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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2595

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“You’re being too arrogant. Who do you think you are?”

Ling Guang looked at Jiang Chen with disdain. He then took a step forward and drew out his long spear. The spear was shedding rays of light in all directions.

“You hadn’t even reached the Divine King Realm yet. I think you have no right to exult over me and despise me.

Jiang Chen’s eyes looked sharp and fierce. Both of them were ready for an intense battle.

Ling Guang made the first move, immediately launching a strike. His spear stuck out like a dragon, shimmering with overbearing spear light and sweeping over the void. Everyone within a hundred meters radius were forced to close their eyes due to the brilliant shining light.

Ling Guang went berserk and cut off Jiang Chen’s retreat in the blink of an eye. His spear skills had reached its limit and he had exerted everything he got in his bag of tricks to deal with a Late Heavenly God. His overwhelming spear had made the crowd feel stressed. Those Half-step Divine King experts held their breath, looking solemn.

Jiang Chen looked calm and indifferent. The moment when Ling Guang rushed at Jiang Chen and struck out with his spear and pierced through him, Jiang Chen remained unmoved. Jiang Chen launched a powerful blow, stirring up a storm. The two attacks collided, and Ling Guang was defeated by Jiang Chen. The strike looked harmless and gentle, but it later exploded into a powerful strength which was actually earth-shattering and formidable. It had driven Ling Guang to the wall successfully.

Ling Guang stood up again with his spear in hand. That terrifying power aroused the blood in his body. Jiang Chen did not exert his full strength yet to avoid burning his bridge. Otherwise, he would suffer injury at the same time by exerting such a powerful blow.

Ling Guang’s eyes were filled with astonishment as he had never expected Jiang Chen to have such a strong combat strength. It was unbelievable that a Late Heavenly God could defeat a Half-step Divine King. However, Jiang Chen did it successfully, calmly and leisurely.

“It’s terrifying. I guess only a few Half-step Divine Kings could resist such a powerful blow.”

“This only showed that Jiang Chen is not an ordinary person judging from this blow. The battle between Jiang Chen and Ling Guang will be worth watching.”

“Haha. It sounds wonderful. I told you that this Jiang Chen is not simple. It seems to be interesting now.”

The crowd opened their eyes,  looking forward to the battle. Ling Guang was one of the strongest disciples in their sect, which was also a Half-step Divine King. He was respected by others even in the Eastern Emperor Sect. There were no more than two hundred Half-step Divine King Realm experts in the entire Eastern Emperor Sect. Moreover, there were all disciples who had been practising for over a hundred years. This only showed that it was not an easy task for Ling Guang to obtain such outstanding achievements in the Half-step Divine King Realm.

There were a lot of strong Half-step Divine King experts, but only a few of them could reach the Divine King Realm. Most of them had been spending a lifetime waiting for an opportunity in making a breakthrough. Only ten to twenty of them could advance to the Divine King Realm while there were hundreds of Half-step Divine Kings in total. This showed that it was extremely difficult to achieve the Divine King Realm. Hence, even one of the most formidable disciples in Eastern Emperor Sect, Donghuang Taiji, had been struggling in the Half-step Divine King Realm for ten years. However, he was still considered as the strongest expert who was most likely to  make a breakthrough to the Divine King Realm in these three years.

Ling Guang was also considered as the most outstanding Half-step Divine Kings. Otherwise, how could he stand out from countless disciples?

“Great great great. You did well.”

Even though Ling Guang said that, he was full of killing intent at this moment. He would lose his position in the Eastern Emperor Sect if this guy stayed in the sect. Furthermore, there was merely one slot available for the Nine County Competition. He did not believe that Jiang Chen would join the Eastern Emperor Sect without any purpose at this sensitive time.

“Go to hell! No one could save you now.”

Ling Guang roared wildly and soared to the sky. The shadow of the spear spread over the void and countless radiance of the spear were falling from the sky like a heavy rainstorm. Jiang Chen raised his eyebrow and he was completely wrapped up in the Five Elemental Trigram Fire Formation. The shadow of the spears covered the sky and concealed the void.

The five flames and light shields around Jiang Chen immediately fused together when he crooked and snapped his fingers. It was shedding with bright shining radiance which was dazzling. This was even more terrifying than Ling Guang’s spear light.

“Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal!”

Jiang Chen struck out a seal that was as heavy as a mountain. Ling Guang looked cold and gloomy while the others heaved a cold breath. Jiang Chen was exceedingly strong which made Ling Guang, a strong expert Half-step Divine King, unable to strike back. The three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal was like an ancient fire dragon devouring the universe. Ling Guang took some steps backward, and the other disciples around fled in all directions. The fire dragon swallowed Ling Guang completely with remarkable speed.


Ling Guang roared in a low voice but his roar was engulfed by the Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal. The seal disappeared and the fire was burnt up eventually. Only some dark ashes were left and there was a moment of dead silence.

When Jiang Chen launched another blow, but Ling Guang, a Half-step Divine King, could not even resist the attack. At this moment, everyone’s hearts were trembling in shock. Jiang Chen was like a devil with such an unbeatable battle capability. Even Divine King experts should think twice when dealing with him. No one dared to talk much, fixing their glance at Jiang Chen intensely. Their eyes were full of admiration and nervousness as they felt afraid that they would be burned up into ashes like Ling Guang if Jiang Chen went wild again.

Jiang Chen seemed overbearing and cruel. No one had expected this battle to end with such a dramatic result. It was meaningless to make any comparison. No wonder Jiang Chen treated the challenge as a joke as Ling Guang was like a ridiculous clown playing tricks in front of him. Jiang Chen did not condescend to him at first.

No one showed any sympathy for Ling Guang’s death and his corpse could not even be found. It was turned into ashes. He got what he deserved.

It stirred a storm among the disciples of Eastern Emperor Sect. Everyone was ready to have a good laugh at Jiang Chen but watched Ling Guang shame himself and lose his life, instead. This was truly a sorrowful ending.

Those who were doubtful of Jiang Chen’s strength previously, remained silent at this moment.

“His skill is just amazing. It’s not easy to do that.”

There was laughter echoing through the void. Jiang Chen did not turn his back but a dark shadow approached.

“It’s our second senior brother. Is he going to join the battle?”

“It’s just useless for him to fight Jiang Chen as our great senior brother or him will be the one to get those final slots for sure.”

“I think our second senior brother is just bored. Haha. He gained interest in Jiang Chen when he saw Jiang Chen killed Ling Guang with such ease.”

“I heard that our second senior brother is going to break through to the Divine King Realm within three years. It seems like he is going to make Jiang Chen practice with him.”

“Hahaha. I think you’re right. Our great senior brother has already reached the Divine King Realm while our second senior brother is only second to our senior brother. Is there anyone who would dare to fight against him?”

Some of them were feeling pity for Jiang Chen. There was a saying that the shot hits the birds that pokes its head out. Jiang Chen’s strength had gained the attention of Donghuang Taiji and he used to be extremely arrogant. Except Donghuang TaiA who could constrain him in the entire Eastern Emperor Sect, he despised everyone in the sect.

“Are you going to challenge me?”

Jiang Chen smiled.

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