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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2566

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“Jiang Chen is going to be in trouble this time. It’s dangerous.”

Li Lei said. 

“Yea, even without the Half-step Divine Kings monsters, the hundreds and thousands of Late Heavenly Gods experts could devour him immediately.”

She Zhen was worried.

“I don’t know what the others think, but Jiang Chen saved us from predicament before. How are we going to just watch this happen and do nothing about it? I, Li Peng, do not do the things that cowards do. If one has to be so timid for his whole life and dies he wasted his life. Even if I’ll die, I will let the world know that I am not a coward who is afraid of death.  I am indebted to Jiang Chen. I will not leave any regrets in the battle.”

Li Peng was the first one who crashed into the battlefield while the remaining human cultivators who were saved by Jiang Chen remained silent. After a while, however, eighty percent of them chose to follow after Li Peng. 

Not everyone had the same conscience as they did. Even though they knew they were going to be defeated, they still went to the battlefield with courage. However, everyone had different aspirations and no one should be forced. 

“Alright. I won’t leave any regret as well if I have so many brothers with me to save Jiang Chen. Hahaha.”

Li Peng and Li Lei took the lead while She Zhen and the others followed behind them. She Xinying wanted to be part of them but she was stopped by She Zhen.

“Liu Xingjun, She Lan Escort has been treating you well. If you still think that I am your senior, help me look after Xin Ying. If you have the chance, help me bring her out of the Tian Qi Mountain Range. Both of you should not be here.”

She Zhen stopped She Xinying who really wanted to join. If she really joined the battle, she would definitely die in the chaos!”


Liu Xingjun did not say much. At the moment, he obviously joined the others who chose to leave the place. Xinying’s eyes were filled with tears and even she could not help biting her lips, making it bleed. She knew that not many of them would be able to survive. Perhaps they were just like flying moths that darted into the fire right now.

However, She Zhen and others were still determined to follow after Jiang Chen. It was a kind of faith and they were not afraid of death at all.

Jiang Chen looked at the hundred people who followed after him. He could not help but have an overflowing smile. But it’s enough to have you guys.

“Li Lei, Li Peng, bring everyone here back. Today, I am going to fight the Eight Lineages Silver River alone!”

Jiang Chen’s words stunned everyone for a while and they took a cold breath in. They thought that Jiang Chen had gone completely insane and he was going to send himself to death. However, his arrogant side also showed his determination.

“Jiang Chen, but……”

Li Lei fell into hesitation. 

“Don’t talk so much. Get out of  Eight Lineages Silver River. I am here to save you so that you can live well, instead of going into another crisis. No one will be able to stop me if I want to get out of here.”

Jiang Chen said with a cold smile. At that moment, Li Lei was stunned for a moment. Jiang Chen’s arrogance was really impressive. “No one will be able to stop me if I want to get out of here”, these were the words that made Li Lei completely trust Jiang Chen.

“Since you insist so, then we are going to observe the situation before taking any action.”

Li Lei stopped everyone. Jiang Chen stood on the glacier alone as the freezing winds were blowing strongly. 

The two thousand Late Heavenly God experts were like sharp blades that crashed toward their enemy.

Jiang Chen was fearless. What could the two thousand Heavenly God experts do to him? His aura was terrifying and it was something Li Lei and the others would never have in their life.

Despite facing death, Jiang Chen still remained composed and relaxed. Who could be like him?

“Let the storm come even more fiercely now.”

Jiang Chen stood with his sword. He faced two thousand people in his lonesome and the scene looked like a huge contrast. Everyone was so nervous while watching the situation on the glacier. Even Yan Qingcheng could not help but break out in a cold sweat for Jiang Chen.

“Are you really that confident or are you just not afraid of death?”

Yan Qingcheng murmured. Not knowing why, she started worrying about Jiang Chen at the moment. She wished that he would survive the battle against the two thousand people and he could stand out like a comet to be the real king!

“Idiot. Even if you were a Divine King, you would die in the face of two thousand Late Heavenly Gods.”

Xue Ying’s eyes looked extremely gloomy.  

Jiang Chen had actually announced his own death when he chose to fight two thousand experts face-to-face.

However, was the truth really like that?

Everyone zeroed-on at the battle scene. Jiang Chen’s eyesight was sharp and his Heavenly Dragon Sword was like a shooting star shuttering through the glacier. His figure stood in pride and he fought the two thousand experts fiercely.

Sword shadows passed through speedily, making Jiang Chen look like an immortal War God fighting fiercely on the battlefield. More and more figures fell down on the glacier and they never stood up again. The wide glacier was all stained by fresh blood. Jiang Chen was like a reaper sweeping across his opponents invincibly! 

Jiang Chen looked ruthless, the hundred and thousands of Heavenly God beasts were actually nothing to him. They posed no challenge at all to him. On the other hand, two thousand Heavenly God beast spirits might be enough for him to make a breakthrough in his cultivation realm.

Jiang Chen was killing them in all directions with his Heavenly Dragon Sword. In a flash, three hundred experts were killed and the glacier was stained with their blood. Xue Ying was slightly shocked because Jiang Chen was indeed too insane. Each of his sword strikes was able to kill one person and he showed no mercy at all!   

Everyone was dumbstruck at Jiang Chen’s killing intent, it was irresistible. Two thousand Late Heavenly Gods so what?

“This guy is indeed an unparalleled god of death.”

“It’s terrifying, is he a human?”

“No, he’s not. He is a demon. A demon that harvests life.”

Jiang Chen had no hesitation at all. She Zhen, Li Lei and the others were completely stunned. Jiang Chen indeed had such competence; he was not being blindly confident or conceited at all.

“I don’t believe that your energy is unlimited. The two thousand people would definitely exhaust you.”

Xue Jing said with a deep voice, but he did not feel good actually.

Time has passed but Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Dragon Sword was still formidable. On the other hand, half of the beasts had already passed away. Those who are still alive were terrified as death just happened in a sword strike for their comrades. Jiang Chen had become more and more courageous in the battle and he did not show any sign of being exhausted. In contrast, those Late Heavenly God beasts had fallen into chaos as they were not a battle machine but lives. They were also a group of living beings that played a crucial part in Eight Lineages Silver River.

Jiang Chen’s battling intent had indeed made many people horrified. How could he explain this kind of intent to others?

“You’re really a lunatic.” 

Yan Qingcheng was very curious about Jiang Chen now while she was also filled with admiration for him. He was indeed a reaper that took lives away.

Jiang Chen’s sword was invincible and became every beast’s nightmare. However, they did not have any choice because if they chose to retreat themselve, Eight Lineages Silver River would be their graveyard.

After an hour, Jiang Chen had killed more than one thousand and eight hundred Heavenly God Realm beasts. He was no longer a human but a God of Killing in everyone’s eyes. 

His clothes were not stained by blood at all and his sword did not show any mercy. At the moment, Jiang Chen’s battling intent had become more and more intense. 

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