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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2594

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A loud and sharp screaming almost pierced through Jiang Chen’s eardrum. When Qu Tianshu opened his eyes, she was already well-dressed. This happened in a blink of an eye. Jiang Chen was very clear that what had happened was reality.

Jiang Chen subconsciously took a step back because the incomparably ruthless weapon just slashed by his head.


The sword broke the void apart with a cold aura. Jiang Chen kept taking steps backwards to guard himself. He immediately used the dragon transformation art, but the opponent’s sword qi was still extremely terrifying. It kept slashing through the void with irresistible momentum.

Jiang Chen did not even have the chance to see the guy clearly but he had already been repulsed.

“True Dragon Palm!”

Jiang Chen sent out a blow, smashing against the void, which collided with the sword. The two of them were both sent flying backwards, their strength was apparently neck to neck. Jiang Chen and Qu Tianshu stared at each other. Qu Tianshu had already turned into a man and looked at Jiang Chen coldly.

“What a daring disciple who dared to step into the icy spring. You should know that it’s a capital crime.”

Qu Tianshu said in a deep voice while pointing her sword towards Jiang Chen with an overflowing killing intent.

“I am a new disciple of Eastern Emperor Sect. Our sect lord allowed me to come here for recovery. Forgive me, Elder Qu.” Jiang Chen said humbly.

“I did not see anything.” Qu Tianshu said coldly.

Jiang Chen shrugged.

“Sect Lord allowed you to come here? Do you think you can escape misfortune with that excuse?”

Qu Tianshu smiled coldly, taking action once again. Jiang Chen immediately dodged the attack. Although he was not inferior at all under the attack, he chose to retreat himself. Qu Tianshu’s sword was overbearing but it failed to cause any harm to him. With the Nine Phantom Wolves and the Great Void Technique, Qu Tianshu could not catch him at all.

However, Qu Tianshu did not slow down at all, and Jiang Chen could feel that she was full of anger and would never let him go alive.

“If you don’t stop, I am going to tell everyone that their Elder Qu is a woman!’

Jiang Chen roared angrily. At this moment, Qu Tianshu stopped and stared at Jiang Chen coldly. Qu Tianshu was gritting her teeth, looking furious.

“If you dare to do so, I am going to kill you without a place to bury yourself.” Qu Tianshu said.

“Let’s see if I would dare to do so. Elder Qu, I have no grudges with you and I don’t want to be your enemy as well. I just accidently saw something that I should not see.”

“How dare you say so.”

Qu Tianshu’s eyes were full of anger.

“No no no. I didn’t mean that. How about we act as if nothing happened today? I will definitely keep my mouth shut. However, if you continue attacking, I bet that you will not gain anything at all. I will even tell everyone that you’re a woman. Do you think that’s good to the both of us?” Jiang Chen said faintly.

Qu Tianshu gritted her teeth fiercely but she had no choice in resolving this as well. It had been a long time ever since she acted like a woman in Eastern Emperor Sect.

“I hope that you remember your words.”

Although Qu Tianshu was full of anger, she realised that her strength was not enough to defeat this Late Heavenly God. It was really unbelievable. What was the background of this guy?

“If I go against my words, I will be struck and splitted by lightning. I will keep my words.” Jiang Chen said seriously.

“Have you absorbed all the spring water here?”

Qu Tianshu frowned and asked.

“Should be……”

Qu Tianshu looked at Jiang Chen, startled.

“Let’s act as if nothing happened today, otherwise I will kill you. Remember what I said.”

As soon as she finished talking, Qu Tianshu immediately left the place. Jiang Chen could not help but smile bitterly. Was there any relation between the Cold Icy Throne and the spring water here?

He took out the Cold Icy Throne. When he sat on the throne, he felt like stepping into the ice spring. He was thrilled as all the ice spring water was absorbed by the Cold Icy Throne. Right now the ice spring has become a kind of decoration.

Jiang Chen left the ice spring. The entire Eastern Emperor Sect was rolling at this moment. Ling Guang, who came to Eastern Emperor Sect to fight for one of the slots for the Nine County Competition, was the first one to come to Jiang Chen.

Under the Eastern Emperor Mountain, a black-clothed man who was holding a long spear came to block Jiang Chen’s way.

“Are you the new disciple?”

Li Guang held his long spear and pointed it to Jiang Chen as if he wanted to challenge him. Jiang Chen found him very annoying as he was too arrogant.

He was a Half-step Divine King and that was why he was so arrogant.

Jiang Chen looked at Ling Guang without saying a word. His cold eyes had irritated Ling Guang.

“I have heard that you managed to ascend to the peak of Emperor Extremity Mountain. I really want to see if you are that capable.”

Ling Guang smiled coldly.

“Who are you?”

Jiang Chen smiled and remained calm. However, the surrounding people were already discussing them. Both Jiang Chen and Ling Guang did not show any intention of taking a step back. The gap between their cultivation realm was not small at all, however, Jiang Chen was the only one who managed to ascend to the peak of Emperor Extremity Mountain.

“Hahaha. the more wit the less courage. Then, I am going to give you a lesson to let you know what a true expert looks like. I am going to say something out loud here: Even the elders of the sect were not able to ascend to the peak of Emperor Extremity Mountain before. What does that mean? That means you are still worthless in those elders’ eyes.”

Ling Guang’s sharp words seem to have gained the public’s approval. Even though Jiang Chen had ascended the peak, did it indicate that Jiang Chen was invincible? It doesn’t seem so.

“Yes, Ling Guang was right. Even if Jiang Chen was able  to ascend the peak, it did not mean that he could defeat everyone. Those elders were unable to ascend the peak as well. Forgive me for being rude: Even the sect lord was unable to ascend the peak. But can we say that the sect lord is not a match for Jiang Chen?”

“Ling Guang wanted to gain back his reputation. Before Jiang Chen, he was the most popular amongst the people. Ever since Jiang Chen appeared, he started losing his support. Hahaha.”

That’s right. Two tigers can’t stay together on the same mountain. For the outer disciples, they would only have one slot to enter the Nine County Competition. Only one could enter the competition.”

“I am really looking forward to seeing if Jiang Chen is really competent.”

Jiang Chen smiled as he knew that he needed to kill all of these people to show them that they were not invincible.

“As you wish, I will eliminate you within three strikes.”

Jiang Chen’s words had aroused the public’s excitement. Jiang Chen was even more overbearing than Ling Guang. His sword qi had also become stronger.

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