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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2584

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Jiang Chen looked at the slovenly middle-aged man. He was showing interest in this man.

“Why are you following me?”

The middle-aged man asked under his breath.

“Because I am curious about you.”

“I guess you’re not from the Profound Connection Divine Palace, right? Otherwise, you won’t follow me for so long. It is almost a thousand miles away.”

The middle-aged man was on guard against Jiang Chen.

“You’re right. I just wish to experience your sword skills once.”

Jiang Chen declared his intention of coming along. His purpose was just simple.

“That’s all?”

The slovenly middle-aged man was smiling while shaking his head.

“Yeah, that’s all.”

After finishing his words, the slovenly middle-aged man had a sip of the wine and continued his journey.

“That’s not up to you.”

Jiang Chen laughed coldly. He only wished to experience the sword skills of this slovenly middle-aged man. Although the terror of his sword skills might be beyond his expectation, Jiang Chen intended to make a perfect breakthrough as he had to do so. Since his sword skills were much inferior to this slovenly middle-aged man, so this man would be the critical person if he wished to seek an opportunity of improving his sword skills effectively.

Jiang Chen was moving across and soaring in the void. He did not draw out the Heavenly Dragon Sword but wielded one of his Supreme Divine Tools.

His sword was moving wickedly fast and kept popping up terribly. After all, he was more formidable and much superior than the middle-aged man.

The slovenly middle-aged man raised his eyebrow, his eyes looked extremely serious. Jiang Chen launched a strong and fierce offensive, dragons were soaring while the phoenixes were dancing. The shadows of his sword were spreading in the void, echoing through the sky.

The slovenly middle-aged man did not dare to treat him lightly. The moment that he showed his sword, it brought a tremendous strong threat to Jiang Chen. However, Jiang Chen was still able to remain calm and composed. There was still a huge difference in strength between him and the middle-aged man after all. Jiang Chen approached slowly and constantly attacked but the sword skills of the middle-aged man was way faster than Jiang Chen. Under the Heart and Sword as One, the speed and power were combined perfectly and reached its limits utterly.

The middle-aged man had made Jiang Chen look extremely anxious and serious. Jiang Chen was forced to show his Half-step Divine King Realm strength. The middle-aged man’s strength was not ordinary at all. Moreover, his sword was filled with magnificent and powerful spirit. Even though it was full of loneliness and desolation, Jiang Chen could feel the fury of his sword’s shadow at the same time.

Jiang Chen believed that there must be a reason that this slovenly middle-aged man’s life turned out this way. Perhaps he had suffered severe injuries and pains in the past.

Jiang Chen did not mean to hurt him but the sword skills that the slovenly middle-aged man cast had forced him to fight with all his strength several times. A faint smile overspread Jiang Chen’s face. From the beginning until now, the middle-aged man was defending passively as all the attack was exerted by the terrifying sword.

Trembling the world and devouring the universe. The sword was inevitable and unbeatable.

This was how Jiang Chen evaluated his strength.

“Man and Sword As One.”

Jiang Chen attacked and defended at the same time. He eventually defeated the middle-aged man by casting different sword skills. However he had shown seventy percent of his strength, gaining a huge benefit fighting hand-to-hand against his opponent. His sword skills were like the sparkling stars in the nine heavens. There was no one who could simply catch it, not even Jiang Chen.

Only thinking about the sword while the sword was staying in the heart. Is he reaching the highest level of Heart and Sword As One? Jiang Chen murmured. He was still confused and failed to understand the Heart and Sword as One thoroughly.

The slovenly middle-aged man drew a few steps backwards. He narrowed his eyes and said coldly.

“I am not your match after all.”

“Do you wish to kill yourself?”

Jiang Chen wore a frown on his face. He fixed his glance at this slovenly middle-aged man.

“Isn’t it important to pursue a meaningful life?”

The slovenly middle-aged man laughed bitterly. He sunk into despair and lost his hope.

“I don’t know what led to your ruin but you could definitely gain a great achievement by your own strength. I can tell you certainly that there is no one who could defeat me by now, even Divine Kings. You’re truly a genius of swords with an extraordinary talent. I have never met someone whose sword skills are superior to mine, I swear that you’re the only one.”

Jiang Chen felt kind of sorry for him.

“We are supposed to live with hopes and desires. If you lose your hope and basic needs, our life will just become meaningless.”

The slovenly middle-aged man said lightly.

“What has the Eastern Emperor Sect done to you?”

After knowing that the three of them were from the Eastern Emperor Sect, this guy killed them immediately without leaving any trace or expressing any sympathy. It showed that he was truly blind with hatred of the Eastern Emperor Sect.

“As long as I am alive, I swear to destroy and annihilate the Eastern Emperor Sect.”

“It’s fine if you’re not willing to tell me. I am not forcing you to do so but I just feel envious of your sword skills. So I wish to have an opportunity to exchange some skills and experience with you.”

Jiang Chen did not talk much as it was his private matter after all and he was just feeling sympathy with the slovenly middle-aged man. If this kind of talented swordsman could cultivate his skills and become an invincible sword master, he would be unbeatable and able to override the world.

Jiang Chen took a glance at the rusty green steel sword that the middle-aged man was holding. He laughed bitterly and threw his sword to the slovenly guy. The sword he threw was a Supreme Divine Tool and he had infused the Sword of Solitude completely into it. As it was a divine tool that he made by himself, he could wield this sword perfectly compared with other divine tool making masters. Jiang Chen was a swordsman who had been showing great interest in learning sword skills. Even though this sword was just a Supreme Divine Tool, its power was exceedingly strong which was even comparable with the normal Heavenly Divine Tools.

“What do you mean?”

The slovenly middle-aged man was slightly astonished.

“Please forgive me for offending you just now. This treasured sword belongs to the true hero. I believe that you will understand it better than me and you are the one who deserves it.”

This sword was known as the best quality sword among his one hundred and eight Supreme Divine Tools. However, Jiang Chen did not hesitate to give it to him.

“Sow nothing, reap nothing.”

Jiang Chen knew that this slovenly middle-aged man got attached to this sword. In the Divine King Realm, this sword would be able to accompany him for more than thousands of years. Of course, the premise was to owe the strength to break through the Divine King Realm.

“How about accompanying me to practice the sword skills for one month if you wish to pay for it?”

Jiang Chen laughed.

The slovenly middle-aged man remained silent and answered by a nod. But Jiang Chen knew that he loved this sword from the bottom of his heart. Jiang Chen did not felt regret at all as it was not that he did not deserve the sword, it was just because this sword was not good enough for him.

“I am Sword Saint.”

The slovenly middle-aged man said under his breath and Jiang Chen nodded his head. He deserved the name, Sword Saint. The master of the sword who was unbeatable and invincible. The name as a sword master was what he had been pursuing in his whole life.

“My name is called Sword Saint, it is not that I call myself as a Sword Saint.”

“I knew that.”

Jiang Chen held his sword and stood up once again. He had been practicing sword skills with Sword Saint on the peak of the mountains and in the depths of the forest. Jiang Chen did not take a rest this month.

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