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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2602

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“Brother Long, it’s great to see you again.”

Donghuang Zhuoqing said it with a smile. Long Shaotan was one of the toughest and most dissolute men. There was no one who would like to deal with this trouble maker. But he and Donghuang Zhuoqing were very close to  each other.

“My brother, we haven’t seen each other for years. You still look charming as ever.”

Long Shaotan gave Donghuang Zhuoqing a big hug. Both of them did not meet each other for over a hundred years, so it was natural for them to treat each other with a warm and enthusiastic welcome.

“If you didn’t save my life in the Thunder Rush Sea in those days, perhaps I would have already died .”

Long Shaotan would never forget Donghuang Zhuoqing’s kindness of saving his life in the past. Since then, they treated each other like true brothers. It was such a sincere and precious brotherhood between Eastern Emperor Sect and Nine Dragon Palace.

“If I am not mistaken, he should be the new outer sect disciple who stirred up a storm in the Eastern Emperor Sect.”

Long Shaotan glanced at Jiang Chen. He emphasized the word “Outer” on purpose. If Jiang Chen was an inner sect disciple who rose abruptly, he would not be treated like this. It was like becoming a monk late in life, everyone felt doubtful about his real identity. Jiang Chen knew that Long Shaotan did not mean to disdain him but was full of curiosity about him.

“You’re right. This is Jiang Chen from our Eastern Emperor Sect. You can just challenge him if you are not convinced.”

Qu Tianshu was full of arrogance, gaining the attention of most of them as a result. She intended to push Jiang Chen in the teeth of danger and trouble.

Jiang Chen laughed coldly. This gal seemed to want to play tricks on him. Was she trying to land him into some big trouble all throughout their journey to the Thunder Rush Sea?

“Don’t ask where the heroes are from. The young one are always frivolous and swell up with pride. Not bad. And you’re……?”

Long Shaotan gave Jiang Chen a thumbs up. But he was truly impressed. The aura of these three young men who were standing beside him was extraordinarily strong, two of them were Half-step Divine King Realm while one of them was a Divine King.

“This is Qu Tianshu, one of our sect elders who concocts the medicinal pills in our sect.”

Donghuang Zhuoqing said with a bitter smile. He had never expected that Qu Tianshu had formed an unfavourable opinion of Jiang Chen. It had slipped his attention.

“Oh, it’s Elder Qu. Nice to meet you.”

“So this is all of you’ve got? Do you mean that a Late Heavenly God is unbeatable and formidable compared with all the disciples in the Eastern Emperor Sect? How could the Eastern Emperor Sect experience such a huge decline? Hahaha.”

A voice full of irony and scornful remarks came from the back of Shen Yingqi.

“I’m the inner sect disciple of Shen Ying Sect, Shen Fanghe. I would like to challenge you. Even though I am not really strong, I am ranked as the top five in the Shen Ying Sect. I’m a Half-step Divine King, am I taking advantage of you?”

Shen Fanghe was dressed in white clothes. He took a step forward while smiling coldly. There was a large crowd gathered around them. At least four of them were from the ten greatest sects, they were on tip toe to watch the battle. The Eastern Emperor Sect used to be ranked among the top three sects in the Qilian Boundary, but it was generally known that it has fallen into decay these years. That was why Shen Ying Sect dared to challenge them.

“Do you dare to accept the challenge?”

Shen Fanghe was standing while folding his arms across his chest. His face was full of arrogance and ignorance like a peacock in his pride.

“It seems like you’re looking down your nose at our Eastern Emperor Sect. We are bound to teach you a lesson today but I am afraid that if we do so, you will disgrace the name of your sect.”

Donghuang Taiji said in a low voice.

“It is like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. Brother Donghuang, why should I trouble you when I could beat him down with only one arm?”

Jiang Chen stopped Donghuang Taiji by wearing a smile on his face.

Shen Fanghe’s face was distorted with anger. He could not wait to give him the hardest hit and a miserable lesson.

“You’re being too arrogant. I could settle ten men like you at once. No, even hundreds. How dare a Late Heavenly God offend me here? Do you ever know where this place is? This is the territory of one of the strongest sects among the ten greatest sects in the Qilian Boundary. How dare you challenge us? Hahaha. You’re making everyone laugh their heads off.”

Shen Fanghe pointed toward Jiang Chen directly. After suffering this kind of humiliation, even Donghuang Zhuoqing was boiling with rage.

Donghuang Taiji glanced at Jiang Chen. Luckily, this guy knew how to get along well with people and had a great respect for him. Even though the others know nothing about Jiang Chen but Donghuang Taiji knew well about his true strength.

“Don’t hesitate, the rubbish should be trampled underfoot.”

Donghuang Taiji said it softly.

“Alright. My senior brother told me not to be merciful and generous to you.”

Jiang Chen was trying to provoke Shen Fanghe by teasing which had irritated him.

“You’re digging your own grave.”

Shen Fanghe had reached the Half-step Divine King for more than ten years, his foundation was firm and he’s mighty strong. He was also known as the one who had the potential to enter the Divine King Realm. Since he was provoked by Jiang Chen’s words, he would not hold back any more.

“Let’s start, rubbish. You only have one chance.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile.

Not only Long Shaotan, even Shen Yingqi looked confused. How could this guy be so arrogant? He had never heard of a Heavenly God challenging a Divine King expert.

Shen Fanghe did not talk anymore, taking a step forward and soaring in the sky with a terrifying aura.

“Get lost!”

Jiang Chen struck out a strong blow and Shen Fanghe, a Half-step Divine King, was thrown out instantly. His face was covered with dust and dirt, and he looked terribly. Meanwhile, Jiang Chen was walking around leisurely without taking further action. His calmness and leisure had made everyone feel astonished. He could defeat a Half-step Divine King with just a blow, although he was merely a Late Heavenly God Realm. It was terrifying.

“Rubbish, you can’t even withstand a single blow.”

Jiang Chen shook his head, gave Shen Fanghe a gaze in disdain.

Shen Fanghe looked ferocious, the corner of his lips was shedding blood. He stood up and rushed at  Jiang Chen once again but he was restrained by Shen Yingqi.

“Shame on you!”

Shen Yingqi roared in a low voice. He stared at Jiang Chen and snorted. He was not reconciled to his defeat but he was forced to stop. Everyone there witnessed all of these. He was utterly defeated by Jiang Chen in just one light blow. It showed the world difference in both of their strengths.

“The Eastern Emperor Sect has trained up a super genius.”

“Yeah, that’s right. The Eastern Emperor Sect has fallen in dismay gradually for more than thousand years. I heard that there was a genius called Donghuang Tai`A, and now there is Jiang Chen. It is just impressive. I guess the Eastern Emperor Sect is going to rise abruptly soon.”

“Even though Shen Ying Sect is formidable, he is still slightly inferior to the Eastern Emperor Sect. There is a huge gap between the two sects. However, this guy is truly impressive.”

“You can’t say for sure. Those who are talented are not likely to gain a good ending. Haha.”

Most of them felt doubtful and terrified of Jiang Chen. However, some of them were unwilling to admit Jiang Chen’s strength. Jiang Chen had made most of them sit up and take notice of him. Even Qu Tianshu did not expect this to happen. Jiang Chen was invincible and brave.

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