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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2580

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Dou Hongming was extremely angry, even somewhat hysteric, he refused to believe that his 100 years of effort just for this very moment would be wasted, and the Battle Formation Technique that he had never shown before was forced out. However, it still wasn’t enough to beat that fucking brat’s formation apart. Such sarcasm… Dou Hongming was speechless.

“Well? Now you know. You can’t even destroy a mere part of my formation, who gave you the right to flaunt?” Jiang Chen sneered. 

Although he also wasn’t feeling good right now as it wasn’t easy to maintain the No Beginning Formation. However, he couldn’t lose face in front of his woman. 

Sigh, The heavens are really jealous of geniuses. I sympathize with you but it’s a pity that you’re not my match. You’re not a match against me in terms of the art of formation. You’re average at best, I, for one, am too radiant. I am to blame, I am to blame.” Jiang Chen said.

Dou Hongming gritted his teeth as he couldn’t retort. 

*Cough! Cough! Cough…* 

Dou Hongming coughed three mouthfuls of blood. To think the Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation couldn’t even break a corner of that formation. Jiang Chen’s act angered him further as his effort went to waste. His face became pale as he fell to the ground, gasping for air as he kneeled on one knee, staring at Jiang Chen coldly. 

“You… you… you… I cannot accept this! What is this formation? My Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation that I’ve spent a hundred years on could do nothing against it.” 

Dou Hongming shivered as he was thoroughly disappointed. But he still wanted to know what that formation was. 

“This formation of mine is very simple. Listen, this formation’s name is Iceberg Formation.” Jiang Chen said solemnly. 

“Iceberg Formation? To think I’ve never heard of it before, the world surely is big, I, Dou Hongming, am too shallow.” Dou Hongming gave Jiang Chen a serious glance. 

“Ain’t that right. You only saw the tip of the iceberg and you dare brag that you’re the best in the Lone Dragon County in terms of formation art? This is hilarious.” Jiang Chen taunted. 

Dou Hongming was now at his weakest state and his life was shaved further thanks to Jiang Chen’s taunts. 

“The tip of an iceberg, the tip of an iceberg… .” Dou Hongming murmured. 

At this moment, he really wanted to defeat Jiang Chen but he got shamed towards the end, not knowing what the tip of the iceberg meant, it was truly shameful. 

“To think that a formation expert of the great Battle God Clan lost to someone like you, Argh!” Dou Hongming shouted as he couldn’t accept the result. 

The Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation had destroyed the Eight Lineages Silver River. Other than the humans saved by Jiang Chen, all the others who came to the Eight Lineages Silver River died. 

As the dust settled, icy rivers and mountains became flat and the whole Eight Lineages Silver River had lost its previous magnificence. 

“It feels like we’ve survived through a disaster.” Li Peng said. 

They finally saw the hope of survival. Everyone saw their doom coming upon them when the sky collapsed, and they couldn’t help but feel lucky after surviving through all of that.  

“Benefactor shall become the one I shall pursue.” Li Lei said. 

Everyone felt gratitude towards Jiang Chen, except for Yan Qingcheng. 

“Your methods and techniques are certainly extraordinary.” Yan Qingcheng said. 

Jiang Chen looked at Yan Qingcheng. Even though he couldn’t guess what she was thinking, he was prepared to pursue her back once again as he will repay what she did in the past. 

Jiang Chen smiled and shrugged. 

“For a trash like him, it’s as easy as taking candy from a baby.”

“Was it?” Yan Qingcheng laughed coldly. 

The way she looked at Jiang Chen was now filled with kindness and tenderness. 

“Weak, too weak. Very weak.” Jiang Chen gave Dou Hongming another shot. 

*Cough! Cough! Cough…* 

Dou Hongming coughed another mouthful of blood once again. Jiang Chen thought that Dou Hongming must’ve coughed out all his blood. Jiang Chen’s taunt really made Hongming think that he’s  trash. His knowledge in the formation had really gone down the drain, to not know what’s the tip of the iceberg means. 

“You’re not dead yet? Great, I’m interested in your Battle Formation Technique. Tell me, what is this Battle Formation Technique?” Jiang Chen said.

He had planned to get his hands on Dou Hongming’s Battle Formation Technique and it’ll surely improve his strength. 

“Don’t dream of getting any information out of me.” Dou Hongming said.  

He was already shamed by Jiang Chen and he will certainly not utter a single word to him. 

“Aren’t you afraid of death?” Jiang Chen smiled. 

“The Northern Cold Divine Region will not forgive you if you dare kill me.” Dou Hongming said confidently. 

“Because of the Battle God Clan.” Yan Qingcheng looked at Dou Hongming and said quietly. 

“To think you know of the Battle God Clan?”

Dou Hongming was slightly shocked. However, this gave him confidence and he became prideful.

Jiang Chen was slightly shocked. The Battle God Clan, sounds like a powerful clan and Dou Hongming implied that he’ll go against the whole Northern Cold Divine Region if he killed him. It doesn’t look like a threat but confidence. 

“If I’m right, the Battle God Clan is the greatest clan in the Northern Cold Divine Region. The one that is on par with the Luo God Clan. Right?” Yan Qingcheng said. 

She had heard that the Battle God Clan’s power dates back to 10,000 years ago, it’s just that the Luo God Clan kept getting stronger and more people knew about them. 

“The Battle God Clan is on par with the Luo God Clan? It’s just that us Battle God Clan like to lay low. Don’t you know that? Chet.”

However, this didn’t make Jiang Chen fearful, especially someone like him, he’ll get whatever he wants, no matter what it takes. 

“The Luo God Clan cannot be compared to our Battle God Clan! If any of you dares to touch me, the Battle God Clan shall place a hit towards the end of your life, eliminating even your chance to reincarnate.” Dou Hongming said proudly, as if he’s royalty. 

“A loser dares to spout such nonsense? I can butcher you like butchering a chicken! I’ll kill you today because of what you said!!”Jiang Chen’s eyes became cold as he hated people threatening him. 

He raised his arm and the Heavenly Dragon Sword shone. Dou Hongming shrieked and his head separated from his body. 

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