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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2614

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Dragons were flying while phoenixes were dancing. Zi Xi transformed into an azure dragon and stepped on the void. The azure dragon penetrated into the dark mist, and the dark dragon dispersed immediately. However, the dark mist fused once again. The mist seemed eternal and immortal, which made everyone feel frightened and anxious. Even though Zi Xi had broken through the clouds and mist repeatedly, he could hardly defeat Formation Devil Bai Qi at all.

“Haha. I told you, you could never defeat me.”

Formation Devil Bai Qi coldly said.

“Young City Lord has already reached the peak of the Divine King Realm. Even so, he is still no match for his opponent. It seems like this guy is truly a tough rival.”

Long Shaotan roared in a low voice. He was about to attack but Donghuang Zhuoqing warned him to hold back.

“Formation Devil looked strange and unusual. We are no match for him.”

Donghuang Zhuoqing knew well about the Formation Devil so he did not plan to attack at this moment. Even the young city lord, Zi Xi could hardly break the dark mysterious mist, making Formation Devil Bai Qi puffed up with pride and arrogance.

“That’s merely a kind of virtual image, not the true body of Formation Devil Bai Qi.”

The force of Jiang Chen’s soul swept through the sky, blotting out and covering the entire sky. However, it was still unrealistic if he wished to defeat Formation Devil Bai Qi with the strength of his soul. Since his virtual shadow and the formation had completely fused together, no one was able to realize that that was not his true body except Jiang Chen.

“What do you mean?”

Long Xinghua, Donghuang Taiji and the others fixed their eyes on Jiang Chen.

“That is just the clone of Formation Devil Bai Qi, he is trying to distract us with his formation. When someone is trying to conceal their mistakes, it only makes it more conspicuous. It is not difficult to kill him.” Jiang Chen said lightly.

Even Donghuang Zhuoqing and Long Shaotan were stunned. Jiang Chen was just being overconfident and overbearing. He was merely a Late Heavenly God while the city lord who has already reached the Late Divine King Realm could do nothing against Formation Devil Bai Qi. How could he be so confident?

“You’re blowing your own trumpet. Humph. How dare you? You’re way over your head. Do you ever know how terrifying  Formation Devil Bai Qi is? You’re such an arrogant guy.”

Shen Yingqi looked at Jiang Chen in disdain. Jiang Chen did not speak it loudly, but most of them had heard him. Some of them were even pointing at the Eastern Emperor Sect and thought the Eastern Emperor Sect was being presumptuous and opinionated. Having such an arrogant disciple had blackened the reputation of the Eastern Emperor Sect.

“Kid, are you serious?”

Qu Tianshu narrowed her eyes and said.

“Killing him will be as easy as killing a chicken, I could do it with my eyes closed.”

Jiang Chen knew that he was no match for Formation Devil Bai Qi in strength and he could not be his opponent even if it was just a phantom. However, Formation Devil Bai Qi believed himself  to be a wise guy and thought that no one could notice his formation. In fact, this clone of him would be vulnerable as soon as the formation collapsed. This formation was a defence to protect himself. Even though the formation was concealed, it was not worth mentioning for Jiang Chen. Formation Devil Bai Qi concealed himself with the formation which was really overconfident. But it was also true that the six formation masters failed to see through his tricks.

“It is the funniest joke that I have ever heard. This is my first time hearing these irresponsible statements. You said that Formation Devil Bai Qi is vulnerable. Can you please show us how strong you are?”

Shen Fanghe said with a cold smile and sneered at Jiang Chen. He had never forgotten that he was badly defeated by Jiang Chen previously.

“Hey trash. You are not qualified to criticize me.”

Jiang Chen’s words had put Shen Fanghe to silence. However, most of them did not care about Jiang Chen as they thought that he was only trying to play to the gallery. He was just a disciple of the Eastern Emperor Sect, not even a Divine King expert. How dare he flatter himself in front of these powerful experts?

Formation Devil Bai Qi was a terrifying existence in Lone Dragon County. Moreover, he was used to killing without even blinking his eyes, he was just cruel and cold-blooded. Each place he went was mostly devastated, not even a blade of grass could grow. This was the origin of his name, Formation Devil.

“Hahaha. Is it all you could do? Compared to your father, you still have a long way to go.”

Formation Devil Bai Qi laughed coldly with a sneer.

“A sword strike that kills a god.”

Zi Xi showed his imposing and overbearing aura which frightened the universe. Unfortunately, he was still unable to break through the dark mist and turned up nothing. It seemed like Formation Devil Bai Qi was only playing tricks in his bag and was able to deal with Zi Xi leisurely.

All of a sudden, a shadow of a sword pierced through the sky and made everyone feel astonished. However, it had nothing to do with the Formation Devil.

“Zi Qingtian, how could you still stay still until now? Did you suffer a bad injury like what the rumour said?”

The Formation Devil murmured continuously. If Zi Qingtian launched a blow, he would be the one to run away. However, his son was desperate and helpless at this moment, was he still going to hide in the dark and keep watching all of these?

“Young city lord, I will lend you a hand.”

Jiang Chen soared up into the heavens which shocked everyone. But most of them were full of  sarcasm and laughter.

“Hahaha. This guy is making a fool of himself. Is he going mad?”

“Does he think that  he is the same as the young city lord? He is digging his own grave by offending Formation Devil Bai Qi.”

“It is a pity that a talented disciple of the Easten Emperor Sect will pass away.”

Zi Xi took a glance at Jiang Chen and wore a worried frown. However, he just remained silent without saying anything. Most of them were making insensitive remarks without lending a hand. Those who wanted to give a try at first, stayed still and just watched from a distance. They did not mean to intervene in the fight.

Eventually, only a Heavenly God Realm young man decided to lend him a hand. It sounded ironic and hopeless.

“You are not his match yet, I warn you to leave immediately. Or else, you will be in danger.”

Zi Xi did not need Jiang Chen’s help as he thought that Jiang Chen would only be a liability. It was impossible for him to do anything on the Formation Devil.

Donghuang Zhuoqing and Long Shaotan looked at each other, their eyes were filled with a gleam of hope. They recalled the moment that Donghuang Zhuoqing and Jiang Chen reached the peak of Emperor Extremity Mountain and became the center of attention. It was a place where the sect lord could not even reach, but Jiang Chen acted as if he was just walking on a normal flat ground.

Donghung Taiji realized something instantly. The difference between Jiang Chen and himself was not only in strength but overbearingness. Jiang Chen was bound to fight to the death without any regret or hesitation even though he knew that he was no match for his opponent.

Jiang Chen did not listen to Zi Xi, and just looked at the dark mist that was formed by Formation Devil Bai Qi.

“Do you think that you could just throw dust in everyone’s eyes by hiding your clone in the formation? Formation Devil Bai Qi, you’re just being overconfident.”

Jiang Chen’s words made Formation Devil Bai Qi heaved a cold breath. He had never expected that a Heavenly God kid would be the one to realize the truth of his formation.

“Kid, do you want to die?”

“You are the one who is going to die. How could you resist these powerful experts once your formation collapsed? It is just a copy of yourself. Do you think that you’re a Sovereign Realm expert?”

Jiang Chen laughed scornfully. Everyone was frightened with Formation Devil Bai Qi while Jiang Chen treated him with haughty contempt.

Zi Xi fixed his glance at Jiang Chen, filled with doubts. However, he believed that Jiang Chen was not making this up!

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