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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2577

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“To think you have such a terrifying true dragon prestige?” 

Given how shocked he was, Xue Jia still had the wisdom to realize that his opponent wouldn’t allow him to rest. He took extreme caution as the Old Toad and Jiang Chen cooperated better as time went on.  He was pushed back without a chance to retaliate. 

“You still dare to be this presumptuous? Fusion of Dragon and Sword!” 

Jiang Chen’s Fusion of Dragon and Sword made his dragon prestige much stronger, forcing Xue Jia towards the edge. The scent of death was much closer to him even without the Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation. 

One third of the humans and demonic beasts that were in the Eight Lineages Silver River were all dead. 

The once magnificent and glorious Eight Lineages Silver River was gone. The remaining survivors were terrified of their life as the place was crumbling. 

The giant golden sword cut through the sky, causing the stars to change its colour. Jiang Chen’s Fusion of Dragon and Sword made Xue Jia feel a great sense of danger, yet he was pinned down by the Old Toad unable to do a thing against Jiang Chen. Hence, Jiang Chen was able to unleash his attack to its fullest. 

Xue Jia’s spear quickly pushed through his enemy. As it clashed against Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Dragon Sword, his spear was split into half. The Heavenly Divine Tool spear could not stand a chance against Jiang Chen’s blade. 

“How can this be?” Xue Jia, stunned.

This weapon was his trusted spear that made him famous, yet it got shattered by a Heavenly God kid! It was outrageous. 

The Old Toad took the opportunity to move towards Xue Jia when the latter was in a daze. He then heavily tackled Xue Jia, causing the latter to fly backwards, coughing out a mouthful of blood along the way. 

Xue Jia quickly looked up but Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Dragon Sword was already in front of him and it then pierced through his chest. He then threw a punch and quickly back off with a grave injury. 

Jiang Chen quickly followed without giving him a breather, launching the True Dragon Palm. It  shattered the last defence of Xue Jia. The latter then flew backwards like a pebble. 

“Piercing Heaven Poison!” The Old Toad coughed out a blood mist. 

It was his blood essence, it’s lethality was evident. 

Xue Jia was covered with poison blood mist; he’s heavily injured and poisoned. He had lost all his usual dominance. A Diving King expert had fallen to such a state. 

“Toad, I curse you!!” Xue Jia gritted his teeth. 

“Die.” The Old Toad wasn’t giving Xue Jia any chances. 

He had already rushed towards Xue Jia without Jiang Chen. 

“I’ll bring you down even if I die. The honour of a Diving King expert will not be tarnished!”

Xue Jia tackled towards the Old Toad like a meteor. The Old Toad exploded backwards, and blood and bones could be seen after that clash. He lost against Xue Jia even though the latter was gravely injured. Xue Jia’s explosive strength was nothing to scoff at. 

Xue Jia was a Mid Diving King, how could he fall so easily? 


The Old Toad got heavily injured after that clash. Xue Jia then stepped on the Old Toad’s dying body with great difficulty. 

Jiang Chen stood silently in the sky. Yan Qingcheng glanced at him with a shocking gaze. Why isn’t he helping him?  

“Jiang Chen, save me…” The Old Toad said in a hoarse voice as his breathing became weaker by the second. 

“When the dog is beaten, the lion is tamed.” Jiang Chen said indifferently. 

“You mean… ” 

Yan Qingcheng looked at Jiang Chen with complicated eyes. The Old Toad was a great comrade of his just a while ago, but now, Jiang Chen seemed ungrateful. Yan Qingcheng couldn’t understand him. 

“I never planned to save him.” Jiang Chen said. 

“Blue-eyed Azure Flower Toad, you ate my Azure Spirit Pill and completed your mission in the Eight Lineages Silver River for me. Now, you go in peace. I killed your son.” Jiang Chen said coldly, without a shred of pity. 

It was just an end. 

He was not kindhearted and will not simply show kindness. He will kill those who deserved to be killed and he will not simply harm the innocent. The Blue-eyed Azure Flower Toad Jr died because of his action, Jiang Chen cares not for how many men or demonic beasts he killed. He too did not feel anything for this Blue-eyed Azure Flower Toad’s death. There are many with weak hearts but those who truly succeed will never be too calculative in these minor matters. 

The Old Toad laughed bitterly as he looked at Jiang Chen with a lonely gaze. He was dying and there was nothing he could do. Jiang Chen told him the truth so that he could die without regrets. He hated Jiang Chen and felt sad and helpless for his son. But everything’s going to end, he will die and Xue Jia will follow him soon. The Eight Lineages Silver River would never go back to once it was. 

“Die, so what. Hahaha, Jiang Chen, you too shall die. Your Azure Spirit Pill managed to trick me, I can only blame my own foolishness. This was all a play directed by you. ” Old Toad’s laugh was sad as his life faded away from his body. 

Xue Jia was extremely angry as he became a scapegoat on this matter and his son died because of this, all of this because of Jiang Chen. 

Jiang Chen always believed in karma. However he will not go against the Heavens nor follow its will, this was Jiang Chen. 

“Such a great play, but the final winner is still not you.” Xue Jia smiled coldly. 

He had disregarded his life now. His strength of a Mid Diving King was still nothing to scoff at. Jiang Chen could feel Xue Jia trying to make a move, trying to deal a lethal blow on him. 

“We’ll never know who will have the last laugh.” Jiang Chen said with a smile. 

“At least, it shouldn’t be you.” 

Xue Jia once again leapt towards Jiang Chen with terrifying divine origin energy focusing on his fist, trying to deal a lethal blow on Jiang Chen! 

Jiang Chen then used the Azure Dragon’s Five Steps!

Xue Jia couldn’t retaliate under the effect of the Azure Dragon’s Five Steps. Jiang Chen’s blade sliced towards his mighty fist and its dominating astral qi was cut apart by Jiang Chen’s blade, and a terrifying shock exploded in the air. 

The instant Jiang Chen pushed Xue Jia back, he attracted Dou Hongming’s attention. Now that Jiang Chen had defeated all the experts, only Yan Qingcheng and him were left. The remaining ones were all small fries, nothing that he should worry about.  

“I never wanted to kill, yet the others forced my hand.” Jiang Chen said coldly.

Yan Qingcheng who was standing behind him felt that his mind and heart was complicated, he’s not a simple man. 

Yan Qingcheng found him hard to accept and understand no matter how deeply in love he was. 

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