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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2608

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“I hope this friend will wait for your good news. The person behind the recipe will give you all the answers after he makes his decision. Also, may I know this friend’s name?” The appraiser said courteously.

A person that could bring forth three Azure Spirit Pills was certainly not one he could offend. He must be at least a Divine King, one that’s powerful. Even the top ten Sect Lords of the Qilian Region would be moved by these Azure Spirit Pills.

“Chen Jiang.” Jiang Chen left after leaving his ‘name’.

“This time, the pill recipe should be ours.” Shenying Qi said proudly.

“An Immortal Grade Detoxification Pill and an Immortal Grade Spirit-Tempering Pill. There shouldn’t be a problem. Haha.” Shenfang He was also happy.

This time, their Shen Ying Sect will surely wash away their previous shame.

“Two Wind Cloud Pills, this should be enough.” A youngster who looked like less than 20 years old murmured in the corner with a confident smirk.

Although he couldn’t concoct the Nine Supreme Saint Bones Pill now, that recipe was extremely tempting for him.

Jiang Chen returned to the main hall and the host stood on the stage once again, and said with a clear voice:

“The recipe for the Nine Supreme Saint Bones Pill was successfully bidded by Chen Jiang.”

“How can this be? Could it be that my two Wind Cloud Pills were unable to move the person behind the recipe?” The youth was in shock.

Two Wind Cloud Pills were already a big gamble for him but it ended up as a failure.

“Impossible! How can this be? Could this Chen Jiang take out a pill which was  much more valuable than ours?”

Shenying Qi was in an utter shock. After all, the result was not what she had expected and her expression became pale. Three losses, she has lost her pride in front of her disciples.

“This is but an accident, elder. You do not need to blame yourself, it’s not your fault.” Shenfang He said quietly.

Shenying Qi then turned and gave him a big fat slap. She was extremely mad, no matter who’s talking to her now.

“Since we’re unable to get the recipe, then, that five Immortal Grade Pills must be ours!”

Shenying Qi tightened her fist as her eyes became colder. Shenfang He was beaten but he knew what she was planning.

Jiang Chen’s worry slowly subsided as he finally got his hands on the Peak Immortal Grade recipe.

The appraiser stopped Jiang Chen when he was preparing to pick up the recipe.

“Mr. Chen Jiang, the person behind the recipe wishes to meet you, are you okay with that?”


Jiang Chen followed the appraiser and entered a quiet little house with a bamboo garden beside the window, with a glimpse of the moonlight shining through it, and with a hint of floral scent accompanied with a censer in the middle of the room and a screen of a fierce tiger behind it.

“Friend, I have a question, are you the one who concocted this Azure Spirit Pill?” A powerful and deep voice resounded in Jiang Chen’s ears.

“No.” Jiang Chen said.

“Can you find the one who concocted the pill?” The voice said.

“Sir is powerful, why do you need someone so weak like me to help you find him?” Jiang Chen said with a smile.

“What do you mean?”

“The person who can bring forth such a precious peerless recipe must be extraordinary. The auction house will be the one who takes care of things if there is a person who’s willing to sell such a recipe but they did not. Plus, the recipe will surely cause great commotion but it’s useless in your hands. Although the Nine Supreme Saint Bones Pill is mysterious and powerful,  it’s scrap if one cannot concoct it. Plus, there are very few people who regarded Divine Origin Stones as worthless, and coincidently you were one of those guys.” Jiang Chen said with a smile.

“So, you know who I am.” The deep voice said.

“I know.” Jiang Chen said.

“One’s worry will be different when one’s status is different. The Nine Supreme Saint Bones Pill is truly useless for me. You’re a smart guy, let me ask you a question, can you cure the Nether Cold Poison?” The man sighed and became solemn.

Jiang Chen paused and then said quietly:

“Difficult, difficult, difficult.”

He knew who the person was but he didn’t point it out. Honestly, he’s not sure whether he could succeed and he didn’t want to get into needless troubles. Jiang Chen did not want to know who was poisoned by the Nether Cold Poison. He’s still not strong enough to stand against the world and he did not want to be in the vortex of the mess of those experts.

“Alright, act as if this talk has never happened. I’ll take the Azure Spirit Pills. Thank you, little friend. Forget it. Forget it.” The man’s voice was hypnotizing.

However, Jiang Chen’s spiritual energy was strong, how could he be hypnotized? He acted as if he was and the man behind the screen vanished in a split second.

“Hand over the stuff and you’ll be able to leave without harm.”

Four men blocked Xue Pingyang’s path. His eyes were sharp although these men were covering their face. He had already guessed who they were.

“You guys must be experts from the Shen Ying Sect if I’m correct, right?” Xue Pingyang sneered.

“It’s not important as to who we are, handover the pills and we will let you live. Otherwise, don’t blame us on what that would come next.” The black-clothed guy said.

Xue Pingyang shook his head with disdain. These guys were probably men of the Shen Ying Sect but they refuse to admit it.

“I refuse to believe that you would dare to be this presumptuous in Spirit Jade City.” Xue Pingyang pointed at the guy and said.

“Since you’re that stubborn, don’t blame us for not giving you a chance.” The guy’s murderous intent peaked.

The four guys immediately moved towards Xue Pingyang.

“Set up the formation, isolate all the fluctuations of divine origin energy.” The guy shouted and set up a formation with the other four guys.

Xue Pingyang’s expression became cold as he realised these men came prepared.

Hmph, Let’s see who and what do you guys have.”  Xue Pingyang roared without fear as he clashed with the group.

Nobody was able to notice the collision as the five of them clashed in isolation. Xue Pingyang couldn’t fight against a group alone and was pushed back by the four men, not even a Divine King could face such an onslaught.


Xue Pingyang coughed out blood and his expression became ugly. At this moment he finally felt threatened.

“Trying to get the pills? Dream on! I will not give it to you even if  I die. Despicable! The Shen Ying Sect deserves to be doomed.”

“Still so arrogant even at your deathbed? Looks like you don’t know what it feels to be dead, it’s such a suffocating feeling.” The man said coldly.

“Still not willing to hand over the pills, but it’ll still be mine after I kill you.”

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