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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2570

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The first formation was shattered, was breaking the second formation far from now? 

The corner of Jiang Chen’s mouth was overflowing with confidence and a smile was plastered on his face. Amongst the three formations, the first formation was the easiest to break. He did not, however, become conceited because of this. That’s because the second formation was the most terrifying one as it was extremely sharp and invincible. It aimed to kill whoever was inside the formation with dreadful attacks. And with the support of the third formation, the attack power of the Thousand Killing Blades Formation was boosted. 

“Thousand Killing Blades Formation is set to slaughter. It’s attacking power is irresistible. Its weakness only laid on its formation foundation. Since the formation was only set for attacking, its formation foundation and formation were definitely much weaker.”

Jiang Chen thought. 

Dou Hongming must’ve created the formation based on this thought. The strength of  Thousand Killing Blades Formation was really formidable and its explosive power was also very dreadful. With the support of the Cyan Light Arhat Formation, it could even kill a Divine King expert. Any ordinary cultivator would definitely lose his upper hand the moment he entered the second formation, even if he succeeded in breaking the first formation. 

Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Dragon Sword swept across in all directions and confronted thousands of weapons in the Thousand Killing Blades Formation. Jiang Chen was quite struggling as the formation’s attacking power was terrifying.

The sharp blades shot out towards Jiang Chen from all directions. He was extremely careful in the formation. Everyone was on the edge, worrying that Jiang Chen might be hit by the formation. 

Dou Hongming was very confident. The first formation was only set as an obstacle to Jiang Chen. Since he had broken the first formation, the second formation of course would be harsher. Offense was the strongest defence!

If Jiang Chen would not counterattack the formation and only defend himself, the formation’s attack would become more and more aggressive . 

Jiang Chen used the No Beginning Formation to infer how to break the formation while his hand was wielding the Heavenly Dragon Sword to continuously defend himself. Although it was very harsh, he remained very skillful in doing this. The No Beginning Formation consisted of one hundred and eight thousand Dao. The Thousand Killing Blades Formation was one of them. However, after being boosted by the Cyan Light Arhat Formation, the Thousand Killing Blades Formation had experienced great transformation. So, Jiang Chen had to take it step-by-step to find the solution to break the formation. 

Jiang Chen was not an unparalleled genius in formation, however, he had mastered the No beginning Formation. By chance and luck, he had broken the most formidable formation—the No beginning—and thus mastered such skill and opportunity. 

The dreadfulness of the Thousand Killing Blades Formation was completely beyond his imagination. Jiang Chen had used up his utmost effort to confront its harshness with his gentleness in order to prevent being defeated. That was the only way for him to have a chance of  breaking the formation.

He took steps back as a way of attacking. In the Thousand Killing Blades Formation, he did not choose to stand toe-to-toe against the ferocious blades in battle. If he did that, he might get injured easily. Actually, he was confident in breaking this formation because its mechanism was not too complicated. Although it had been transformed and boosted by Dou Hongming and its attacking power was doubled, Jiang Chen was no ordinary cultivator that would be defeated easily. It’s not enough for Dou Hongming to use only three formations to trap him.

The foundation of the formation was the most important part of the formation while Divine Origin Qi that came from the heavens and earth was the key to setting up the foundation. As long as the Divine Origin Qi of the heavens and earth were messed up, the formation would also be broken eventually. Of course one must have enough strength, otherwise, he would not only fail to mess the Divine Origin Qi but also enhance the formation foundation unintentionally. If that was the case, he would just shoot himself in the foot. 

“Heavenly Spinning Wind Formation! This should be the formation! A simple formation like Thousand Killing Blades Formation would not have a formidable foundation. The Heavenly Spinning Wind Formation is the formation that could shatter its foundation.”

Jiang Chen squinted his eyes and started setting up the formation. He was going to break this formation with another formation. It would definitely make Dou Hongming shocked.

At the same time, Jiang Chen took this opportunity to figure out the location of the eye of the Thousand Killing Blades Formation. Once he found the formation eye, the Heavenly Spinning Wind Formation could take down the Thousand Killing Blades more effortlessly and in a short amount of time.  

“In the universe, a formation that has its formation eye at the South East side is the best. Dou Hongming is really not that simple.”

While Jiang Chen dodged the attack of the Thousand Killing Blades Formation, he managed to figure out the trick inside this formation finally. Each of his steps was extremely careful. After he set up the Heavenly Spinning Wind Formation, he immediately changed his way of responding. Dou Hongming became gloomy at this moment while looking at Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen’s steps were under his control as he was also a formation master, how could he not know that Jiang Chen was setting up a formation? 

“Are you that naive to think about breaking the formation with another formation?” 

Dou Hongming smiled coldly.

“Let’s see if your formation is really strong enough. Hahaha.” 

Jiang Chen laughed out loud and said, his eyes looking completely cold. Now, it was his time to display his mightiness. He had been suffering and pressured under the attack of the Thousand Killing Blades Formation.

It was very clear that the Thousand Killing Blades Formation was able to kill a Divine King Realm excerpt. Under the attack of such a powerful formation, it was extremely difficult for Jiang Chen to form another formation.  Jiang Chen had experienced a great crisis under the risk of being slaughtered by the Thousand Killing Blades Formation. Everyone was terrified.

The Thousand Killing Blades Formation was extremely terrifying with the support of the Cyan Light Arhat Formation. It’s ray of thorns were pouring down as if heavy rain fell down continuously. When Jiang Chen was about to finish setting up the Heavenly Spinning Wind Formation, Dou Hongming became more and more tense. He had an ominous feeling even though he did not really know what kind of formation Jiang Chen was setting up. However, he could not do anything to stop Jiang Chen. 

“Cyan Light Arhat Formation that reaches all directions!”

Dou Hongming took action once again to boost the Cyan Light Arhat Formation. Jiang Chen was under greater pressure this time in the formation. Although the Heavenly Spinning Wind Formation was set, he could only remain passive and found it difficult to take further steps.

The dreadful wind came across the shadows of blades while Jiang Chen managed to dodge each attack of the blades. Jiang Chen was wounded but it was already very lucky for him to stand for so long in such a dreadful formation without getting any critical injury. 

The cyan light shone in the glacier. Jiang Chen’s legs were trembling under the dreadful attacks but he still managed to deal with it. 

“Let’s start! Heavenly Spinning Wind Formation, let’s make a mess under the heavens and stir up the storm. Hahaha.”

Jiang Chen made a wild roar and the Heavenly Spinning Wind Formation had been completely set up. There was a twist in the surrounding space. The Divine Origin Qi was shakened and a hurricane swirled around the space. The Heavenly Spinning Wind Formation had messed up the Divine Origin Qi and destroyed the foundation of the formation. Soon, the Thousand Killing Blades Formation was broken even though Jiang Chen did not take any action against it.  

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