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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2612

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Jiang Chen kept the formula. It was impossible for him to refine this medicinal pill within a short period of time. It’s impossible to find the bones of the God Emperor even if he found both the Flower of Spirit and Purple Devil Taro. God Emperors had disappeared and became eternal for ten thousand years. Even though he was strong enough, the bones of the God Emperor were not what he could easily obtain. Jiang Chen knew his own limitations well.

In the following two days, Jiang Chen searched for materials throughout the entire city. He had gathered the main ingredients of concocting the Saint Spirit Pill successfully without getting disappointed. He had refined five Saint Spirit Pills with 50% chance of success. The prices of the Saint Spirit Pills and the Azure Spirit Pill were nearly the same, but the method of making the Saint Spirit Pill was way easier than the Azure Spirit Pill. The most important thing was the strength enhancement, hence the price of Azure Spirit Pill was slightly higher.

“This Saint Spirit Pill is still a precious medicinal pill but I am not sure whether it brings harm to health.”

Jiang Chen glanced at the Saint Spirit Pills in his hand intensely. As he had a terrifying speed of recovery, he was not afraid of the possible side effects that would be brought by the Saint Spirit Pills. He knew about that. Although Zang Tianming had warned him to be cautious, he did not care about it. Perhaps the side effects would be inevitable for the others but it had nothing to do with him.


“Is there a strong stir in the formation?”

Jiang Chen was standing on the peak of the mountain, looking at the Ling Jue City. There was a mighty terrifying force constraining the restoration of the teleportation formation constantly. The mysterious force was invisible and untraceable which was confusing at the same time. Without the No Beginning Formation, it was nearly impossible for him to discover this complicated formation full of subtleties.

“Someone is trying to break the Teleportation Formation.”

Jiang Chen narrowed his eyes slightly. Who was trying to stop them from heading to the Thunder Rush Sea? Although it was merely his speculation without any evidence, he felt doubtful and confused. Otherwise, the hidden formation would not continuously distract the restoration of the formation. It hindered the launching of the Teleportation Formation again and everyone could not use it.

When Jiang Chen returned to the inn, they were about to leave the place. Donghuang Zhuoqing did not pursue the reason for Jiang Chen’s disappearance for a time. It was the time to enter the Teleportation Formation, so none of them wished to stir up any trouble at this moment.

“I’m sorry, everyone. The Teleportation Formation is not completely restored and it will be difficult to be used within a short period of time. Our masters of formation are currently working intensely for the restoration of the formation.”

A master of formation said in a low voice, looking solemn and worried. Most of them were surprised by the news that the Teleportation Formation was still malfunctioning at the moment. The disciples from the ten greatest sects were startled. How could they remain calm after being told that the Teleportation Formation was still unable to function properly after waiting for a few days?

Even though they were filled with anger, it was an indisputable fact that the formation malfunctioned.

“What should we do now? Are we going to cancel the journey to the Thunder Rush Sea?”

“How could they tell us that the Teleportation Formation is not functioning after we waited for so long? How could this happen?”

“I guess there is someone who destroyed the Teleportation Formation intentionally and put a spoke in our wheel to stop us from heading to the Thunder Rush Sea.”

“You’re right. What are the masters of the formation doing right now? Why can’t they fix the Teleportation Formation after so long? Are they telling us to keep waiting for them?”

Jiang Chen was sure that his guess was right after witnessing all of these. It proved that there was someone trying to destroy the Teleportation Formation so all of them would be unable to use the formation. The hidden formation kept attacking the Teleportation Formation which was undergoing restoration. It had made the effort of those masters of formation become meaningless and useless.

“At this rate, it is like a wooden barrel with water leakage and it will be impossible for the Teleportation Formation to be restored completely.”

Jiang Chen’s concern had become the reality.

“It seems like it’s impossible to launch the formation again within a short period of time. Doesn’t it mean that our journey to the Thunder Rush Sea has gone?”

Donghuang Zhuoqing said under his breath.

“What are we supposed to do now? It seems like we will not be able to go to the Thunder Rush Sea if the formation is not restored.”

Murong Yun`er murmured, her eyes full of anxiety.

“This is the first time that I heard this.”

Long Xinghua nodded silently, took a glance at Murong Yuner and the others.

“What do you think about it, Brother Donghuang?”

Long Shaotan plunged deep into thought, propped up his cheek on his elbow. The ten greatest sects had assembled here and most of them were outraged. But they could do nothing about it as the Transmission Formission was not restored completely at the moment.

“I don’t want to see this as a part of the conspiracy, but I think all of these happened is closely  related to our journey to Thunder Rush Sea. It might be the main reason for causing the damage of Transmission Formation.

Donghuang Zhuoqing said lightly.

“I guess there is someone who deliberately launched this formation. Maybe we will be trapped in Ling Jue City if we can’t find the solution. And the journey to the Thunder Rush Sea will be gone as well.”

Jiang Chen said.

“It is easier said than done. Those who are capable of damaging the Teleportation Formation must be one of the strongest Divine King experts. Six masters of formation are unable to restore the Teleportation Formation at the moment. It also indicates the seriousness of the situation, it is not usual at all.”

Qu Tianshu said it coldly.

Most of them were filled with anger but they were helpless at the same time. Everyone felt extremely anxious when the formation was damaged. The people from the ten greatest sects were waiting anxiously. The opportunities waiting for them in the Thunder Rush Sea would slip their grasp if the Teleportation Formation was not repaired.

“Why aren’t anyone from Heavenly Profound Sect and Killing Luo Sect here?”

Long Shaotan noticed a serious problem instantly.

“Yeah. I had never heard of the Heavenly Profound Sect and Killing Luo Sect since we entered the Ling Jue City.”

Donghuang Zhuoqing felt something strange. Logically, these two great sects would not be absent in this journey to the Thunder Rush Sea but they did not show up in the Ling Jue City.

“Isn’t the formation launched by the Heavenly Profound Sect and Killing Luo Sect? Are they trying to constrain us from going to the Thunder Rush Sea?”

A thought came across Long Shaotan’s mind, it made him feel pins and needles. The Heavenly Profound Sect was the greatest sect in the Qilian Boundary while the Killing Luo Sect, which used to act strangely, was ranked next to Heavenly Profound Sect. Both sects were superior to the Eastern Emperor Sect. If these two sects made an alliance, it would be extremely terrible.

“How powerful are the Heavenly Profound Sect and Killing Luo Sect?”

Jiang Chen glanced at Donghuang Zhuoqing.

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