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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2606

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“Although 400 Supreme Grade Divine Origin Stone is pretty sizable, my Xue Clan still has that kind of fortune.”

“Haha, you want to get those 5 Immortal Grade Pills with 400 stones? Are you insane? I don’t think anyone of us would agree to that.”

“Five Immortal Grade Pills are enough to help my Huasan Sect to rise. I only need three of them to reach my goal, to help me raise 3 Divine King experts.

“You’re greedy, haha, my Tian Xing Sect only needs one. However, no one can compete against me.”

The people were gathering in the auction centre and started to bid, competing for the prize. Especially those top-tiered sects or heads of certain groups, they were extremely keen on getting their hands on the Immortal Grade Pills.

“Moon Shadow Sect, 410 Suprme Grade Divine Origin Stones!” A long-haired young man said proudly.


“430, let’s see who dares to compete against me for this Immortal Grade Pill.”



The price of the Immortal Grade Pill kept rising. Jiang Chen’s eyes kept getting brighter as the price went up. He might also bring forth the Azure Spirit Pill if this auction was great. An explosion will surely occur as the Azure Spirit Pill was an extremely rare pill amongst the Immortal Grade in the market. It was something that would even move Divine Kings into action.

“500 Supreme Grade Divine Origin Stones!” A man of the Xue Clan said.

“The Xue Clan is certainly rich, but my Heavenly Walk Sect will not lose. Xue Pingyang, you have to put some effort if you wish to get those pills. Hahaha. 550!” A white-haired old man of the Heaven Walk Sect said with a great laugh.

550 Supreme Grade Divine Origin Stones, the price was already pretty high. Moreover, the price of the five pills was not 1+1.

“Alright, let’s see who can laugh until the end. 570 Supreme Grade Divine Origin Stones.” Xue Pingyang said as he stared at the old man.


The old man was extremely confident too. But he too felt the pain as 600 was already nearing his limit.


Xue Pingyang continued to bid. This time, the old man’s expression had become slightly ugly. Looks like Xue Pingyang was much more resourceful.


The old man gritted his teeth and continued bidding. But it was obvious that he couldn’t take it anymore.

“650!” Xue Pingyang said calmly with a smile.

At this moment, some of them secretly gasped. Looks like this Xue Pingyang is one of the few guys with guts.

The old man harrumphed as he could not continue further. Although the Heavenly Walk Sect was proud, the resources he had could not compete against Xue Pingyang. The five Immortal Grade Pills were over his current budget. There was nothing he could do.


Shenying Qi of the Shen Ying Sect suddenly appeared. Nobody expected her to step up as she was silently observing from the side. Her suddenly bidding at this moment means that she’s also quite fond of the pills.

“Our Shen Ying Sect’s strength will surely improve with those five pills. If we’re lucky enough to have 3 or 5 Divine King experts, hehehe, then, it’ll be our great fortune.” Shenying Qi was getting elated, thinking those 5 pills becoming theirs made her extremely happy.

“Isn’t that Shenying Qi of the Shen Ying Sect? I never expected she has come for it too.”

“Yeah, the Shen Ying Sect is the top 5 sect of the Qilian Region, to think they are also eye-ing on those pills.”

“You’re wrong, the ones who possess the most cash are the winners. The Xue Clan is not weak, although weaker compared to the Shen Ying Sect, they’re at least top 30 in the Qilian Region.”

“We’re in for a good show, the people of the Shen Ying Sect are famed for their overbearingness and arrogance.”

Xue Pingyang glanced at Shenying Qi, he knew who the other party was but he wasn’t planning on bowing down.


Xue Pingyang’s bid made Shenying Qi frown.

“Xue Clan, are you sure you want to compete with my Shen Ying Sect?”

Shenying Qi was obviously trying to exert pressure with her sect.

“It’s just fair competition, that’s all. Although the Shen Ying Sect is mighty, they wouldn’t dare cause trouble in the auction organised in the Lord’s Mansion, right?” Xue Pingyang said, neither servile nor arrogant.

Although the Xue Clan was weaker compared to the Shen Ying Sect, they will never give up on those five pills.

“Alright, alright!” Shenying Qi sneered.

She was obviously already disgusted with Xue Pingyang and this auction had further fueled that anger of hers. She will not stand silent after suffering from those of the Eastern Emperor Sect.



Xue Pingyang said, that voice of his was akin to a thousand kilograms, slamming upon her chest, further angering her.




Shenying Qi knew that this had already surpassed the value of the five pills but she wanted to compete for the sake of pride.


Xue Pingyang’s voice was extremely soft yet it was crystal clear for the attendees of the auction. Everyone shouted internally. That was an extremely high bid and it’s not even the highlight of the auction. Shenying Qi must’ve hated him to the core, but she couldn’t bid anymore. The crowd became solemn as they were waiting for her to continue her bid.

After a brief silence, Shenying Qi finally harrumphed, extremely displeased and finally gave up.

“Are there any higher bids than 900?” The host said with a smile, her voice echoing through the venue.

Jiang Chen was elated, 900 Supreme Grade Divine Origin Stones, a great fortune, to think the bidding war could get this intense.

Xue Pingyang’s expression was calm, he’s definitely one heck of a rich fella. He managed to get the Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill and Jiang Chen was exceptionally happy about the price. It doesn’t matter now that he used 100 Supreme Grade Divine Origin Stones for the Blue Cloud Metal.

“This is exciting, hahaha, 900 Supreme Grade Divine Origin Stones, Xue Clan… great!”

“Yeah, the Shen Ying Sect has always been conceited. Now that they lost against the Xue Clan, these two great powers will certainly be on bad terms with each other.”

“Xue Pingyang is regarded as one of the top experts of the younger generation in the Qilian Region. Naturally, he’s not afraid of the Shen Ying Sect. Rumours has it that he’s already a Mid Divine King, he can definitely stand side by side with those long-time experts.”

“I bet the Shen Ying Sect will not let this go easily.”

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