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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2629

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“Congratulations, Brother Tiaji. You’ve reached the Divine King Realm.” Jiang Chen said with a smile.

“How can this be? Why is there no lightning tribulation?” Donghuang Taiji looked up and murmured.

“It must be due to the Ice Sea Divine Dragon Palace, it’s able to conceal you from the Heavenly Lightning. Therefore, it did not appear.” Jiang Chen explained.

“So, that’s why.”

Donghuang Taiji looked at Jiang Chen, not with grateful eyes but with a pair of fiery eyes that burned with battle intent.

“Haha, your enemy now is not me, let’s duke it out after we get out, I’ll surely satisfy you.” Jiang Chen helplessly shook his head. This Donghuang Taiji is truly a man obsessed with cultivation, only thinking about the Dao of Divine Martial, to battle, that is his only Dao.


When Donghuang Taiji turned around, he found that Murong Yun’er was also trapped in it.

“Wake up!” Donghuang Taiji grabbed on Yun’er’s shoulder and roared.

However, his roar woke everyone up, and the eight of them fell towards the ground. At this moment, Jiang Chen finally understood that their souls were swallowed by the treasures.

“How can this be? Taiji?” Murong Yun’er grabbed Taiji’s arm tightly and said.

“It’s alright.” Donghuang Taiji’s tender side gave off a warm feeling.

Shenfang He’s body trembled as he woke up from his dream and looked at his surroundings in shock. Some of them fell without a cause, some were wearing a face of terror. Now, only less than ten of them were left and the treasures were still there. However, nobody dared to touch it anymore as the fear stuck to their hearts.

Hei Cha was sweating profusely. He could’ve been utterly swallowed if it wasn’t for Donghuang Taiji’s roar. Therefore, he had become cautious.

Yin Hun and Li Peng were also the same. The treasures in front of them weren’t treasures but a bottomless pit.

“We’ve just narrowly escaped death.”

Li Peng’s heartbeat was fast. The souls of the eight guys were swallowed, leaving only their bodies behind, becoming a part of that white bone.

“How did this happen?”

“Terrifying. These guys fell onto these treasures, even in death, they want to die in the treasures embrace?”

“I think I’ve just gone through a cycle of samsara.”

Everyone’s faces were covered with sweat. Only Donghuang Taiji and Jiang Chen were calm. However, even after they’ve awoken, their eyes were still glued towards the treasures in front of them.

“We shouldn’t come here for nothing. Hahaha.”

Somebody rushed forward and started collecting the treasures again.

Shenfang He did not hold back and started to collect the treasures.

The others started to look for treasures too. Jiang Chen took a step forward and blocked Shenfang He.

“What are you trying to do?” Shenfang He glared at Jiang Chen and said.

“You should know better than me.” Jiang Chen said.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, I don’t wanna squabble with you. If you’re unfazed with these treasures in front of us, please, don’t disturb me.” Shenfang He was angry, he did not want to fight with  Jiang Chen now.

He only wanted to put all of these treasures into his own pocket.

“Really? Let me see whether you have what it takes, aren’t the Shen Ying Sect powerful? Did you not hate me? What a coincidence, I do not like you too.”

Jiang Chen stepped at the Divine Tool that was placed in front of Shenfang He as he challenged the latter.

“Don’t think that I’m afraid to touch you. You wouldn’t have defeated me if you were not lucky. Clueless fool, I will kill you today.”

Shenfang He rushed towards Jiang Chen. The latter remained unfazed, wearing a smile on his face. Jiang Chen only moved when Shenfang He almost reached him.

Jiang Chen pounded on Shenfang He’s chest, fist after fist. Shenfang He wanted to back off but couldn’t evade it. As one punch after another landed on his body, he couldn’t defend himself as he became Jiang Chen’s tool to vent.

Shenfang He’s divine protection wasn’t able to protect himself from Jiang Chen’s fist as he got flattened. At this moment, Hei Cha and the others looked at Jiang Chen with an interested gaze.

“Such a violent fella.”

“It’s refreshing, hearing it from you.” Li Peng said.

Hei Cha was also a violent guy comparable to Jiang  Chen. He too was one that would thoroughly kill a person without holding back.

Everyone looked at Jiang Chen, feeling impressed.  Shenfang He couldn’t believe that he got punched to death even right before he died.

“A scum like him should die.”

Li Peng couldn’t help but look at him another time after hearing what he said. This fella is really in the lime-light of all things, he did not show any fear during the elder’s battle. Plus, he’s able to kill a Half-Step Divine King with just his fist, he’s worthy of me facing him seriously.

Hei Cha sneered with disdain towards Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen only killed a Half-Step Divine King, it’s totally different from killing a Divine King.

Jiang Chen glanced at Shenfang He, he killed him for the sake of peace. There’s nothing to lose for him now that he’s dead.

“It is forbidden for sect disciples to kill one another, aren’t you afraid of inciting a war between sects?” Hei Cha looked at Jiang Chen coldly.

“I, Jiang Chen, do not need to explain to others how I do things.”

The others were impressed by Jiang Chen’s arrogance. Yet Hei Cha viewed that arrogance in disdain.

“Looks like he’s a stubborn fella.” Yin Hun said indifferently and did not join in the fray.

Shenfang He’s death was without value. Nobody cared.

Now, there were only Jiang Chen, Donghuang taiji, Murong Yun’er, Long Xinghua, the trio and Wei Changqing from the Twilight Cloud Sect and Xie Gui from the Scorpio Sect. All of them were Divine Kings except for Jiang Chen and Murong Yun’er. However, it’s obvious that Yin Hun’s group was stronger.

Jiang Chen discovered a sheepskin ancient scroll in a corner of the treasure trove. He felt something familiar about it. When he took it up, he found that it’s a map.

“Rushing Thunder Chart!”

Another part of the Rushing Thunder Chart. Now, he has two Rushing Thunder Chart, but he did not know what secret it has.

Until now, the greatest reward he got was this Rushing Thunder Chart. Although he did not know the value of this chart, he believed that it’s something great once he got all the parts.  He kept the scroll away and nobody noticed.

Then, when Jiang Chen turned back, he found a tombstone with the words on top of it: Heavenly Qiu Niu!

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