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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2603

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“Seems like I have underestimated this guy.” Qu Tianshu thought.

At the moment, Jiang Chen had become the foundation to bring the rise of the Eastern Emperor Sect. If the sect was able to spring up again, Qu Tianshu would leave no regret in her life anymore. It was her adoptive father’s biggest wish in life.

“I hope that you guys could survive in the Thunder Rush Sea.”

Shen Yingqi smiled coldly and brought Shen Fanghe and the others to leave the place immediately. It’s impossible for them to use the teleportation formation for now. So they would need to wait for a while before taking any action.

They took a rest at Ling Jue City. Qu Tianshu could not help but be really curious about Jiang Chen as his strength was indeed terrifying. She recalled back the day when he managed to withstand her mad attacks at Milky Way Ice Spring. It’s only that she realized that Jiang Chen’s true strength might be even more dreadful than what she expected.

“It’s said that an enormous shadow appeared on the Thunder Rush Sea this time. It almost covered up the entire heaven and earth. It was not only said by one person as there are many people who saw that. When that shadow appeared on the Thunder Rush Sea, Ling Jue City was even blotted out for some moment. It was as dark as the doomsday.”

Long Shaotan told Donghuang Zhuoqing while he was really curious and worried.

“What kind of monster is that? I am afraid that our journey this time would not be that easy.”

Donghuang Zhuoqing said with a deep voice and he looked solemn.

“No one know about this. However, we must be extremely careful in this journey. I have heard that there is a formidable expert who has joined the Killing Luo Sect recently. He seems to be as powerful as Jiang Chen. They are both latecomers who recently became famous and have become the pillar of the sect. I am not sure if they will come to Thunder Rush Sea this time, however, they might set your Eastern Emperor Sect as their target.”

Long Shaotan had a lot of sources of information, thanks to the fact that he was famous for his dissolute personality.

“We have no grudges with the Killing Luo Sect at all. Killing Luo Sect and Profound Yi Sect always have clear boundaries to each other, while we Eastern Emperor Sect would not want to go against Killing Luo Sect too. No sects would be willing to offend that sect. Do they really want to take action against our sect?”

Donghuang Zhuoqing snorted. He was not afraid at all even though they might need to deal with the Killing Luo Sect.

“It’s just rumours. Whether it is indeed true, it’s another case. However, caution is the parent of safety. Better safe than sorry. Killing Luo Sect has always been very cunning and it’s better for us to keep distance from them.” Long Shaotan warned.

“As long as no one offends me, I won’t offend them as well. However, if they offend me, I will not let them go easily.”

Donghuang Zhuoqing said with his overbearing aura. At that moment, Jiang Chen finally felt Donghuang Zhuoqing’s aura. Although the third elder seemed gentle, his strength and aura was shocking. No wonder he could be the teacher of Donghuang Taiji.

“I have heard from a commander in the city that the teleportation formation was intentionally broken by someone. I am afraid that we might need to wait at least 10 days. I wish that we won’t miss out on the chance of reaching the Wind and Thunder Canyon. Otherwise, we would have wasted our effort in this journey.”

Long Xinghua said with a deep voice. Being the most outstanding disciple of the Nine Dragon Palace, Long Xinghua’s cultivation realm had already reached Early Divine King. She was called as the talented genius disciple of Nine Dragon Palace whom they could only encounter once every thousand years.

Her face looked elegant. Although she was not extremely beautiful, she gave people a gentle and peaceful sense. She was as clear as crystal ice and others would find her attractive after seeing her for a while. Her aura was even more superior than Murong Xun`er and her eyes seemed like they were able to speak, and those eyes had been staring at Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen did not care about this at all because he just wanted to find an auction square to sell his pills to get Supreme Grade Divine Origin Stones. It was not easy to get Supreme Grade Divine Origin Stones at the Linhe Boundary. However, he believed that there must be a lot of it at Ling Jue City.

“Don’t go too far from here these days. Take a good rest. Remember, don’t make a mess here. Ling Jue City is not  a place like Eastern Emperor Sect. Even the sect lord would need to pay some people here respect. Once the teleportation formation works again, we must head to Thunder Rush Sea immediately.” Donghuang Zhuoqing said.

The three of them who stood next to Jiang Chen were quite nervous as there were many Divine Kings in Ling Jue City. After all, they might not have the competence to offend anyone here with their inferior cultivation realm.

“Alright. I would like to go out for a walk. Let’s go, Taiji.”

Murong Xun`er smiled. Donghuang Taiji did not show his emotion on his face, but he nodded slightly and followed Murong Xuner and left the place.

“Let’s have a good chat and drink tonight. Hahaha.”

Long Shaotan laughed and talked to Donghuang Zhuoqing. They were really happy at the moment. Although the teleportation formation was broken, it had given a chance for the two brothers to have a good reunion.

Jiang Chen did not want to continue to stay at the place too and he was ready to leave.

“Jiang Chen, come with me. I have something to order you.”

Qu Tianshu looked serious and asked Jiang Chen to come with her. Jiang Chen shirvered for a while as he did not know what story behind this woman. He must be cautious.

“No one is here. Just say whatever it is.”

Jiang Chen said impatiently.

“Have you really concocted the Great Bodhi Pill before?”

Qu Tianshu did not want to waste time talking too much to Jiang Chen too. She just wanted to know if Jiang Chen was really an alchemist.

“I have already told you. I just bullsh*tted about it, do you really trust me? Hehehe, it’s so easy to cheat women.”


“I warned you to stop calling me a woman. Otherwise you would die in a terrible way.”

“If there’s nothing more, I will leave first.”

Jiang Chen said.

“Do you have an Immortal Pill formula that could detoxify any kind of poison?”

Qu Tianshu looked at Jiang Chen with some trust but also some doubt. She did not know whether he had the formula or not, but what Jiang Chen had done today had startled her.

“Sister, do you think I have it? You can see my cultivation realm. How could I have an Immortal Pill? Hehe… You have overestimated me. Don’t you know how difficult it was to have an Immortal Pill? Let alone an Immortal Pill that could detoxify any kind of poison. It must be the best pill among all Immortal Pills. Moreover, the value of an Immortal Pill formula must be incomparably valuable.”

Jiang Chen said and smiled coldly.

“I am too naive. Okay. You can go now.”

Qu Tianshu smiled bitterly. Jiang Chen could see how desperate she was. This time, he did not embarrass her anymore. How much sacrifice was it for a woman to give up her beauty and turn herself into an old man to spend a boring life in a sect? Even if Jiang Chen did not see her perfect body shape, he could make a guess that Elder Qu must be an extremely beautiful lady.

Jiang Chen got out of the inn and started looking for an auction square.

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