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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2604

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At the moment, the bright moon hung high in the sky. Even though the place was still within Ling Jue City, it was not the center of the city anymore but thousands of miles away. It was estimated that several days of travel would be needed if they were to go to the West Region from the East Region if they were not Divine Kings. Of course, it would be a different matter if there was the Teleportation Formation.

Ling Jue City shimmered brightly when the night had fallen. Jiang Chen asked two people about the auction market and he found it eventually.

Thousand City Auction Market was under the control of the lord of the city. Who exactly was the lord of the city? He was the Reverend of the Nine Boundaries, also known as king of the Qilian Boundary. Everyone called him ‘Reverend in the Nine Boundaries’. Hence, one could imagine how formidable the strength of the city lord who was also a sect lord.

There was a public auction at the Auction Market at the moment. With Jiang Chens’ strength, he could actually deal with the auction master directly. Even though the Ling Jue City was one of the biggest cities, Jiang Chen was still considered an unbeatable expert since he was a Late Heavenly God expert. Even if there were Heavenly Gods, most of them had not reached the Divine King Realm.

“May I know what you are selling?”

A pleasant voice came from the distance. There was a young lady who was sweet and stunning, looking at Jiang Chen with a smile. She showed great respect to a Heavenly God expert as she was just at the True Realm after all.

“This is a precious Supreme Grade Medicinal Pill, I would like to exchange it with a Supreme Grade Divine Origin Stone.”

Jiang Chen took out a Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill. The staff was delighted upon hearing it.

“Please wait a moment. I can only give you the auction price after our appraisers’ identification.”

The charming staff summoned an experienced appraiser immediately. The appraiser spotted the Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill on Jiang Chen’s right hand at a glance.

“The pill gives off a rich aroma, it’s definitely a supreme grade medicinal pill.”

The middle-aged appraiser asserted.

“This should be a Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill. It is worth at least fifty to a hundred of Supreme Graded Origin Stones.”

Jiang Chen was startled after hearing the price. He had never expected to sell it with a higher price than in the Linhe Boundary.

“Are you dissatisfied with the given auction price?”

The appraiser asked with an astonished look. He believed that there were only a few appraisers who were as professional as him in Ling Jue City.

“No. It’s just beyond my expectation.”

Jiang Chen’s face lit up with a smile but he still looked calm. He realized that Ling Jue City was a vast land which was certainly wider than the Linhe Boundary. A vast territory was generally blessed with abundant natural resources. Since a Supreme grade medicinal pill was in great demand in this place so countless strong was showing great interest in the pills. Moreover, the Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill would bring great benefits especially for those strong experts who were beyond the Divine King Realm. It was natural that the supply of the pills were short of the demand.

Medicinal pills range from low grade to supreme grade. The Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill was merely a primary graded medicinal pill. Even so, there were still countless people fighting for the pill in Ling Jue City. Not only that, the medicinal pill aroused the purchasing desire of Divine Kings as well.

“What is your decision, sir……?”

“I have five Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pills here and I would like to sell it all together.”

Jiang Chen’s word gave a shock to the appraiser. He fixed his glance at Jiang Chen, it sounded unbelievable to them. This guy was just incredible.

Jiang Chen planned to sell all of the pills at once. Didn’t he know the value of the pills? Most of the people would not be willing to sell these supreme grade medicinal pills at once. Perhaps they would auction off some medicinal pills once in a year as a kind of gimmick of advertising. But this time, Jiang Chen was selling five of such pills all together which was astounding and remarkable.

“Are you sure about that, sir?”

The appraiser asked. He was in a state of great excitement.

Jiang Chen nodded his head. The appraiser treated him as a black sheep of those great sects family. Even though Divine Origin Stones were precious, it was absolutely incomparable with supreme grade medicinal pills. However, they were just trying to get what they needed. The value of the supreme grade medicinal pill made everyone feel shocked and overwhelmed.

“Don’t worry, we will try our best to gain the best interest for you. Tonight, we will auction off your supreme grade medicinal pills but we would like to charge two percent of the profit as our commission,” the appraiser said professionally.

Jiang Chen was struggling, after all it’s worth thousands of Supreme Grade Divine Origin Stones for just one percent of the profit. But he would not be mean over money matters since he was determined to sell it all.

“I will trust you. But I would like to join the auction market, is it possible?”

Jiang Chen asked.

“Of course, it’s not a big deal. The biggest auction market of the year will be held today, it seems like this trip is worthwhile for you. I can’t guarantee your medicinal pills to be sold at a high price as there will only be thousands of people joining the auction. This is the annual auction market of our Thousand City Auction Market, only those who are above the Heavenly God Realm will be qualified to join. As you’re our honored guest, we are bound to satisfy your need if you wish to sell other medicinal pills or treasures.”

Jiang Chen heaved a sigh. It proved that a true mega city was totally different. There were more than thousands of the Heavenly God Realm experts in Ling Jue City but it was just the tip of the iceberg.

The appraiser treated Jiang Chen as a distinguished guest. Although he was way stronger than Jiang Chen, he could not simply acquire the true identity of a person who could take out five medicinal pills at once. Ling Jue City was a place full of crouching tigers and hidden dragons who were truly talented. Even if he had the lord of the city at his back, he would not take silly actions.

Even the charming staff was giving Jiang Chen the glad eye but he just looked away without showing any interest.

The moment that Jiang Chen entered the auction market, it was oceans of people and the place was bustling with noise. The auction was launching well and smoothly in full swing.

Several Divine Tools were already sold. It made Jiang Chen feel impressed with the vast territory and inexhaustible natural resources of Ling Jue City. It was full of rich investors.

“The next auction item is an extraordinary metal Azure Cloud Gold. It is a kind of precious ingredient to cast supreme grade Divine Tools and it is worth five hundred thousand supreme Divine Origin Stones. Each bid increment should not be less than thirty thousand.”

The center of the auction was lit up bright. There was a stunning lady dressed in a blue Chinese styled long gown with print floral design, standing on the stage and saying it with an elegant smile. After revealing the Azure Cloud Gold that was covered by the curtain, most of them were startled. The Azure Cloud Gold was merely one square meter but it possibly weighed for over hundreds of kilograms.

“Is it Azure Cloud Gold? It is such a great treasure. But it is a little overpriced if it is worth five hundred thousand supreme Divine Origin Stones.”

“This is really precious but I am not sure how many people are able to use it. Even though the Azure Cloud Gold is known as one of the precious ingredients to cast Divine Tools, only few of them could make full use of the resource. The Divine Kings will gain interest in getting supreme grade Heavenly God Divine Tools but it is not as easy as it’s supposed to be to make a Heavenly God Divine Tool successfully.”

“You’re right. But I guess the person who really needs it will get it no matter how expensive it is. Haha.”

“This Azure Cloud Gold is a treasured item, I will definitely get it.”

“Only a real master blacksmith could melt the Azure Cloud Gold, the average master will never be able to melt it. It is one of the ingredients that can be used to cast the Heavenly God Divine Tool after all.”

The noise of discussion was reverberating through the place. At this moment, there was a glimmer of light in  Jiang Chen’s eyes.

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