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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2624

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“Hahaha. It’s our fate to meet here. I never expect that you guys are here at Thunder Rush Sea. My eyes are opened.”

Feng Xingli laughed coldly while his mouth was overflowing with disdain. He gave Bai Qi a glance and a cold snort. Bai Qi had destroyed the Teleportation Formation, yet they are still here.

Bai Qi’s countenance fell and he found it hard to believe. Even a master level of formation would not be able to fix the Teleportation Formation in such a short period of time.

“Impossible, how are you guys able to come here? The Teleportation Formation has been destroyed.” Formation Demon Bai Qi said coldly.

“Formation Demon, you only have such a little trick. Is fixing the Teleportation Formation that difficult for you? With such a little competence, how are you qualified to be called Formation Demon? What a joke. Hehehe.”

Jiang Chen looked at Bai Qi. Bai Qi now knew that it’s this bastard who fixed the Teleportation Formation. But how did Jiang Chen manage to do it with his low cultivation realm?

“Kid, seems like you’re here to court death. Do you really think whoever wants to come to the Thunder Rush Sea can just come by themselves?”

Bai Qi showed his dismissive attitude towards Jiang Chen and he was also very cold to Donghuang Zhuoqing and others.

“You have ignored the promises we made in the past. You even colluded with the Formation Demon and hindered us in coming to this place. Li Jingdong, Feng Xingli, the two of you have conspired behind us.”

Long Shaotan said with a deep voice.

“Unfortunately, your plan failed as we are still here now.’ Donghuang Zhuoqing said calmly.

Things had already progressed to this stage. What was the point of arguing with them? Moreover, they can’t really go against them now at this place. They were the most powerful sects among the ten major sects. It’s undeniable that their strength was very strong. The Formation Demon stood along with them as well right now. They couldn’t simply go against the two sects now.

“Formation Demon, Heavenly Profound and Killing Luo Sect, you guys are really presumptuous. You have ignored the city lord’s will.”

Zi Xi burst into fury. It’s obvious that the two sects colluded with the Formation Demon to destroy the Teleportation Formation in order to ransack the treasures in Thunder Rush Sea. Someone said that an extraordinary treasure would emerge in the Thunder Rush Sea this time. That’s why everyone’s heart was filled with desire and greed.

“Fine, our plan has been unveiled. Alright, since all ten sects are here now, let’s start from zero. Hahaha.”

Feng Xingli laughed loudly. The people of the Heavenly Profound Sect and Killing Luo Sect were still able to remain this calm and confident in front of so many experts. Only the people from these two sects dared to be like this.

“Seems like you are ready to go against the entire Qilin Boundary.”

Zi Xi gazed at Feng Xinli and the others.

“Don’t simply make such judgement. Young city lord, when did you see that I want to be the enemy of the entire Qilian Boundary? We are just here earlier than the others. Who said that using Teleportation Formation is the only way to enter the Thunder Rush Sea? I have never heard so.”

Li Jingdong said.

“Humph. Very eloquent. But I really want to see what you guys are going to do here.”

Zi Xi became speechless after being questioned by Li Jingdong. Indeed, what’s wrong with not using the Teleportation Formation to come to the Thunder Rush Sea.

Jiang Chen looked at this silently. Each of them were the leaders of the ten major sects and very significant figures in Qilian Boundary. The battle did not start yet but had already ended. No matter Eastern Emperor Sect, Shen Ying Sect, or Nine Dragon Palace, none of them would fight the two major sects. Moreover, the young city lord, Zi Xi,  did not have sufficient strength to confront the two major sects yet. This battle became a real struggle of power at the moment.

“Okay. Since the two sects only came here a bit earlier than us, it’s not a big deal actually.”

Shen Yingqi said faintly. Li Jingdong and Feng Xingli were satisfied with him.

“That’s right. Has the Thunder Rush Sea become your personal garden? Hehehe, the agreement among the ten major sects has always been maintained since a long time ago. Coming earlier, so what?”

Shen Fanghe agreed. Except Donghuang Zhuoqing and Long Shaotan, the others also chose to keep silent as the opponents were stronger than them. Even Shen Ying Sect chose to stand by the two sects now. Even if Eastern Emperor Sect and Nine Dragon Sects were strong enough, it was still hard for them to overcome the opponent as they had more number of people.

Humph. Traitor, don’t forget that you almost missed the chance to come here. If we don’t have Jiang Chen, you might have already been killed by the skeletons.”

Long Xinghua’s eyes glowed. Even if she spoke of the justice, it was still very difficult to persuade those who had no shame.

“You can’t say so. We survive here by our own strength. Why do we have to thank him? Who is he? Hahaha.”

Shen Fanghe’s smile was cunning and his cunning side was fully displayed. Jiang Chen’s kindness was forgotten by them completely.

“This is the difference between humans and dogs. When you fight with the dog, they only fight with their mouth.”

Jiang Chen smiled coldly. A rubbish like Shen Fanghe, he would tear him apart sooner or later. It’s just not the time yet.

“Who do you refer to when you say dog?”

Shen Fanghe glared at Jiang Chen.

“Whoever responded, he is the dog. Do you still need an explanation?” Jiang Chen said calmly.

Shen Fanghe pressed against Jiang Chen again but was stopped by Shen Yingqi.

“We should stay united right now. I believe no one is willing to continue the argument at this moment since our time is limited. If we continue fighting, all of us would gain nothing. Why don’t we join hands to continue our journey? Moreover, we still want to take our time practicing here at the Wind and Thunder Canyon.”

Shen Yingqi smiled and said, being a peacemaker. Since Jiang Chen had indeed saved them before, it was impossible for him to turn against Jiang Chen right now. Otherwise, he would definitely provoke everyone’s anger. Shen Yingqi really wanted to find out why Shen Fanghe was this foolish.

Everyone, including Zi Xi, kept silent because the current situation was exactly like what Shen Yingqi said. Only cooperation could help each of them to get the true treasure. Moreover, the Divine Dragon Palace was definitely a place that was full of surprises. Even Zi Xi wished that he could gain some treasure at the palace.

Donghuang Zhuoqing and Long Shaotan exchanged a glance then they chose to agree in silence. Shen Yingqi’s words might not be beneficial to them, but it’s the only choice they could make.

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