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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2609

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Xue Pingyang was pushed back after receiving blow after blow. However, the energy of the terrifying attacks did not leak to the surrounding area as they were cut off by the formation, nobody would know about the predicament he was in.

“Could it be that I, Xue Pingyang, am fated to die here?” Xue Pingyang looked at the sky and sighed in sadness.

Jiang Chen walked past the area and his eyes immediately shone. Others may not sense the ripple of the formation but he, a master of formation, was able to see through it immediately. It’s not an extremely high-leveled formation but it could temporarily mask away the presence of those within the formation. There must be some shady things happening within the formation.

Jiang Chen admitted that he’s no saint but he’s not one to ignore injustice.

He then placed an illusion formation on top of the concealing formation.

“I’ll break this trashy formation in a single punch.” Jiang Chen smirked and punched, instantly destroying the formation.

The four masked-men’s expression instantly changed.

“Who is it?” One of them shouted.

“To think there are people who dares to commit murder in Spirit Jade City, looks like you’re not respecting the city’s authority.”

Jiang Chen appeared in front of one of the masked men with his arms in his chest. Xue Pingyang felt a surge of hope as Jiang Chen appeared.

“It’s you?” said with a surprised voice.

Jiang Chen squinted his eyes.

“Looks like it’s an acquaintance? Let me guess who you are? I do not know many people in this city, such a cunning and despicable person…. It’s probably the experts from the Shen Ying Sect that are capable of such a feat.” Jiang Chen said confidently.

“Looks like we’re thinking about the same thing. You have to admit it now.” Xue Pingyang gritted his teeth and stared at the masked men.

“I never thought of murdering anyone but you have ruined my plan, now I have to kill you too.”

Shenying Qi was furious, although he didn’t admit it, but he also didn’t deny it. Shenfang He, that idiot fell into their trap and their identity was exposed.

“Trying to silence the witnesses? Let’s see whether you have what it takes.” Jiang Chen looked at them and said indifferently.

“A Late Heavenly God, what gives you the confidence? Let me show you what it means when they say that there’s always someone stronger out there.”

Shenying Qi was already a Mid Divine King realm expert. However, after beating Xue Pingyang, he expended a great amount of energy in the process as Pingyang fought back with his life.

Jiang Chen finally experienced the terrifying might of a Mid Divine King expert, it was swift and powerful. He instantly unleashed the Dragon Transformation art to counter that force but was still pushed back by Shenying Qi.

“I can’t face him head-on. This fella is pretty strong.” Jiang Chen thought.

He didn’t have the mood to fight Shenying Qi to the death, as that person’s life wasn’t worth much.

“Boy, to think you can take one of my fists, not bad, not bad at all.” Shenying Qi was shocked.

This fella did not defeat Shenfang He by luck but by genuine strength.

“This grandfather of yours will play with you.” Jiang Chen sneered as he moved with lightning speed, picking up Xue Pingyang instantly, and exited the formation.

“Where are you going?!”

Shenying Qi and the others quickly pursued him but they found out that they couldn’t catch up to Jiang Chen as their surroundings instantly changed.

“How is it? Are you feeling lost? Little child. Hahaha.” Jiang Chen said with a great laugh.

Shenying Qi and the others could only hear his voice but weren’t able to locate him.

“You trapped them inside the formation?” Xue Pingyang looked at Jiang Chen in shock.

“It’s just an ordinary illusory formation.” Jiang Chen said with a smile.

Xue Pingyang was shocked internally. He saved me and said it’s but a simple illusion formation? Could a simple illusion formation trap a Mid Divine King expert? And he’s just a Late Heavenly God.

He realized that Spirit Jade City was bustling with people and the trip to the Thunder Rush Sea was near. He realized that this fella must be one of the prodigies of those great sects.

“Damned fella, Jiang Chen, come and fight me if you have the balls.” Shenying Qi roared but she couldn’t find the way out.

“Aren’t you shameless? A respected Divine King expert dares to ask me, a Heavenly God, to fight you to the death? I bet you’ve taken all the shamelessness pills in the world. Hmph, to say that you’re the first of all sects, you have truly shamed the Shen Ying Sect. Old fool, since you wanna play, I’ll play with you.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes became cold. He cannot kill anyone in this city and he didn’t want to be branded as a criminal.

“Five Elemental True Fire, release! Let’s see who you are.”

Jiang Chen shouted, he must teach them a lesson.

The Five Elemental True Fire covered the whole formation and the clothes of the four got burnt up. Jiang Chen finally saw who they were, it was Shenying Qi.

Xue Pingyang looked at the scene, completely dumbfounded. This fella has some good techniques, this Five Elemental True Fire is terrifying. Shenying Qi and the others could not find the exit within the formation and their clothes were all burnt to a crisp. Four naked guys… it made Jiang Chen laugh and Xue Pingyang’s lips smirked from this scene too.

“Jiang Chen! I’ll definitely kill you. This will not be the end!” Shenying Qi’s face was burnt and his appearance was in tatters.

He was forced to protect his body with his divine origin energy. Luckily, Jiang Chen did not use the essence of the Five Elemental True Fire. Otherwise they’ll be roasted for a day and night and they’ll definitely be burnt to death.

“You better take care of yourself. I do not like to see a naked man (the author used she in the previous chapter when referring to Shenying Qi). I don’t wanna see it even if you’re willing to show me. Hahaha.”

Jiang Chen and Xue Pingyang left while laughing. Shenying Qi and the others were thoroughly shamed and furious. However, they could only stay quiet as they were the culprit of all of these.

“I thank brother Jiang for saving my life. I, Xue Pingyang, can never repay it in my life.”

Xue Pingyang put one knee on the floor and said with gratitude.

“It’s alright, those guys should suffer that kind of consequences. I would’ve burned them to death if we’re not in Spirit Jade City.”

Although Jiang Chen’s tone was indifferent, it was still shocking to the ears of Xue Pingyang. This fella is truly a ruthless fella, although he’s just a Late Heavenly God, he has some very powerful cards.

“Call me Big Brother Xue if you don’t mind. You can come to the Xue Clan and look for me if there’s anything you want in the future. Although the Xue Clan may not amount much in the Qilian Region, you will still not be disappointed.”

“Alright.” Jiang Chen said and said his goodbyes with Xue Pingyang.

However, when Xue Pingyang left, a youngster silently followed Jiang Chen.

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