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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2636

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“Jiang Chen, are you alright?” Zi Xi said with a serious expression.

Jiang Chen was hurt pretty badly in his fight against Dou Ling earlier. Now, he’s in a really bad situation with the Kraken joining in.

“No matter.” Jiang Chen shook his head.

Even though Dou Ling had left, the Kraken still continued fighting. Jiang Chen wasn’t backing off and he, and the other three, quickly subdued the Kraken. Not even the formless battle souls could do anything, only the Great Yu Soul Forming Light  and the Heavenly Dragon Sword managed to scare the Kraken. Especially the blade.

Without Dou Ling, Jiang Chen easily subdued the Kraken with the help of Zi Xi and the others. The Kraken was instantly subdued by the Heavenly Dragon Sword and was suppressed by the Great Yu Soul Forming Light.

“Speak, what is this Warrior’s Gate? What lies beyond it?”

Jiang Chen looked at the Battle Soul and said coldly, with the Great Yu Soul Forming Light in his palm, whereby he could devour him instantly.

“My soul will perish, so what? Hahaha, I do not fear death, since the Battle Kingdom has perished, what is the meaning for me to continue living?”

The Kraken said coldly as bitterness and sadness covered its face.

“You do not have a choice to even die right now, because I will make sure that you’d wish you die and get tortured in the Great Yu Soul Forming Light forever, do you believe me? That should be a much excruciating pain.” Jiang Chen smiled.

The Kraken shivered as it stared at Jiang Chen and roared.

“You’re mad, you’re a madman.” The Kraken was thoroughly angered.

However, it couldn’t help but shiver at the thought of getting tortured forever by the Great Yu Soul Forming Light… this fella is not joking, that light is no joke either.

“Speak truthfully, perhaps, I might let you go and allow you to reincarnate.”

Jiang Chen knew that the Kraken did not fear death. Perhaps, the Battle Kingdom that it spoke of was really destroyed. Plus, they have no attachment to life since becoming a battle soul, only a fragment of their souls were left and the threat of death will not amount much to them. However, Jiang Chen said that he could torture them in the Great Yu Soul Forming Light for eternity, that was truly terrifying.

“What do you want to know?” the Kraken said.

“What is the Battle Kingdom?” Jiang Chen asked.

“This place is called Thunder Rush Sea, right? If my guess is correct, it should still be that name. In the past, the Thunder Rush Sea wasn’t here, this was just a shore. The Thunder Rush Sea was the mother sea. There was once a powerful kingdom in this bountiful land, its name was the Battle Kingdom. The land was rich and vast with millions of citizens residing within it. Even the birds in the sky and the dragons beneath the sea revered this place. The lord of the Battle Kingdom was mighty and no one dared to disobey him.”

The Kraken spoke in a sentimental mood as its arms waved and spoke with excitement.

“Mighty whereby none dared to disobey him, huh?” Jiang Chen imagined the might of the said lord.

“The might of the Battle Kingdom is truly fabled. I’ve read an ancient record in the Easter Emperor Sect, whereby there was a Battle Kingdom in the South and Eastern Emperor in the West. The past Eastern Emperor Sect was also filled with legends, the Lord of the Eastern Emperor Sect was definitely on-par with the Lord of the Thunder Rush Sea’s Battle Kingdom.” Donghuang Zhuoqing sighed.

The Battle Kingdom was destroyed. The Eastern Emperor Sect lost its former glory.

“Certainly, only the Eastern Emperor Sect was able to fight against the Battle Kingdom in the past.” the Kraken said quietly.

“Then, why was the Battle Kingdom destroyed?” Zi Xi was extremely curious and asked.

“Because of a certain person, as a matter of fact, a dragon.”

“The Big Brother of the Nine Sons of the dragon, Qiu Niu?” Jiang Chen said.

The Kraken looked at Jiang Chen with great shock.

“You knew?”

“It’s just my guess.” Jiang Chen shook his head, however, his guess was on-point. It was the Qiu Niu, and the existence of the dragon ball further proved his point. This Ice Sea Divine Dragon Palace was definitely Qiu Niu’s Dao site.

“In the past, the king of the Battle Kingdom’s daughter, Princess Bingling fell in love with a man, this person was dashing albeit without fame. Nevertheless, Princess Bingling was madly in-love with him as he was well-versed in the art of music, chess, books and art, and had a great literary talent. Although the Lord wasn’t quite satisfied, he could only helplessly accept it. However, after that, the Battle Kingdom went to war with the surrounding state and found out that this Prince Consort was a dragon amongst men as he donned on a battle armour, he swept across the battlefield without anyone stopping him, leading the mighty soldiers of the Battle Kingdom and millions of mercenaries and made a name for himself in the Lone Dragon County. As time went on, the prince had become one of the pillars that supported the Battle Kingdom.”

The Kraken then suddenly added:

“However, on a night with a tsunami crashing upon the kingdom, nine azure dragons appeared, dancing on the sky while lightning and thunder flashed. The waves of the Thunder Rush Sea were three thousand metres tall, it submerged half of the Battle Kingdom, casualties amounted to millions, it was a living hell, catastrophic. They were here to search for someone, the Big Brother of the sons of the dragon, Qiu Niu! Whereby our prince who had fought countless battles and earned his fame was none other than Qiu Niu. Because of him, the whole Battle Kingdom was devastated by the wrath of those nine azure dragons. That was the start of the destruction of the Battle Kingdom.”

“Qiu Niu, to think that he’s the prince consort of the Battle Kingdom. Truly shocking. The destruction of the Battle Kingdom, it was all done by the nine azure dragons?” Jiang Chen said.

“Hmph, those nine azure dragons was just a spark, the one who truly changed everything was Qiu Niu. It was because of his selfish reason that he wanted to get his hands on the atlas from our Lord and set all of this up, causing the destruction of our Battle Kingdom. Qiu Niu and those nine azure dragons should all be damned. All dragons are bastards.” the Kraken roared.

He’s obviously extremely angry about Qiu Niu, the nine azure dragons and the dragon clan. Otherwise, all the battle souls wouldn’t have targeted Jiang Chen when he unleashed his Dragon Transformation, it was reasonable.

“This, Warrior’s Gate, what happened?”

“This Warrior’s Gate was built by the Qiu Niu to imprison us people of the Battle Kingdom. He said that the lord of the Battle Kingdom was severely injured by the nine azure dragons and everyone believed him and entered the Warrior’s Gate for safety. However, in the end, the Qiu Niu never opened up the gate anymore and caused countless citizens of the kingdom to die, trapped within the Warrior’s Gate. In the end, our lord vowed to never bow down, everyone was killed by the nine dragons, there were no survivors. Hence, the hatred towards the Dragon Clan, even if my Battle Kingdom could never re-enter the cycle of reincarnation, we will never forgive them!” the Kraken said in anger as hatred filled his voice.

However, no matter what, the Battle Kingdom has already perished, it was a fact.

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