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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2583

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“She’s stunningly gorgeous and her beauty could overthrow cities. That’s why she is the real precious blue eyed girl.”

“You’re right. I heard on the news that the adopted daughter of the Lord of Reverend of the Nine Boundaries will set foot in the Profound Connection Divine Palace again this time in order to achieve some notable merits for the sake of the Lord of Reverend.”

“You could only admire and appreciate the real blue eyed girl in the distance. I think we will never be able to meet her even though we’re getting out of our way to approach her.”

“Well, I would like to see how gorgeous the most beautiful fairy in the Lone Dragon County is.”

Jiang Chen was quite certain that the adopted daughter of the Lord of Reverend of the Nine Boundaries had something to do with Yan Qingcheng. She told him that she would be going back to the Qilian Boundary and he knew that his beloved girl would be the center of attention. But he wondered about the relationship between the Lord of Reverend of the Nine Boundaries and the Profound Connection Divine Palace.

Jiang Chen raised his eyebrow. What exactly was this place? Everyone in the Qilian Boundary was willing to move heaven and earth to enter this place. So he was sure that the Lord of Reverends of the Nine Boundaries were thinking the same. Compared with the greatest sects in the Qilian Boundary, the Profound Connection Divine Palace was relatively mysterious and complicated.

The Qilian Boundary was several times larger than the Linhe Boundary. Moreover, he believed that those Qilians lords who were called Lord of Reverends would be invincible figures as well. It was a world of difference between those in the Linhe Boundary and the Qilian Boundary.

It seemed like he was determined to pay a visit to the Profound Connection Divine Palace.

“Hey beggar, stop distracting me from enjoying my drinks.”

A young handsome guy, who was holding a green sword in his hand, said. He was full of overwhelming aura. He was kicking off the table of a middle-aged man and smashed it to pieces wildly in the wine shop.

The middle-aged man, clothed in sackcloth, carried a broken green steely sword on his back. The blade of his sword was covered with chips which looked almost worthless, not even a False Divine Tool.

There was a stubble of a beard stippled over his jaws, which made him look dull and lost. He was holding a huge wine bottle with his hand. When the young handsome guy booted the table in front of him, he did not even protect himself but instead hugged the wine bottle in his arms. Even though he got beat up by the young guy, he was still hugging the wine bottle tightly in his arms and continued drinking his wine.

“Damn! Are you trying to ignore me? Do you know who I am?”

The young guy got up suddenly, throwing a cold glance at the shaggy middle-aged man who was covered with sackcloth.

“Just forget about it, fellow. He is just a beggar who is not even at the Heavenly God realm. Why should you breath down his neck?”

A green-clothed lady who wore her hair in two braids laughed loudly.

“We’re going to the east region later. Just stop causing any trouble now.”

Another young staid guy said in a low voice.

“You’re just lucky this time, stinky beggar. Otherwise I swear to kill you. Humph. You’re lucky that our Eastern Emperor Sect never kills the ordinary.”

Jiang Chen looked at that middle-aged man and his eyes were turning sharp suddenly.

There were only three gangs of them staying in the garret, Jiang Chen, the middle-aged man and the three young guys. That’s because the others had settled their bills and left quickly when the young handsome guy struck out.

“So all of you are from the Eastern Emperor Sect?”

The middle-aged man’s eyes looked cold and gloomy instantly, even full of killing intent.

“Beats me if you knew that. I am Donghuang Fanghua from the Eastern Emperor Sect.”

The young handsome guy laughed coldly and talked down to the slovenly middle-aged man. He was being extremely arrogant and disrespectful.

Jiang Chen sneered. He was given a girly name, no wonder his appearance was so effeminate and he’s acting girly. However, the middle-aged man asked impatiently before  Fang Hua pointed his sword at Jiang Chen.

“Three of you?”

“Do you want to refuse a toast only to drink a forfeit? We don’t want to make any trouble today, just get lost.”

The staid guy did not admit it but he had explained everything. It was normal for the three of them who were Middle Heavenly Gods to act rudely at a beggar who was not even a Heavenly God. However, they had something urgent to do so they did not mean to bring up unexpected troubles at the moment.

“It is true, then. Everyone from the Eastern Emperor Sect must die.”

The middle-aged man raised his head suddenly and the wine gourd in his hand was crackling. However, it was not broken into pieces as it was protected by Divine Strength.

Jiang Chen saw the strong killing intent in the middle-aged man’s eyes.

“You’re being too arrogant. It seems like I should teach you a lesson today or else you will never know how to be modest. It was truly a waste and extravagant for you to stay alive.”

Fang Hua from the Eastern Emperor Sect stepped forward and drew his sword. He was going to kill this shaggy middle-aged man.

“Perhaps I should’ve earlier.”

The middle-aged man murmured. He moved his palm and the sword immediately shone with a beam of sword’s light. The three of them were stunned for a second, even Jiang Chen felt slightly astonished. As the middle-aged man was holding that damaged green steely sword in his hand, Jiang Chen could feel a deathly silence. The moment that Jiang Chen turned his back, the three of them were all dead. He felt a tremble in his heart. That blow was too fast which made his sword’s skills inferior. But this middle-aged man had not even reached the Heavenly God Realm yet.

It gave Jiang Chen a shock. That sword was truly fast, it made him feel frightened even though he was already a formidable sword master who could exert the Man and Sword as One.

Although the three of them were not really strong enough, they were still Middle Heavenly Gods. It was unbelievable to watch them die without being able to strike back. The moment that the three of them collapsed, no trace of the sword on their necks was left which indicated that the sword was extremely fast like the flurry wind and flashing lightning.

Jiang Chen could feel that the middle-age man was not strong but he was able to cast this kind of terrible sword technique. Jiang Chen struggled to avoid the strong blow just now. He was curious about the legendary story behind him.

A sword was piercing through the sky, thousands of swords were soaring in the void. When it was struck out, it shocked the nine heavens.

Jiang Chen knew that his strength beat him hollow in sword techniques. Jiang Chen stared at his lonely shadow. He had never expected a man, who felt despair about life, was a sword master who was extremely incredible and dreadful.

The man’s eyes were filled with loneliness and desolation with a gloomy miserable spirit. Even though he looked like a mindless walking corpse, his sword skills were amazing and unbeatable.

Jiang Chen never showed respect or admiration to anyone but this slovenly middle-aged man impressed him.

“Heart and Sword as One!”

Jiang Chen murmured under his breath. This was the level that he had been dreaming of. The middle-aged man could cast the true Heart and Sword as One with ease. While Jiang Chen, who had experienced the Man and Sword as One and Heart and Sword as One, was still unable to exert the Heart and sword as one effectively until now.

The slovenly middle-aged man glanced at Jiang Chen. He held the wine gourd in his hand and left.

Jiang Chen tailed after the slovenly middle-aged man and left the western region of the Ling Jue City. The Ling Jue City was divided into Eastern, Western, Southern, and Northern regions. The western region was owned by the Eastern Emperor Sect. Since he killed the people from the Eastern Emperor Sect, he had no choice but to leave the place.

There were green hills and clear azure water. The slovenly middle-aged man turned and looked back as he felt someone was following him but he did not know who the person was.

“Are you trying to escape after killing people?”

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