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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2598

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Jiang Chen’s procedure in entering the sect has been arranged by Tao Qing. Tao Qing knew that the Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill wasn’t given out for free.

Jiang Chen cultivated for 15 days in the Eastern Emperor Sect. The Cold Ice Throne has become a divine treasure that allowed him to devour divine origin energy, the Destruction Ice God… Jiang Chen did not know who or what was that person. But that person had done a good deed.

In that 15 days, Jiang Chen silently cultivated. He was oblivious that the whole Eastern Emperor Sect had gone into utter chaos. Jiang Chen, who had suddenly appeared, was invincible, defeating the number two of the sect, Donghuang Taiji. Who can defeat him? With the Great Brother, Donghuang Tai’a, coming out of seclusion soon, the greatest talk right now was to have Jiang Chen and Tai’a fight against each other, to show the disciples of the Eastern Emperor Sect what’s the meaning of true might.

But how strong was Donghuang Tai’a? He had reached the Divine King Realm and nobody knew exactly when was he coming out from his seclusion except for the Sect Lord. This time, Tai’a will certainly reach a greater height. In the opinion of the people, Jiang Chen doesn’t have what it takes to defeat Tai’a.

But the most shocking thing was, Jiang Chen absorbed all the water from the ice spring, not leaving a single drop behind. All the elders were angry because of this, it was too much, what should they do in the future?

That Milky Way Ice Spring can only produce a small bucket of water every year. Now, a whole pool of that water was absorbed by Jiang Chen alone, how can they not be angered? But those elders were wary of Jiang Chen’s might, as what he had done was not a feat that could be done by anyone else. Plus, the Sect Lord did not summon nor ask any question, which was the most curious part of all.

In this period, Jiang Chen was happily relaxing. After defeating Donghuang Tiaji, nobody in the Eastern Emperor Sect wanted to challenge him anymore.

Tao Qing came to his place twice and Jiang Chen felt grateful as he told some secrets of the Eastern Emperor Sect. He could now practice and train the Eastern Emperor Limitless Art of the sect. This Eastern Emperor Limitless Art was a cultivation method that has existed since the ancient past. Jiang Chen would certainly reach mastery in no time if he cultivated it with his current abilities. But Tao Qing did not know that the Dragon Transformation Art he had was on-par or even greater than the Eastern Emperor Limitless Art.

Jiang Chen didn’t know how powerful the Eastern Emperor Limitless Art was if it was exhibited by a true Eastern Emperor Sect expert. But at least, for now, he believed that the Dragon Transformation Art was better than the Eastern Emperor Limited Art.

But there was one another thing that made him curious, the Thunder Rush Sea.

Only the Qilian Region possesses the Thunder Rush Sea, yet it connects to the vast boundless sea with a depth of at least ten million meters, it’s unknown where’s the end on both downwards and on the other side of the sea.

Some say that the end of the Thunder Rush Sea was an endless vast sea, some say that the end of the sea was the centre of the Northern Cold Divine Region, there were also some who said that the edge of the sea was the place where divine soil of the central region gathers. But no matter how, the mystery and greatness of the Thunder Rush Sea was evident. Plus, the Thunder Rush Sea’s tsunami occurs every 1000 years, that tsunami towers a million meters… an extreme sight to behold.

Every end of the tsunami, countless treasures would be washed up to the Wind and Thunder Canyon. Most importantly, the Wind and Thunder Canyon would only appear after the tsunami subsides. The baptism of wind and thunder of the Wind and Thunder Canyon was also sought after by many. One could undergo great change with that baptism. The said canyon was also an ancient ruin, where people would go and pursue their own luck.

Legend has it that… long ago, there were people who had obtained ancient divine tools, the corpse of a God Emperor in the canyon, and other extremely valuable treasures.

“I think you ought to visit the Eastern Emperor Sect’s library. The reason that the Sect Lord sent me here… is for the hope that you’ll think Eastern Emperor Sect as your own home. The lord isn’t mad about you taking all the spring water too. This shows how important you are to the sect lord, you’re not an outer disciple. No matter what reason you had for entering our sect… but we are taking you seriously. I believe Brother Jiang is an understanding man. I will never forget the gratitude of the pill.”

Jiang Chen smiled.

“I will keep in mind on what Big Brother Tao has said.”

“The library of the Eastern Emperor Sect should be worth your time. Not everyone has access to the Eastern Emperor Limitless Art, other than the Sect Lord, elders and the high rankers, and there are only less than 100 core disciples who have cultivated the art. The history of the Eastern Emperor Sect is long, there are bound to have some things that you aren’t aware about.” Tao Qing said quietly, advising him.

Jiang Chen was also curious. Looks like I’ll have to visit the library myself. Although the Dragon Transformation Art isn’t weaker than the Eastern Emperor Limitless Art, I may probably get some unexpected surprise from there.

“Also, the journey to the Thunder Rush Sea was originally for 4 people. Now that we included you, it’s five, the third elder Donghuang Zuoqing, the sixth elder Donghuang Yan, Donghuang  Taiji and Murong Yun’er.” Tao Qing said.

Jiang Chen was itching to find out what was the deal with the Thunder Rush Sea, the fiery heart of his couldn’t be calmed. But he had a question, that was Murong Yun’er.

“She’s also the core disciple of the sect?” Jiang Chen asked curiously as his brow raised.

That gaze of hers caught him somewhat off-guard.

“She joined the sect 10 years ago and became a core disciple now. Although she’s weaker than Donghuang Taiji, she’s at least top 10 amongst the core disciples.”

“Murong Yun’er, are we related? The way she looks at me, it’s pretty weird.”

“Hahaha, don’t be so narcissistic, Murong Yun’er and Donghuang Taiji’s relationship is extremely great. You don’t have to worry about that.” Tao Qing said.

“Alright, save me the trouble, a splendid man like me is destined to be the dreams of all women wherever I go.” Jiang Chen said confidently.

Cough cough, I think you should go have a look at the Eastern Emperor Sect’s library. Prepare yourself for the Thunder Rush Sea trip seven days later. You’ll meet the true top experts of the Qilian Region there. The top ten sects will probably be there. Then, it’ll be a gathering of heroes. Although you’ve defeated Donghuang Taiji, it doesn’t mean that you can reign supreme amongst the younger generation of the Qilian Region. At least, not now. But I believe that day will come soon.”

Tao Qing left and Jiang Chen looked at him with eyes of gratitude. The Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill had reaped in more rewards that he expected. Plus, Tao Qing was a pretty great guy too.

Jiang Chen went to the Eastern Emperor Sect’s library after Tao Qing left. The guarding old man looked at Jiang Chen, that unmoving brows of his slightly raised and said:

“Are you the one who conquered the Emperor Extremity Mountain?”

“Yes.” Jiang Chen said as he looked at the old man without fear.

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