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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2596

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Donghuang Taiji frowned and shook his head. This fella… is pretty interesting.

“You do not have that qualification, Donghuang Taiji.

“I, Jiang Chen, may not be famous now, but soon, the whole Eastern Emperor Sect. No, the whole Qilian Region, no, at least the Lone Dragon County will be shaken by the name Jiang Chen.”


Jiang Chen’s statement was over the top. So now, where did he place Donghuang Taiji? He doesn’t even care about the Eastern Emperor Sect, or even the Qilian Region. Now, everyone thought Jiang Chen was too arrogant, and maybe somewhat too boastful. Does he really think he’s the reincarnation of a God Emperor? Although he was able to impress them with his current abilities, he’s still not at the level where he can look down on everyone else.

“That joke, it’s not funny. I admit that I’m pretty arrogant, but compared to you, I really can’t compare against you.” Donghuang Taiji said with a smile but the coldness in his eyes gave off extreme pressure.

Donghuang Taiji’s smirk told the whole Eastern Emperor Sect that he’s really mad.

“You’re the first to dare challenge me except for that fella. Wanna play?”

“You wanna play? Let’s play.” Jiang Chen shrugged.

Even though this fella was the second strongest disciple of the Eastern Emperor Sect, in Jiang Chen’s perspective, he’s not much of a challenge.

“I won’t kill you. But you better lay low in the future, especially when you’re in the Eastern Emperor Sect.” Donghuang Taiji said.

“Is that the respect you’re giving me? Alright, then, I will not kill you too.”

Jiang Chen and Donghuang Taiji stared at each other. Both of them were smiling brightly. At this moment, it did not feel like they were fighting, it felt like two great friends were chatting.

“Slippery tongue. I don’t like it.” Donghuang Taiji sighed as he launched himself forward.

“It’s not a slippery tongue, but confidence and fact. I am not aiming at anyone but the Eastern Emperor Sect’s disciples are pretty trashy.” Jiang Chen said.

Donghuang Taiji was further angered by Jiang Chen’s words and he looked at him coldly.

“Of course, this problem disappeared the moment I joined the Eastern Emperor Sect.”

Donghuang Taiji’s smile had already frozen as he punched towards Jiang Chen. The latter also struck back. They clashed with each other, using their fist. Their fist was coated with domineering qi as they struck each other with destructive strength. Jiang Chen did not use any fancy moves as he clashed with Donghuang Taiji.

Both of them punched back and forth. The audience were shocked. Their view towards Jiang Chen improved once again, especially now, as he was facing Donghuang Taiji’s fist with his body. Not everyone had such confidence, because the Eastern Emperor Limitless Art was famed for giving the cultivator a great physical body. It allows the user of the art to improve one’s body to its limit, which then allows one to emit astral qi from within one’s body.

“This fella is able to  go toe-to-toe against Second Brother?! Isn’t he terrifying?!”

“Impossible, Second Brother is probably just testing him.”

“But… this fella is pretty scary.”

The battle between Jiang Chen and Donghuang Taiji was getting fiercer and faster. Each of their strikes were blinding and daunting, moving the hearts of the crowd.

Jiang Chen’s fist was extremely domineering, as the Dragon Transformation Art had thoroughly forged his body to the peak. His body was now as sturdy as a dragon, probably even stronger. He was even able to go toe-to-toe against Donghuang Taiji without using the Dragon Transformation art.

Donghuang Taiji felt pretty shocked. With his strength and in addition to the Eastern Emperor Limitless Art, how could he not put this fella down?

Donghuang Taiji dared not to dawdle as Jiang Chen’s strength had gone past his expectations. He did not look down on his foe but Jiang Chen still managed to come at him with force and domineering vigor. Both of them did not hold back as they clashed against one another.

“This is truly a battle between prodigies.” Donghuang Zuoqing said in a heartfelt manner.

“Agreed. Taiji, that boy, I bet no one could control him if it wasn’t for that heaven-defying monster. Taiji is a top-tier expert even in the whole Qilian Region.” Tao Qing said with a smile.

“However, this Jiang Chen is pretty good too, I think he may not lose to Taiji.”

“Oh? Really? Looks like you’re pretty confident in him.” Donghuang Zuoqing’s eyes were filled with shock.

“Hard to say, that fella is not simple. Perhaps, the whole Eastern Emperor Sect will thoroughly explode if that fella defeats Taiji. Hehe.”

“I hope, but my disciple will not go down that easily.”

“If he defeats Taiji… then he can probably join the Thunder Rush Sea.” Tao Qing said.

“The Thunder Rush Sea  is not something for us to decide. There are only two slots for that. The Thunder Rush Sea has a great tsunami every thousand years, you could say it’s an opportunity but also a kind of hell.” Donghuang Zuoqing sighed as he shook his head helplessly.

That’s because he had once entered the Thunder Rush Sea a thousand years ago. He was a disciple then, he watched his fellow brothers get swept up by that tsunami, not being able to do anything to help, making him feel that sometimes, human strength is limited. Donghuang Zuoqing was afraid of the Thunder Rush Sea. However, he needed to face it again as a thousand years had already passed.

In an instant, the fight between Jiang Chen and Donghuang Taiji was reaching its climax. Both of them, trying to put the other down with their fist. But Jiang Chen’s ability to take a beating and combat strength has gone beyond Taiji’s expectations.

“I don’t wanna play with you anymore. Eastern Emperor Limitless Art!”

Donghuang Taiji unleashed his greatest technique, the Eastern Emperor Limitless Art, the greatest cultivation technique of the Eastern Emperor Sect. Taiji unleashed his full might towards Jiang Chen, wanting to overpower him.

“Eastern Emperor Limitless Art, is it? Let’s see whether my Dragon Transformation Art is better than that!”

Terrifying aura of a dragon soul shook the air after Jiang Chen unleashed the Dragon Transformation art. He then struck out a punch. It’s as if the sky would be punctured with his punch alone. The Eastern Emperor Limitless Art versus the Dragon Transformation Art. The millions of dragon marks within Jiang Chen’s body instantly erupted. He could fight on-par against Divine Kings when he’s in this form. Elder Qu Tianshu was also a Divine King, and he wasn’t afraid of her as he had the Dragon Transformation Art.

Jiang Chen and Donghuang Taiji clashed once again, pushing the crowd back as the earth and mountain quaked. The terrifying after shock was tremendous.

Donghuang Taiji was pushed back by Jiang Chen’s single punch, and was sent reeling backwards. Although he managed to stabilize his form, his expression was extremely ugly.

That punch had an imposing manner of an overlord, the might of the dragon transformation art cannot be stopped.

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