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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2567

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“Who can stop me from doing whatever I want? Hahaha.”

Jiang Chen raised up his sword and asked. Even the four Half-step Divine Kings were terrified and they were killed under his sword. 

Right now, the two thousand Late Heavenly God beasts were all eliminated by Jiang Chen. Half of the glacier in Eight Lineages Silver River was stained by blood. Cold wind blew through the wilderness but it could not stop the blood from freezing. On the glacier, Jiang Chen looked very overbearing and he pointed his sword to the sky. However, his gaze had actually fallen on Xue Ying. 

At the moment, Xue Ying trembled in fear and kept taking steps backwards. Jiang Chen had made him learn what fear truly was.

Although Xue Jia had the upper hand in the battle with the Old Toad, he actually could not control the entire situation. The Old Toad was extraordinarily ferocious and his strength was out of Xue Jia’s expectation. 

In a blink of an eye, Jiang Chen managed to kill two thousand Late Heavenly Gods and this had really shocked Xue Jia. And now, Jiang Chen targeted Xue Ying again.

“Where is Dou Hongming?” Xue Jia shouted. 

Suddenly, a white figure appeared above the void. His cultivation realm was very powerful and it’s even more powerful that Xue Ying who was a Half-step Divine King. He was like the old gibbon whose cultivation realm was between Divine King Realm and Half-step Divine King Realm. 

“Teacher Dou, I am helpless today. Eight Lineages Silver River is facing a crisis now. I wish that teacher could help protect my son.”

Xue Jia looked at the white-clothed elder and said solemnly. 

The white-clothed elder looked dignified and his face was filled with a cold aura. He did not show any respect despite he’s in front of Xue Jia. His arrival had made many people doubt. It’s hard to believe that there’s such a formidable expert in the Eight Lineages Silver River.

“I have my own way. Young master would definitely be safe.”

The white-clothed elder’s words had managed to calm Xue Jia down. Since he had said so, it would definitely be fine. This man was the true expert of Eight Lineages Silver River as he was the one who set up the Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation.

“Alright, I’ll leave my son to Teacher Dou then.”

Xue Jia was at ease now and he could finally fight the Old Toad with all of his mind. 

The Old Toad had never anticipated this as well. Jiang Chen had gone through all the obstacles and swept across the enemy invincibly. Two thousand beasts were all killed in his hand. How insane and arrogant was this? 

“Young lad, I have really underestimated you. I will not spare this Xue Jia as well now. Hahaha.”

“You should worry about yourself first. Since Teacher Dou is here, I will not worry anymore. You’re going to die in this battle.”

Xue Jia roared in rage. Two formidable Divine Kings crashed into each other again.

Jiang Chen looked at the white-clothed elder and saw that his eyes were filled with towering fighting spirit. It seemed like even if there was a Heavenly God descending from heaven, he would not retreat himself. 

“You are strong, but only until this level.”

Dou Hongming said faintly. 

“Really? How would you know if you don’t try to take action?”

Jiang Chen smiled faintly and he looked calm. Right now he had become the most dreadful existence in the entire Eight Lineages Silver River.

“Such a talented young man. However, your life will end here. Although you have defeated so many beasts, you are still rubbish.”

Dou Hongming despised Jiang Chen. 

“I am going to make you rest today, old man.”

Jiang Chen and Dou Hongming went against each other as if the needle was against the awn of grain, none of them were willing to be the inferior one.

“Don’t talk so much. You know nothing about respecting elders. I’m gonna show you my attacks.”

Dou Hongming suppressed his breath for a second. He knew that Jiang Chen was not weak, that’s why he did not underestimate him. He casted a spiritual stone that was then thrown towards Jiang Chen. In a flash, Jiang Chen immediately took up his guard, forming up the Five Elemental Trigram Fire Formation around him.

Dou Hongming was surprised and looked at Jiang Chen.

“Unexpectedly, you also know formation, don’t you? Interesting. Interesting.” 

In a moment, Dou Hongming casted another formation while stepping out dragon-tiger steps. Each of his steps spinned the universe around. A battle formation was formed up by him immediately. Jiang Chen squinted his eyes as he knew that this formation was indeed quite powerful. However, this formation was not enough to overcome Jiang Chen and it could not even break his Five Elemental Trigram Fire Formation. 

As he expected, Dou Hongming’s battle formation was unable to shatter the defense of the Five Elemental Trigram Fire Formation. The rays of light that struck against the Five Elemental Trigram Fire Formation were like stones hitting on water that caused no damage at all.

Dou Hongming smiled coldly and said:

“It’s out of my expectation that you really have some tricks to set up such a formation. It’s quite surprising.” 

“I am also quite surprised that you’re actually this weak. How come you’re still able to brag about your skill with such a weak trick? You can’t even break out the most basic formation that I have casted.” 

Jiang Chen mocked and laughed.

“Alright, since you are also a master of formation. How about each of us set up three different formations? If you manage to break out my formation, I will surrender myself. If you can’t, then you have no way to withdraw yourself.”

Obviously, Dou Hongming wanted to compete with Jiang Chen in terms of formation. This was the most common way of competition among formation masters. Setting up a dreadful formation and breaking out the formation were an exciting thing to them. Hence, Dou Hongming, who was a formation geek, wanted to compete against Jiang Chen with formation.

“Are you sure that you want to compete with formation?”

Jiang Chen was thrilled in his heart. I mastered the Non-beginning Formation and more than ten thousand kinds of formations. Any kind of formation was just a piece of cake to him. Even though there might be a formation that he could not set up due to insufficient strength, it was not a hard thing for him to break out of any kind of formation. How formidable would a formation master that was under Divine King Realm be?

Those who were under Divine King Realm would not be able to set up most of the higher level formation. Who would dare to call themselves a formation master if they had not reached the Divine King Realm? Building up a strong foundation of a formation required a high amount of strength. Only those that had reached a certain realm would be able to play around with the formation. The real formation master could simply come up with a strong formation foundation effortlessly. Formation casters would only be qualified as Masters when they reached Hierarch Realm. 

“Don’t you dare?”

Dou Hongming said in a strange tone then he gave Jiang Chen a contemptuous glance. Such a young man who had not even reached Half-step Divine King Realm said that he did not have the qualification to brag about himself. 

Moreover, in terms of formation, Dou Hongming was not afraid of anyone who was about his realm. He came from a formation family, if he did not have such confidence to compete, how was he going to reign in the Divine World? 

“Why not? I believe that a formation master will not care about those little tricks. I wait for your formation. If I manage to break them out, that means you’re close to death.”

Jiang Chen was very confident. 

“Same goes to you if you failed to do so.”

Dou Hongming snorted coldly. He knew very well his own skill. If he had enough time to set up a formation, even Divine Kings would be trapped in his formation. 

This young guy was too conceited. He sounded so confident but it was actually the beginning of his nightmare.

When competing with formation, of course he would cast his trump card. If he lost in the battle, he would definitely be killed by Jiang Chen after using up all of his strength in setting up the formation. However, if Jiang Chen was unable to break out his formation, he would also be trapped to death! 

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