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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2617

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“Assist him, now that the situation is much more complicated, join in on their journey to the Thunder Rush Sea as soon as the Teleportation Formation would be activated. It may be much more exciting over there.” Zi Qingtian said.

“But father… our is unstable.” Zi Xi said worriedly.

“No one would dare cause chaos with me here, at least for now.” Zi Qingtian said calmly as he asked Zi Xi to leave.

He then drowned himself into a deep thought.

“The prophecy a thousand years ago, has it finally come true? Old coot, I’ll use all my power to stop you in your tracks.” Zi Qingtian murmured as he recalled the mighty battle against that guy in the past.

Unfortunately, he’s not as powerful as he was in the past, a thousand years of suppression and the price he paid was nearing his limits. A thousand years has passed, looks like something big is going to happen, could Ling Jue City be turned upside down by that fella?

Nobody was around the Teleportation Formation, only Jiang Chen and Zi Xi, who was standing behind him.

“Brother, are you confident?”

Zi Xi was still doubtful of Jiang Chen, he’s not 100% sure Jiang Chen could really repair the teleportation formation. However, it shouldn’t be too hard with the No Beginning Formation as the base to repair the Teleportation Formation, still, it’s going to cost Jiang Chen a great deal of energy.

“I’ll try my best.” Jiang Chen said with a smile as he looked back at the tattered Teleportation Formation with a sharp gaze.

Jiang Chen controlled a part of the No Beginning Formation and fused it with the Teleportation Formation. Zi Xi silently watched Jiang Chen nervously.

The Teleportation Formation was extremely unique, it’s hard for those below the Divine Emperor Realm to repair it. Even though Jiang Chen had the No Beginning Formation, it was still hard for him.

Divine Emperors could do anything they want, and this kind of formation would be nothing for them as they could instantaneously travel anywhere as their understanding towards the laws of the heavens and earth were deep.

However, it’s still too far off for Jiang Chen to think about the Divine Emperor Realm.

Jiang Chen saw hope as the formations merged. Because the Teleportation Formation was getting repaired.

Jiang Chen dared not to dawdle as he pushed forth with the No Beginning Formation, and the destroyed Teleportation Formation was restored to its original state.

Several hours passed by in a flash, Jiang Chen felt tired after pouring in so many hours as it required a massive amount of divine origin energy to maintain the formation, especially the No Beginning Formation. Although he’s supported by the wood spirit, it still couldn’t keep up, the expense was just too much.

However, the Teleportation Formation was already repaired by half and Zi Xi silently felt impressed as he watched Jiang Chen.  Although he’s just a Late Heavenly God,  no other Late Heavenly God could replicate his might. Especially in his achievement of repairing the teleportation formation as other masters of formation couldn’t do it.

A day and a half had passed and Jiang Chen had finally finished repairing the Teleportation Formation. He was utterly spent, his face was covered with sweat. Although it was difficult it was also satisfying as he managed to succeed in the end.

“Did it, we did it! Haha.” Zi Xi looked at Jiang Chen with eyes full of admiration.

This person is one of the most terrifying people I’ve ever seen. To think he was able to repair the Teleportation Formation that was destroyed by Bai Qi.

“You can inform them that the Teleportation Formation could be used now.” Jiang Chen said with a bright smile.

Zi Xi has never seen such a bright smile before. At this moment, Jiang Chen did not just fulfill the lord’s expectation, he also had a qualitative improvement.

Jiang Chen’s understanding towards the No Beginning Formation had improved. Although just a part of this formation could not defeat the world, his understanding towards it had gained a massive leap.

Everyone was shocked when Zi Xi informed all the great sects.

“How can this be? The Teleportation Formation is repaired?”

“That easy? It got  repaired by an Eastern Emperor Sect disciple?”

“Although I still refuse to believe it, the formation is genuinely repaired. Our trip to the Thunder Rush Sea is still on. Hahaha.”

Everyone was exceptionally happy, looks like their trip to the Thunder Rush Sea wasn’t over.

“We should thank the person, his name is Jiang Chen.” Zi Xi said.

However, those who genuinely felt grateful to Jiang Chen were scarce because they were rushing towards the Thunder Rush Sea, to be faster than the other groups.

Jiang Chen smiled, he’s not one to desire thanks. Therefore, he didn’t make a fuss about it and he, himself, also needed to reach the Thunder Rush Sea as soon as possible.

“This is human nature.”

Jiang Chen looked at Zi Xi and the latter felt somewhat angry. Yet, unable to change the hearts of those men, perhaps this truly was human nature.

“Jiang Chen, good job.” Donghuang Zuoqing lightly patted Jiang Chen’s shoulder. It was the greatest compliment the elder had given.

Long Shaotan was also praising Jiang Chen.

“You’re the only one after Donghuang Tai’a that lunatic that I truly respect.” Donghuang Taiji and Jiang Chen looked at each and said.

He then turned towards the Teleportation Formation with Murong Yun’er.

“Cheh, he could’ve just been lucky. Hmph, it’s not weird for you to repair the formation, anyone could’ve got lucky once or twice in their life. Let’s go, I hope you’ll survive the Thunder Rush Sea.” Qu Tianshu said in a weird tone.

However, it didn’t look like she’s planning to squabble with Jiang Chen. As it would’ve been a great thing if the trip was cancelled but it’s not necessarily bad if the Teleportation Formation got repaired.

“Let’s go, Thunder Rush Sea, here we come.” Jiang Chen smirked. It’s probably going to be an exciting journey.

“I’ll follow you guys.” Zi Xi entered the Teleportation Formation too.

At this moment, everyone had to re-think about this, the Young Lord, Zi Xi following them, could this be the order of the city lord? Could the City Lord Mansion aim for the treasures of the Thunder Rush Sea too?

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