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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2586

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The youth looked at Jiang Chen with disdain, although he was weaker than Jiang Chen. Being a disciple of the Eastern Emperor Sect, one was naturally prideful. This Late Heavenly God fella wants to enter the Eastern Emperor Sect. He’ll have to get through my test first. 

They may be received favourably in the past but in such a special time, many people needed to get into the Nine County Competition first. Only then could one have the opportunity to get into the Profound Connection Divine Palace. In some sense, they wanted to use the Eastern Emperor Sect as a springboard to reach the Profound Connection Divine Palace.

However, the Eastern Emperor Sect was no fool, they’ll only give the first two slots for their own sect members. The final slot would be given to those who joined the sect for the competition, it doesn’t matter if they were genuinely here to join the sect or not. From this slot alone, many people came to join the Eastern Emperor Sect. However, one needs to be of clean background and strong to boot, otherwise, he’ll be immediately eliminated by the sect. 

This plan was profitable for Eastern Emperor Sect no matter what. 

“Very well, have some of your best guys come at me.” Jiang Chen said. 

“What do you mean? You? Wanna challenge my Eastern Emperor Sect? You’re just a Late Heavenly God, I suggest you leave this place as soon as possible.” Ruan Xiao sneered. 

He was not a Peak Heavenly God but just a step away from reaching it. 

“Yeah, scram as soon as possible. Otherwise, you’ll get beaten to a pulp. Hahaha, our Eastern Emperor Sect is not your average sect.”

“You’re really asking to die, one must fulfill two conditions to enter the Eastern Emperor Sect. First, is to fight against three Peak Heavenly God experts consecutively. You pass as long as you defeat two of them, and you’ll be able to go for the second trial. However, you don’t look like you have what it takes to get through the first trial.

“Overconfident fool, looks like this Profound Connection Divine Palace is extremely sought after. But you should know how much you’re worth, don’t waste your and our time. You? With your strength? Trying to enter the Nine County Competition? Keep dreaming. Hmph hmph.” 

The surrounding disciples looked at Jiang Chen and said with disdain. Although they weren’t as strong as Jiang Chen and were unable to sense how strong he was, they could see that this fella was certainly not as powerful as the three Peak Heavenly God seniors. It was without a doubt. 

“I’d like to try.” Jiang Chen said with a smile. 

Since this was the Eastern Emperor Sect territory, Jiang Chen was not that reckless and stupid as to barge into the sect. He alone could not get through the sect as they would certainly have many Divine Kings. Thinking back to the time when so many Divine King experts gathered in Linhe Boundary… The Eastern Emperor Sect was one of the ten great sects of the Qilian Region. It’s resources and power must be pretty great too. 

“Not going to give up before getting hurt, eh.” 

“Very well then, Senior Brother Ruan Xiao, why don’t we give him a chance? Haha, let the brothers work some sweat off.”

“You’re right, Eastern Emperor Sect is not a place where anyone could just enter.”

“There’s an abundance of clueless fools in this world.” 

Jiang Chen was calm while being bombarded by sarcasm. He did not bother talking back to them. Because in his eyes, they’re but insects, he could even simply kill off hundreds of disciples below the Late Heavenly God realm and it’s not something worth getting proud of. 

“Since you’re insistent on dying, then, I shall grant you that chance. On top of that mountain, there are three seniors who you will need to face. You’ll pass the test if you beat two of them. The challenge starts once you enter that mountain peak, disregarding one’s life and death.” Ruan Xiao said. 

At this moment, his expression became serious. Since Jiang Chen was here to join the Eastern Emperor Sect no matter what, the Eastern Emperor Sect is still one of the top ten sects within the Qilian Region, they will not act like a ruffian, otherwise the name of the sect will be tarnished. 

Ruan Xiao pointed at the mountain peak ten li away from where they were currently situated. There were three thousand metre stages on top of that mountain and three blue-robed Peak Heavenly Gods were standing on each one of them. 


Jiang Chen didn’t talk much, he would definitely be bashed further if he spoke further. He leapt and flew towards that icy cold mountain peak where three Peak Heavenly Gods were watching him with fighting intent. 

“Who do you want to challenge first?” A Peak Heavenly God expert said coldly. 

“All three of you, come.” Jiang Chen said. 

The three of them were stunned, Jiang Chen’s voice wasn’t loud, but the people below the peak had heard him, everyone was stunned. Is this fella trying to die? The three Peak Heavenly God experts could take on a strike from a Half-Step Divine King. A Late Heavenly God like him dares to be this cocky? 

“You’re courting death.” 

One of them said as he stared at Jiang Chen, gritting his teeth. The trio felt that Jiang Chen was mocking them. 

“I alone am enough to face you.” 

Jiang Chen said:

“Then, you’re too confident about yourself.” 

“Take this!” 

The blue-robed expert punched with lightning sparks. 

“This fella is trying to die, those three seniors have the qualification to become the members of the Disciplinary Hall, a mere Late Heavenly God is easy for them to take down.” Somebody sneered. 

However, the blue-robed experts were sent flying by Jiang Chen without that man finishing his smirk. The blue-robed expert’s arm was shattered and his expression became pale the instant they clashed. The counter force from their clash also pushed the other two experts back. They wanted to assist their fellow disciple but were pushed back by the force. 

A single strike! Jiang Chen had pushed back three experts with just a single strike, shaking three mountains in a single punch! 

Everyone gasped! 

The three experts’ expression became heavy. They lost, they wanted to continue their fight after the first clash but was stopped by Jiang Chen. They knew that such an expert was as powerful as a Half-Step Divine King, but how could he be so powerful? 

The people below the mountain, amounting to hundreds, witnessed this scene. The all-powerful seniors in their eyes became a decoration, after being forced back with just a single punch, from a Late Heavenly God junior to boot. The one who took the impact was in a miserable state too as his arm was shattered. 

“Isn’t he too heaven defying?” 

“Could this fella be the coming of another Great Senior Brother?” 

“So powerful, the might of that single punch, it’s so powerful. I dare say that fella’s combat strength is more powerful than a Half-Step Divine King.” 

“Duh! To push back three Peak Heavenly Gods with a single punch, that fella is a monster.” 

The countless men who had spoken ill of Jiang Chen had changed their view on him. 

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