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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2581

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“You’re being too reckless.”

Yan Qingcheng heaved a sigh, showing a shade of bitterness in her eyes. Jiang Chen’s strike was extremely fast, even though she had no time to stop him from killing Dou Hongming.

Jiang Chen looked calm. He threw a faint smile at Yan Qingcheng and said:

“There is no indecision or hesitation in my life and I hate being threatened. I feel satisfied after killing him as he was supposed to die. Most of the people and beasts died in the Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation so I think he truly deserved the punishment, I am just carrying out God’s will now.”

Yan Qingcheng shook her head.

“The power of Battle God Clan is not as small as what you thought. The position of this guy in the Battle God Clan is not merely an ordinary person. It indicates that he can still place his reliance upon the Battle God Clan and that is why he looked confident. Besides, it is also well-known that the Battle God Clane always shields one’s shortcomings. I have heard that there was a person from one of the greatest sects of a particular boundary who offended a young disciple of the Battle God Clan. Eventually, the whole family of that person was annihilated brutally and it made everyone frightened. Since you have offended the Battle God Clan, you will definitely be chased by them sooner or later. Even though the Battle God Clan does not pay attention to the world, countless great sects seem unduly reticent of them and even are afraid of them. By now, the Battle God Clan has certainly been aware of his death so I advise you to think about how to deal with them later.”

“I am going to face the soldiers with arms and water with an earth weir. I don’t care that much. I can do anything as long as I am happy with that. There is no one on earth I am afraid of.”

Yan Qing Cheng gazed at Jiang Chen with sympathy while Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulder, showing no concern about it. He was holding Dou Hongming’s Storage Ring in his hand and wiped out all the memories on it. Jiang Chen took a look at his Storage Ring and realized that this guy had very little belongings. There was nothing interesting other than Divine Origin Stones.

“The Summary of Formation ?”

Jiang Chen’s eyes were shimmering with a gleam of light. Although Dou Hongming was not considered as one of the strongest experts, his formation skills and experiences would be very beneficial and helpful to him. Even though the No Beginning Formation enhanced his understanding of formations and improved his formation skills, Dou Hongming’s formation skills would certainly help him in smoothing away the problem that he had been encountered in making formation. And there was no doubt that it could avoid him from taking some wrong path.

The Summary of Formation was extremely important to Jiang Chen. Otherwise, he would struggle in taking the next step and he would have a hard time in making a breakthrough in his formation skill. It was not easy for him to learn the No Beginning Formation by himself without a master. However, Dou Hongming’s summary of the formation was definitely the best choice for him if he wished to make the No Beginning Formation to become perfect and unbeatable.

“Where is the Dou Formation Technique?”

Jiang Chen wore a frown on his face. He was searching in the Storage Ring and found a white-jaded nameplate which was written in three black words, it was Dou Formation Technique!

Finally, I found you! Jiang Chen looked delighted as this Dou Formation Technique was extremely important for him. That’s because it is something that could protect himself. If he could apply this formation in an appropriate way, it would be a perfect formation which could shock the universe with astounding skills. Moreover, it would be more astonishing if his No Beginning Formation was enhanced by the Dou Formation Technique, even if the Fusion of Lightning could not be used in the Duo Formation Technique. However, the result would be unpredictable if three kinds of lightning were fused together.

But Jiang Chen was confident. If four kinds of Lightnings were merged, it could possibly override the Dou Formation Technique. But the problem was that it was impossible for him to own more lightning at the moment as he only owned the Dawn Sky Golden Lightning and Nine Stars Heavenly Tribulation Lightning. Therefore, this formation was exceedingly important for him to enhance his strength to another level.

In other words, this Dou Formation Technique would be one of the strongest cards which could make a stunning turnaround and astonish everyone. Even if he met a Divine King expert, a normal formation and the enhancement of the Dou Formation Technique would be enough to make a perfect counter attack.

It was just because the Dou Formation Technique did not exert its true power in Dou Hongming’s hand.

Jiang Chen kept Dou Hongming’s Storage Ring carefully. Yan Qingcheng and the others witnessed his action, and she smiled without saying a word. Since Jiang Chen had saved all of them, Yan Qingcheng had nothing to say about it.

Jiang Chen raised his head and fixed his gaze at Yan Qingcheng, which startled her and she then held the Great Bright Lord’s Relic tightly in her hand. Jiang Chen could feel that she was nervous at the moment as his glance looked aggressive and threatening. How could she possibly let down her guard? How could she remain calm when there was a man staring at her without blinking his eyes?

“What’s wrong? Finally you’re showing your cloven hoof now. Are you here for the Great Bright Lord’s Relic?” Yan Qingcheng said coldly.

“The Great Bright Lord’s Relic is truly important to me.”

Jiang Chen declared.

Yan Qingcheng’s heart was trembling. It was what she had expected, he came prepared this time. She was just too naive to believe that he would give up on the Great Bright Lord’s Relic for her.

“But even if there are thousands of Great Bright Lord’s Relic, it will be just a broken stone for me when compared with you.”

Jiang Chen turned the conversation. His words made Yan Qingcheng feel astonished, shocked and doubtful.

“Aren’t you planning to snatch the Great Bright Lord’s Relic from me?”

“You’re definitely playing the most important role in my heart. I would like to swear to god that I am not coveting the Great Bright Lord’s Relic. But there’s a thing I have to confess.”

“What’s that about?”

Yan Qingcheng raised her eyebrows. This guy was just mysterious and unpredictable to her.

“I love you, there’s no doubt about it.”

Jiang Chen said softly. Yan Qingcheng had expected it to happen but she still failed to act naturally. She gazed into the distance and fell silent.

“What are you going to do now?”

Jiang Chen asked.

“I will be going back to the Qilian Region, the place that I belong to.”

Yan Qingcheng looked back nostalgically.

“The place where you belong, where is it? Where did you come from and where are you planning to go?”

It seemed like Jiang Chen awaited her answer with impatience.

“You’re asking too much. It is your own business for loving me, it does not matter to me. You better not follow me, I hate when I’m followed.”

Yan Qingcheng finished her words, turned her back and disappeared in the void.

“Brother She, thanks for accompanying me throughout the journey in Tian Qi Mountain Range. I wish that we could meet someday.” 

Jiang Chen glanced at She Zhen with a faint smile.

“You could go anywhere with your own power. It doesn’t really matter to me.”

She Zhen smiled bitterly.

“After the battle, we have benefited much and our strength has improved greatly as well. So we planned to stay in the Tian Qi Mountain Range. You can just come back here whenever you miss us. Let’s have a nice chat when you’re back.”

A smile overspread Li Lei’s face. His straightforwardness and overbearing aura made everyone feel pleased. He knew that Jiang Chen was a dragon in the nine heavens and he would never stay in one place. While the Qilian Region or even the Lone Dragon County would be the real stage where he could shine brightly.

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