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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2576

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“Dou Shi, let’s go.” Xue Jia said. 

The whole Eight Lineages Silver River became a wasteland under the Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation. This formation was made by Dou Hongming, so he naturally has a way to get out.  

“I’m sorry, Lord Xue, you have to take care of yourself. This formation can only fit one person. I’m truly sorry.” Dou Hongming sneered as he quickly backed off, looking for the eye of the formation. 

“What’s happening? Dou Shi, you… ” Xue Jia’s expression changed as he looked at Dou Hongming. 

Dou Hongming shrugged as if he’s helpless. 

“To be precise, all of you will die here. But I believe that the Great Bright Lord’s Relic will be fine even if you die. ” Dou Hongming sneered. 

“You dare… betray me… you’re cruel… to think you want me dead?” 

Xue Jia was thoroughly angered. He never expected Dou Hongming to betray him at this very moment. 

This instantly put Xue Jia in a deadly predicament. This great guardian formation of the Eight Lineages Silver River… never in his wildest dream that it would become the weapon that would send him towards his end. 

“The reason I’m here in this Eight Lineages Silver River was never to be ordered by you, what is there to betray?” Dou Hongming indicated his stand. He had never once sided with anybody. 

“You’re here for the Great Bright Lord’s Relic, you knew that it’s in my possession.”

Xue Jia finally knew Dou Hongming’s purpose. The Great Bright Lord’s Relic was his greatest treasure, he never once fully trusted his own son even if he wanted this to be given to him. Because Xue Jia knew that the relic was essential for him to reach the Hierarch Realm. The relic of the Buddhas from the Buddha Realm possessed great prestige and powerful energy, it would depend on the user to really fully utilize its worth. 

“It’s too late to realize all of these now. You have no idea how great the Great Bright Lord’s Relic is, you don’t know what it’s worth. It’s a waste for you to hold onto it.” Dou Hongming said coldly, filled with disdain towards Xue Jia. 

“Now, we’re all trapped in this Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation.” Yan Qingcheng said quietly. 

“I’ll bring you down even if I’m going to die.”

Jiang Chen smiled brightly, not feeling a shred of danger. 

“You can even smile in this situation, in this great danger that not even the Diving King, Xue Jia could break through this Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation. ”

“Enjoy to your heart’s content. Hahaha, this feast is tailored for all of you. Xue Jia, let’s not waste our energy, quietly wait for your death.” Dou Hongming said. 

His words were exceptionally demoralizing. The whole place was in utter chaos. 

“What? He wants to kill us all?”  

“It seems so, that fella is nuts. I don’t wanna die, this Eight Lineages Silver River. I refuse to believe that I cannot get out of this place.”

“I feel that the formation has been activated. The whole Eight Lineages Silver River… do you guys feel it, it’s trembling.”

“I’m only here to congratulate, I don’t wanna die here, what is this shitty luck.”

“Not even the lord of the Eight Lineages Silver River could do anything to it. Looks like this formation is unbreakable.” 

The whole Eight Lineages Silver River was in utter chaos, countless men that came to congratulate the newlywed and the locals…. Everyone of them drowned in fear as they faced the mighty pressure of the Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation, their breathing stopped as if they were witnessing Armageddon falling upon them. 

The icy river of the Eight Lineages Silver River began to tremble and it gradually cracked, leaving a 10 zhang wide crack from the main vein. Avalanche were happening all over the place, the icy mountains cracked and crumbled. The Eight Lineages Silver River was now falling apart. 

Nobody wanted to die, they came happily to congratulate the young lord of the Eight Lineages Silver River, never in their wildest dreams that it would become the doom of the Eight Lineages Silver River and have their lives risked. 

Their lives became worthless now, as those weaker ones couldn’t even stand up straight at the sight of those giant mountains crumbling. The crumbling Eight Lineages Silver River was now akin to hell. Everyone was running for their lives, away from this deathly place. 

Only those hundreds of men were safe within the formation. 


Xue Jia tried to break through the barrier several times with his spear. Yet, every time, he got pushed back by the formation, and he staggered and backed down. Not even he, who was all-powerful, could break through it. 

“I’ve said it before, nobody could break my Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation.” Dou Hongming said. 

Dou Hongming’s confidence came from his age-long planning. For this formation, he used 3 years to set it up, 10 years to correct it and a hundred years to perfect it. It was his life’s masterpiece. This formation could withstand the attacks of a Mid and  Late Diving King, he was absolutely confident that not even a Late Divine King could destroy this formation. 

Xue Jia couldn’t break through the Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation no matter what. His gaze then fell upon Yan Qingcheng and Jiang Chen. 

“Since I can’t get away from here, I’ll kill both of you first, at least I need to have you two die in front of my eyes.”

Xue Jia’s eyes were cold as the death of his son made his hatred towards Yan Qingcheng rise to the peak. 

“I’m afraid you do not have what it takes.” Jiang Chen immediately stood in front of Yan Qingcheng without a shred of hesitation. 

“You’re not his match. We may stand a chance if the two of us fight him.” Yan Qingcheng thought for a bit and said. 

“Men shouldn’t allow the woman to stand in front no matter what. Plus, I will never allow you to get injured, I alone am enough to face him.” Jiang Chen smiled confidently. 

“That face of yours is pretty repugnant, as if everything is under your control.” Yan Qingcheng said. 

“But at least I like it.” Yan Qingcheng added. Jiang Chen was stunned and then smiled. 

“Still going on flirting even on your death’s door. Die! Snowflake Divine Spear!” 

Xue Jia closed in on Jiang Chen, the latter did not retreat as he could face a Half-Step Divine King with the help of the Dragon Transformation. But he still had to be careful as his opponent wasn’t weak. 

“Kill him, how could you leave me out? Haha.” 

The Old Toad came from the side as he closed in on Xue Jia. Xue Jia was instantly pushed back by Jiang Chen and the Old Toad as the Heavenly Dragon Sword managed to push his trusted spear back, not allowing him to gain an upper hand.  

The Old Toad released toxic miasma around the field. The crumbling Eight Lineages Silver River was now filled with cries of agony from humans and demonic beasts alike, blood and corpses splattered all over the place, dying the whole Eight Lineages Silver River red. Life itself became worthless at this moment. 

“Damned fella, all of you should die!” Xue Jia roared angrily. 

Xue Jia felt pressured from Jiang Chen’s heavenly dragon’s prestige. He did not expect him to possess the dragon’s prestige. 

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