Princess Bingying came out. Dou Ling used everything he had to stop the shaking, in the end it was the spine of the Saint Ancestor that stopped the shaking.

“Such a great peerless immortal body. Saint Ancestor said that the atlas is within her body. Looks like I have to properly refine her.”

Dou Ling smirked, refining Princess Bingying’s divine body using his Three True Flames.


Countless battle souls rushed towards the Saint Soul Mountain after the rumble.

“No!” The Kraken shouted.

However, it was already too late as the battle souls kept on rushing towards the Saint Soul Mountain and they were vanquished by the Heavenly Lightning Downpour Formation.

No matter how loud the Kraken shouted, it still couldn’t stop those battle souls from rushing towards the mountain, to save their Princess Bingying as they were vanquished by the lightning.

“Looks like we’re forced to act.” Jiang Chen said.

Numerous battle souls were vanquished by the Heavenly Lightning Downpour Formation. They will never enter the cycle of reincarnation after they were struck by lightning.

Jiang Chen wielded the Great Yu Soul Forming Light, at least he could still cleanse them. Whereby they would be vanquished by those lightning.

“Great Yu Soul Forming Light!”

Jiang Chen used the Great Yu Soul Forming Light and sucked the battle souls into it. The Kraken looked at Jiang Chen with eyes full of gratitude. They’re at least able to reincarnate to the next life with the help of the Great Yu Soul Forming Light, not needing to suffer the torture of the soul anymore.

The Great Yu Soul Forming Light was able to absorb a great number of souls but a greater number of battle souls had also perished before the Saint Soul Mountain.

“Hmph, you’re feeling too good about yourself.” Dou Ling sneered.

Princess Bingying’s body was shining brightly under Dou Ling’s flame, becoming illusory.

“The peerless atlas is finally within my grasp.” Dou Ling’s eyes shone brightly.

Finally, an ancient scroll dropped from Princess Bingying’s body as soon as Jiang Chen was able to push through the clouds. It was written in ancient words.

“God Luo’s Scripture.” Jiang Chen’s pupil contracted as he was hit with a surge of emotions.

He finally knew what the divine item the dragon clan was eyeing for.

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