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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2592

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Jiang Chen had fallen without a sign and everyone was stunned. At this moment, the third sect elder Donghuang Zhuoqing and the guardian Tao Qing rushed to the place first as they had been informed of it, and their sect lord wanted to meet this genius.

Everyone stared in amazement and their jaw dropped while watching Jiang Chen fall from the peak of the mountain. The swirl of dust was floating through the air.

The genius who just reached the peak of the Emperor Extremity Mountain had fallen from the top. Didn’t it sound weird? How could it happen?

Jiang Chen felt dizzy and fainted, deep inside his body had suffered severe injuries. He was swearing violently at Donghuang Taiyi for more than thousands of times. However, he was still curious about the person who pushed him off.

Jiang Chen could feel that every bone in his body was nearly broken into pieces. Fortunately, the recovery ability of the Wooden Spirit was exceedingly fast which made his body fully recover in just a few seconds.

“Damn. Is he dead?”

“I think he is probably going to die. Look how he lay still on the ground.”

“It’s kind of sad. How could an invincible genius who is rarely seen just died as soon as he fell off the mountain? It just sounds ridiculous and unbelievable.”

“Hey, are you still alive?”

Jiang Chen opened his eyes and realized that he was surrounded by thousands of people. He smacked his butt and stood up. Although he was still full of wounds, it was lucky that he was snatched out of the jaws of death. He eventually understood the fact that said the bigger they are and the harder they fall after experiencing all of these.

“I am one of the lead guardians of the Eastern Emperor Sect and this is our third sect elder. I am here to inform you that our sect lord is going to meet you.”

Tao Qing said in a low voice and fixed his eyes at Jiang Chen.

“You have the devil’s luck and I’m glad to see you alive. Hahaha. You’re the first one who conquered the Emperor Extremity Mountain.”

Donghuang Zhuoqing said with a smile, looking cheerful and pleasant.

“Please come with me, I will bring you to meet our sect lord.”

Donghuang Zhuoqing’s smile disappeared and said it under his breath.

Jiang Chen was ready for this as he knew that he would become the center of attention after creating such an unbelievable miracle. He was well prepared. It was not necessary for him to play dumb when he was a real talented genius. There was always a right path for the genius.

Only the greater arena could provide him a chance to shine.


Jiang Chen nodded, flying toward Dong Huang Mountain with Donghuang Zhuoqing and Tao Qing.

Donghuang Taiji was watching Jiang Chen in the crowd and laughed coldly.

“Do you think that you are qualified to gain a foothold in my Eastern Emperor Sect after falling from the sky?”

Donghuang Taiji’s eyes were full of killing intent. Jiang Chen used to be an unknown person but he had successfully attracted the world’s attention after ascending the peak of the Emperor Extremity Mountain. He was even summoned by the sect lord which was a privilege only offered for him.

Under the Dong Huang Mountain, there were magnificent golden palaces, pavilions, platforms and towers which were remarkable and breathtaking. Besides that, there was a small bridge with flowing waters and a garden where the flower blossomed.

A man dressed in green was standing at the center of the palace, having his hands tied and looking up at them.

“Sect lord, he is here.”

Tao Qing said in a low voice.

“Both of you are dismissed.”

Donghuang Zhuoqing looked at Jiang Chen with interest and left with Tao Qing reluctantly.

“Not bad. You are totally different from those ordinary people as you are the first person who managed to reach the peak of the Emperor Extremity Mountain since the day I ruled over the Eastern Emperor Sect. It had been more than six thousand years. In other words, there are none before you. You are truly impressive.”

Donghuang Zhenli turned back and looked at Jiang Chen up and down. He looked overbearing and imposing. Jiang Chen felt a kind of helplessness and lack of confidence at the moment as the one who stood in front of him was an unbeatable and irresistible opponent for him.

“How dare you show hostility to me? Kid, do you know where you are staying now? Haha.”

Donghuang Zhenli looked cold and gloomy. His eyes were like two sharp swords that pierced through Jiang Chen’s heart.

“The Sect Lord of Eastern Emperor Sect in the Qilian Boundary, I guess you’re broad-minded.”

Jiang Chen said.

“A man with ambition and determination is destined to succeed with great remarkable achievements. I am not surprised after watching you reach the peak of the Emperor Extremity Mountain. Perhaps I will never meet you if you are merely an ordinary unknown coward.”

Donghuang Zhenli and Jiang Chen were looking at each other’s eyes.

“I just want to know what you saw after reaching the peak of the Emperor Extremity Mountain.”

Donghuang Zhenli was full of curiosity. Since the Eastern Emperor Sect was built, there was no one who could conquer the peak. But he had never expected an outsider to do that.

“To tell you the truth, Sect Lord, I saw a person.”

Jiang Chen said.

Donghuang Zhenli’s heart was trembling wildly. As one of the strongest experts of the Divine King Realm, he was wondering what the peak of the Emperor Extremity Mountain looked like. No one was able to reach the peak of heaven, not even himself.

“Donghuang Taiyi.”

Donghuang Zhenli stared at Jiang Chen in astonishment. It made him believe that Jiang Chen was not telling a lie. Although the Eastern Emperor Sect had existed for more than thousands of years, the real identity of the founder who established the sect still remained unknown. Even some invincible strong experts and those profound races knew nothing about the person. In the entire Eastern Emperor Sect, there were not more than ten people who knew this name.

“Are you sure that you saw the first ancestor of our Eastern Emperor Sect?”

Donghuang Zhenli heaved a deep breath and held his breath.

“Yes. He told me that his natal divine tool was shattered into pieces and it was impossible to forge the Eastern Emperor Bell again. Moreover, the Eastern Emperor Sect was declining gradually. Hence, I must try my best to reform the land and restore the prosperity and glory of the Eastern Emperor Sect.”

“How could you know about the Eastern Emperor Bell……”

Donghuang Zhenli no longer doubted Jiang Chen as it was impossible for an outsider to know about the name of Donghuang Taiyi and the existence of the Eastern Emperor Bell. Since he was able to reach the peak of the Emperor Extremity Mountain, it proved his potential and unlimited talent which was unparalleled and formidable.

“Are you still doubtful with what I said?”

Jiang Chen said lightly.

“Since this is the arrangement of our ancestors, I believe that the rising of our Eastern Emperor Sect is not far from us now.”

Donghuang Zhenli said under his breath and glanced at Jiang Chen softly.

Jiang Chen did not show the Eastern Emperor Bell as he was not sure that Donghuang Zhenli trusted him completely. He was afraid that Donghuang Zhenli would kill him and snatch the treasure. If that happened, he would be the one who dug his own grave.

“Sect lord, I will not let you down in this Nine County Competition.”

Jiang Chen wore a smile on his face.

“Since you’re the person that was assigned by the ancestor of our Eastern Emperor Sect, I will not talk much about it. Our Eastern Emperor Sect will be at your back in the future.”

Donghuang Zhenli said.

“How could I betray you when the Eastern Emperor Sect treats me with full sincerity?”

Jiang Chen nodded silently.

“It seems like you are badly injured after falling off the mountain. There is a place with a spring of clear icy water, you may have a rest over there and I will make some arrangements soon. As for the Nine County Competition, let’s discuss it slowly.”

Donghuang Zhenli said. He looked extremely dignified after sending Jiang Chen off.

Donghuang Zhenli murmured in the void:

“My master, is he really the one who was destined by the ancestor to rescue our Eastern Emperor Sect?”

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