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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2568

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Jiang Chen was clear that Dou Hongming would try every trick in the book in this battle. And if Dou Hongming did so, he would unleash the No Beginning Formation in order to break through Dou Hongming’s formation which would definitely make double results with half the effort. The moment that Dou Hongming was full of confidence, his energy was getting depleted at the same time. At that moment, success and failure would be destined. It was not necessary to go far as he could make Dou Hongming cow into submission for sure.

After setting the formation, Jiang Chen was full of confidence as his master was none other than the creator of the No Beginning Formation. This formation was the master of all the other thousand formations which could break through any formation, it could even remain unmoved even if attacked from all directions, while emitting out a majestic and overbearing aura.

Dou Hongming sneered at Jiang Chen’s overconfidence. First of all, it was not difficult for him to trap Jiang Chen and after trapping him, he would increase the power of the formation. Even if Jiang Chen was extraordinarily strong, he would never be able to escape from the formation. Besides that, this guy entered the formation on his own which was just like digging his own grave.

Even though he was full of confidence with his own formation, it was the taboo for formation casters to walk right into the trap.

At the moment, both Jiang Chen and Dou Hongming were full of confidence. They wished to put each other to rest at the same time. Jiang Chen was wondering how the old man pulled off all of this as it was definitely him who formed the Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation.

“I’ve been waiting for thousands of years to use my formation. How could a despicable guy like you defeat me? Since you insist on killing yourself, I won’t go easy on you.” Dou Hongming said with a sneer. 

Over the last thousand years, he had been deeply engrossed in practising this formation. If he was not deeply immersed in researching the formation, his strength would have already reached the Divine King Realm. Even so, he would definitely be able to reach the Divine King Realm if he got enough time.

“First formation! Heavenly Profound Guard Formation! This is the first formation which has the strongest defense. After making some modifications, it is even comparable with middle-graded formations. But it can only be applied as a form of defense. I will admit that you’re good if you could break this.”

Dou Hongming said coldly and started exerting the formation soon after he finished speaking. His glimmering shadow was moving constantly. In less than five minutes, he had already formed the second formation, the middle-grade formation Thousand Killing Blades Formation!

“Even Divine Kings do not dare to risk themselves to treat with this formation easily, let’s see how you are going to deal with it.”

Dou Hongming looked sharply at Jiang Chen. This Thousand Killing Blades Formation was the second strongest offensive formation after the Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation and its power was exceedingly strong which could even kill a Divine King expert. And now will be the time his third formation to shine, the Cyan Light Arhat Formation!

This Cyan Light Arhat Formation could greatly boost the power of the Heavenly Profound Guard Formation and Thousand Killing Blades Formation effectively to the peak of their power. It was like enhancing the capability of an Early Heavenly God expert to Late Heavenly God. Only the one who experienced it would know how terrifying the growth of power was.

Dou Hongming casted the formation with profound attention. And since they chose to believe in each other,  Dou Hongming doubted that Jiang Chen would sneak up on him. This was the dignity as a formation master.

Jiang Chen possessed great confidence. The three formations seemed simple but all of them were well-arranged and closely linked with one another. Most importantly, each formation was connected perfectly, unimpeachable and flawless. The Cyan Light Arhat Formation boosted the  Heavenly Profound Earthly Formation and Thousand Killing Blades Formation to another level, which also enhanced the power of the entire formation effectively.

Jiang Chen was enlightened as he had never thought of using this method. Each formation was linked to one another and closely connected. Through the enhancement of each formation, his Little Ashura Sword Formation would definitely reach the next level.

“I have profited greatly. It seems like I still have a long way to go in discovering the mysteries of the formation.”

Jiang Chen was deeply impressed. However, the most important thing right now was to break through those three formations before defeating Dou Hongming. It would be more miserable for Dou Hongming by destroying his best piece of work rather than taking his life directly.

These three formations had created the strongest connection which Jiang Chen dared not underestimated. Most of all, Dou Hongming’s strength had reached its limits and it’s nearly exhausted after exerting the three formations. He had reached the end of his tether and became extremely weak. However, he was proud of himself and looked confident for casting such a perfect formation.

The formation of Dou Hongming looked extremely creepy. But Jiang Chen realized that this formation was way better than his formation. He was turning the complexity to simplicity while Dou Hongming was making his formation become complicated. One became two, two became three and three became the entire universe. Jiang Chen had to admit that he was inferior to Dou Hongming in terms of formation. Dou Hongming’s techniques in formation were remarkable and impressive, even his Martial Divine Tool was incomparable to the formation.

It was impossible for Jiang Chen to learn these skills in formation even if his learning ability was great. But this formation remained etched deeply in his heart with an indelible impression. Dou Hongming was not an ordinary person.

From the beginning, Jiang Chen was planning to explore and observe the way Dou Hongming created a formation. It proved worth it and he’s delighted even though he sunk deeply in the formation at the moment.

Everyone was stunned as they had never expected Jiang Chen would feel impressed with Dou Hongming’s remarkable formation techniques.

“It’s such an outstanding skill. It seems like this formation’s techniques are complicated.”

Jiang Chen looked at Dou Hongming with a smile.

Dou Hongming’s face changed colour and he then said with a deep voice:

“Break this formation before you ask that. Humph. You’re not entitled to know my skills.”

Dou Hongming felt a slight tremble in his heart. Jiang Chen was truly sharp-eyed to realize that his formation techniques were out of the ordinary. Even Xue Jia, a Divine King expert, could not spot the peculiarities of his formation, but this guy was able to see everything at a glance.

“I am getting more curious.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile.

“It seems like you’re overconfident. I have heard that this master is like a Divine King in the Tian Qi Mountain Range and he has defeated countless enemies through his formation. The lord of the Eight Lineages Silver River, Xue Jia, made an alliance with him to build the Eight Lineages Silver River a long time ago. Even though his strength is inferior to a Divine King, it will be extremely difficult for Xue Jia to own the name of the lord of Eight Lineages Silver River by his own. This master has been known as one of the heroes in Eight Lineages Silver River and his strength is just unfathomable.”

Li Lei could not help heaving a sigh. It proved that Jiang Chen was just overconfident by entering Dou Hongming’s formation on his own. It could be difficult for a master of formation to kill him but it would be extremely easy to trap him instead. Not to mention a master who was extraordinarily strong and dangerous.

“I have heard of this. But all of these are just a rumour. I am afraid Jiang Chen had fallen right into his trap.”

She Zhen took on a ghastly expression and looked anxious. Jiang Chen had already become the eye of the formation. Dou Hongming was giving Jiang Chen a taste of his own medicine by making him enter the trap on his own. She Zhen and the others looked extremely worried.

“The formation is already formed. Try to break it now.”

Dou Hongming fixed his eyes on Jiang Chen, treating him like an idiot.

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