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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2588

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Jiang Chen looked up as he felt determined to reach the peak! 

One step after another. 

“So cold, it’s probably below a few hundred negative degrees now.” Jiang Chen’s eyes became serious.

There were ice shards between his brows, it was his first time feeling such extreme cold. 

That cold energy became much stronger and more terrifying after he reached the 700th step. It could even freeze a person’s soul. 

When Jiang Chen reached the 709th step, the people below the Emperor Extremity Mountain were in an uproar and thousands of people gathered. Each and every one of their expressions was solemn and filled with shock. 

“To think Second Brother’s record was broken by that fella.” 

“Yeah, this is unexpected. To think that fella is this heavenly defying, I am extremely excited now, I wonder if he could break our Great senior Brother’s record!” 

“It’s another time to be excited. Hahaha, not even the two elders could stay calm.” 

“I’m sure that this fella will not break Great senior Brother’s record, 800+ stairs, he’s only a Late Heavenly God.” 

“It’s still too early to come to a conclusion. Look, he did not slow down at all, it’s nearly the 730th steps.”

Everyone watched in concentration as the counter on the tablet silently jumped. Jiang Chen had become their idol, this Late Heavenly God fella was able to exceed  Second Brother’s record, it was a feat to be reckoned with. 

“Young outstanding youth, very good.” 

On the opposite of the Emperor Extremity Mountain was the Eastern Emperor Mountain, the headquarters of the Eastern Emperor Sect. An azure-robed elder said with a pale smile, standing on top of an elder peak with a slight shock in his eyes. 

“Taiji is already one of the top prodigies in recent years. This fella’s talent is on par with Taiji.” 

A buff middle-aged man said who was standing beside the azure-robed old man as he silently watched the Emperor Extremity Mountain from afar. 

“Third Elder, do you think… do you think this child is on par with Taiji?” The azure-robed old man felt slightly shocked. 

Donghuang Taiji was their strongest disciple for the last thousand years, currently at the Half-Step Divine King Realm. However, not even a Divine King could kill him as he cultivated the Eastern Emperor Limitless Art, he’s peerless below the Half-Step Divine King Realm. Not even those average Divine Kings could best him. 

The Third Elder gave Jiang Chen too high of a rating. To be on-par with the once-in-a-thousand years prodigy, such a great rating. However, this fella hasn’t reached the Half-Step Divine King Realm yet. 

Donghuang Zuoqing slightly smiled and said: 

“It’s not that I’m overestimating him, but this fella is pretty strong. The Great Elder would say the same thing too if he’s around.” 

Tao Qing silently nodded. As the leader of the ten great guardians of the sect, he was a Divine King, but he was very humble in front of the Third Elder Donghuang Zuoqing. Donghuang Zuoqing was in charge of the Eastern Emperor Sect’s Disciplinary Hall. Even the Great Elder had to give him some respect. The whole sect feared the Donghuang Zuoqing except for the Sect Lord, and Donghuang Taiji was his direct disciple. His words meant much more. 

“Then, how far do you think he’ll reach, Third Elder?” Tao Qing silently said.

Donghuang Zuoqing looked at the ever-changing psychic tablet and looked up towards the Emperor Extremity Mountain.

“Hmm… the Sect Lord stopped at the 800th step, not willing to take another step, stating that one cannot win against the cold on the peak. Me and the Great Elder managed to reach the 790th step with our own strength, similar to that monster. Anything above the 800th step is the extreme cold. Not even a powerful expert could withstand it. I’m already pretty shocked that he was able to achieve such a result. However, it won’t be easy for him to overcome that monster’s result. Hehehe.” Donghuang Zuoqing said. 

*Breathes in…* 

Jiang Chen took a deep breath. This Emperor Extremity Mountain was pretty scary. The chill was getting unbearable for him after reaching the 757th step. 

“I wonder… would I freeze to death if I press on.” Jiang Chen murmured. 

Because at this moment, he was feeling extremely cold, however, it was still  not enough to freeze him. 

The Eastern Emperor Sect was one of the most mysterious sects in the Qilian Region. It was founded upon the word ‘Eastern Emperor’, it was already pretty shocking. Donghuang was the number one surname since ancient times, the given name of the Heavenly Emperor Donghuang Taiyi. Jiang Chen was extremely curious about the Emperor Extremity Mountain. This Eastern Emperor Sect and Donghuang Taiyi, was there any relationship between them? 

Therefore, Jiang Chen did not plan to stop, even though the terrifying cold was slowly invading his body. He wanted to see how far he could go. 

Even though he had some difficulty moving forward, he still appeared to be calm as he slowly moved up. Jiang Chen could feel his blood freezing up. But it felt better after he unleashed the Dragon Transformation and his dragon blood boiled. 

Tens of thousands of people gathered in front of the tablet. The whole Eastern Emperor Sect shook. After Donghuang Taiji’s record was surpassed, this news reached the whole sect in a flash. 

“To even surpass me and the Great Elder?” Donghuang Zuoqing touched his nose and said with a bitter smile as his sharp eyes looked at the Emperor Extremity Mountain. 

“This fella, isn’t he too heavenly defying… “ Tao Qing murmured as he looked at Donghuang Zuoqing, he couldn’t help but gasp internally. The world is really big, anything could happen and experts are coming here with monstrous talents… 

The 792nd flight! When Jiang Chen took that step, the whole Eastern Emperor Sect was in an uproar. 

Because that was the highest flight their Eldest Senior Brother was able to reach. 

“Look, to think this fella was really able to reach the 792nd step. Oh My God, this is the most shocking news in this hundred years.” 

“We’ve witnessed a miracle. This fella is too heavenly defying. What kind of monster is he.” 

“I think we now have a rival for our Great Senior Brother.” 

“Are you joking, him? He cannot be compared to our Great Senior Brother, stop joking.” 

Everyone’s fervor was overflowing, as if they were the ones who reached the peak. However, some were favouring Jiang Chen and some were hoping he could reach  higher and fall harder. As he was just a Late Heavenly God, causing jealousy to other Late Heavenly God disciples. 

Jiang Chen saw the characters on the 792nd step. Four characters carved by a sword with a form of a dragon and phoenix. 

Donghuang Tai’A!

Those four characters reverberated through Jiang Chen’s heart as if it had a mysterious magic, filling up the whole 792nd step. Jiang Chen felt the sharpness from those four characters, as if only he alone could fight against the whole world. 

Peerless dominance, imposing sword qi. 

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