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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2601

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The great elder shook his head and said with a slight smile.

“Hahaha. I would supposedly die within three years without the Great Bodhi Pill. But now that it helped me get rid of the poison, even though I suffered some injury, at least I still have 200 years more to live. But I can hardly expect my strength to be fully recovered.”

Qu Tianshu felt melancholy with a touch of sourness.

“You had an opportunity to reach the Hierarch Realm but I spoiled that chance. I am sorry, father.”

“What is the point of looking back in the past , we should look ahead. Haha. If I could survive for another two hundred years, I would be really satisfied and grateful.”

The great elder said with ease. Even though he said so, it sounded like some harsh words that rang through Qu Tianshu’s ears. She was bound to feel guilty the rest of her life for making such an unforgivable mistake to her adoptive father.


“It’s not necessary to talk more about it, it is getting strange. I’m blessed for having such a good girl in my life. I have heard that there was a new disciple who just joined the sect. And he has been described as an unbeatable and irresistible opponent in the sect. Is that true?”

The great elders asked.

“You’re right. I guess, but he looks like a clown playing his tricks in front of us since he is just a Late Heavenly God Realm.”

Qu Tianshu said in disdain.

The great elder heaved a sigh.

“Perhaps I could ignore it if he didn’t reach the peak of the Emperor Extremity Mountain, but it seems like even our sect lord is gaining interest and taking a great notice of this guy. I wish that our Eastern Emperor Sect could reach the peak once again. We used to be the greatest sect in the entire Lone Dragon County, but now our sect has fallen into decay for years.”

“This time, I will get to the bottom of this guy. I would see whether I could find the Nine-tailed Sea Cucumber in this journey to the Thunder Rush Sea. If I could obtain the Nine-tailed Sea Cucumber successfully, I am sure that you will be able to make a full recovery of your strength and your success to the Hierarch Realm can be expected soon.”

Qu Tianshu took an oath.

“The Nine-tailed Sea Cucumber? Haha. I have heard of it once. According to a legend, there was someone who obtained a dead Nine-tailed Sea Cucumber in the Thunder Rush Sea but he was forced to sell it to a powerful Hierarch expert. Among thousands of Supreme Grade Origin Divine Stone, that Hierarch expert thought that it was the most valuable treasure for him. This kind of precious divine item can only be found by accident. So, I am already reasonably satisfied that you produced a Great Bodhi Pill successfully.”

“Father, I promised to return home triumphantly, so please wait for my good news.”

Qu Tianshu wore a profound smile on her face before turning away.

Seven days had passed. Jiang Chen saw Donghuang Taiji, Murong Xun`er and Donghuang Zhuoqing, an overbearing middle-aged man dressed in white under the mountain.

“Nice to meet you, third elder.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile.

“Not bad. I haven’t seen you for just a few days but your breath is getting stable now. It’s hard to meet a person who has a strong and firm foundation like you. Not being arrogant or aggressive, not being too fast or too slow. You have struck roots in the ground like a firm mountain. It is not easy at all.”

Donghuang Zhuoqing smiled. Jiang Chen got recognition for his strength.

“I hope you could survive and return after this journey to the Thunder Rush Sea. I will definitely defeat you after that.”

Donghuang Taiji looked dignified. Their eyes met each other, fearlessly. Although he was defeated by Jiang Chen once, he did not think that it was a disgrace. Instead, he took the failure as an opportunity to rectify his mistake and reform himself. He had experienced huge changes, both in strength or in mindset.

Murong Xun`er smiled slightly, they were like husband and wife. Murong Xun`er stayed close to Donghuang Taiji, looking sweet and gentle.

“I will wait for that day.”

Jiang Chen nodded.

“Our sixth sect lord is delayed by something else, so I will go to the Thunder Rush Sea instead of him. Do you have any opinion on this, third elder? I am curious about the Thunder Rush Sea so this opportunity is just the right thing for me.”

Jiang Chen had never expected this to happen. Enemies are bound to meet on a narrow road. The sixth elder was replaced by Qu Tianshu unexpectedly.

“I will agree without comment if it is Elder Qu. Haha. We planned to join this journey to Thunder Rush Sea with them. The Thunder Rush Sea, however, is quite unusual, so I think even Elder Qu should be much more careful.”

Donghuang Zhuoqing said with a smile. Qu Tianshu was predominant in the entire Eastern Emperor Sect. However, Donghuang Zhuoqing was not aware of the relationship between the Elder Qu and the great elder.

“Sure, I will do so. However, I hope those who are arrogant and overbearing should try to refrain themselves. Otherwise, everyone in the Eastern Emperor Sect will look down upon them.”

Qu Tianshu uttered these words filled with sarcasm. Apparently, she was talking about Jiang Chen.

“The truth will speak for itself.”

Jiang Chen’s words had put Tianshu to silence.

“We should go to Ling Jue City first. The Teleportation Formation is located in Ling Jue City and it could help us reach the Thunder Rush Sea as soon as possible and save some time by avoiding the wrong paths.”

Donghuang Zhuoqing said.

The five of them set out from the west region of the Eastern Emperor Sect and rushed directly to Ling Jue City.

Since the entire west region belonged to the Eastern Emperor Sect, the journey was smooth without any obstacles or hassle. They were running towards Ling Jue City for one month continuously without taking any rest. They eventually reached Ling Jue City, but five of them looked worn-out after the long journey.

The biggest Teleportation Formation in Ling Jue City was under the control of the lord of the city. Unfortunately, the formation was currently broken, and was being repaired by six formation masters. It would be restored and could be operated again in ten days.

The fear had spread through the entire Ling Jue City as the formation was destroyed by someone intentionally. Hence, those who wished to leave Ling Jue City by using this formation were trapped in the city.

“I have never thought that we have such bad luck.”

Donghuang Zhuoqing said under his breath. The formation was destroyed which also meant that it was impossible for them to rush toward the Thunder Rush Sea immediately.

“Haha. Aren’t they from the Eastern Emperor Sect? I heard that there is a formidable genius who defeated several strong experts in their sect successfully. Is that true?”

A bold young man laughed coldly. He was dressed with splendour clothes, looked arrogant and full of coldness in his long and narrow eyes.

“Shen Yingqi, how dare you mock us? I think your affairs are still not settled yet. How could you exult over us when your elder had gone together with your sister in law? The misfortune of the sect, you should be ashamed instead of being so arrogant here. You’re just making me confused. By the way, I heard that you’re having a fling with your sister in law right?”

A young man was holding a folded fan in his hand, dressed in white and smiled softly. He was cursing without saying any bad words.

Shen Yingqi gritted his teeth and snorted.

“Long Shaotan, you ought to be ashamed of yourself too. Please don’t slap your own face by talking nonsense, you’re one of the strongest experts of the Divine King Realm after all.”

“I can eat whatever you want, but you can’t say whatever is on your mind. I am always dealing with countless girls. I don’t mind telling you that your sect lord’s sister in law used to be my soul mate as well. I am just speaking the truth. Hahaha.”

Long Shaotandid did not even care about his own image. His bright personality made Jiang Chen feel a favourable impression towards him. He was not afraid of admitting everything he did.

Shen Yingqi blushed and remained silent. He was not cheeky like this Long Shaotan of the Nine Dragon Palace. There was a reason that he was called the most dissolute genius in the entire Qilian Boundary.

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