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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2563

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“The stupid is always fearless. Hahaha. Let me show you the power of this Silver Snowflakes Spear. I think you can’t ever resist the light of the spear.”

After taking a step forward, Xue Ying soared up into the sky. The brilliance of the light was spreading all over the sky like a silver dragon diving into the sea and flying in the sky. The Silver Snowflakes Spear was certainly worthy of its reputation.

“A spear strike to restore peace!!”

Xue Ying was invincible and overbearing. The spear had turned into thousands of lights and everyone thought that it would be strong enough to defeat Jiang Chen.

Unfortunately, all of them were proven wrong as Jiang Chen was extraordinarily strong. With the Dragon Transformation, he was like an invincible War God who could remain unmoved even if he was attacked from all directions.

Although the Silver Snowflakes Spear was mightily strong, the Heavenly Dragon Sword in Jiang Chen’s hand was not an ordinary weapon as well. The Silver Snowflake Spear would’ve had an advantage if faced with another weapon. However, the Silver Spear lost the initiative in front of Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Dragon Sword. The Heavenly Dragon Sword was able to resist the Silver Snowflake Spear’s attacks with ease, making it lose its dignity as a Heavenly Divine Tool. Even Xue Ying could hardly believe what happened. The Heavenly Dragon Sword was an unbeatable rival for the Silver Snowflake Spear, it was inevitable.

With hundreds feet high of light breaking through the sky, it was supposed to conquer the world easily. However, Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Dragon Sword had made every divine tool become some normal weapon.

In fact, the Silver Snowflakes Spear was not weak, it was just that the Heavenly Dragon Sword was exceedingly strong. Even though the Silver Snowflakes Spear was attacking Jiang Chen in all directions, it was still incomparable with the mightiness of the Heavenly Dragon Sword.

Jiang Chen approached Xue Ying once again. Xue Ying was pierced with the Silver Snowflakes Spear in all directions and, as an answer, Jiang Chen exerted the Great Void Technique and transformed into nine shadows. It was impossible for Xue Ying to chase after him. Both of them clashed constantly. Xue Ying’s Silver Snowflakes Spear which was known as one of the most invincible Divine Tools was defeated in the battle. It made Xue Ying sink in despair and depressed as he realized that he failed to inherit his father’s overbearingness. Not only that, he was defeated by Jiang Chen again and again. The Silver Snowflake Spear did not manage to make a turnaround at all, Jiang Chen held his sword as he soared up in the sky.

Xue Ying fixed his eyes at Jiang Chen and smiled coldly. Jiang Chen was approaching slowly and forcing him back. After three strong dreadful blows, the Silver Snowflakes Spear could not resist the Sword of Solitude eventually. Xue Ying was completely immersed into despair and fear when Jiang Chen breathed down his neck. After clashing several times, Xue Yingwas was near the point of breakdown. His purlicue was wounded and covered in blood.

“That sword is truly strong.”

Yan Qingcheng stared at Jiang Chen and murmured. It seemed like this guy could not be treated lightly as he was way stronger than Xue Ying.

Xue Ying had his back to the wall and stood at death’s door at the moment. The young master of Eight Lineages Silver River was knocked down in his own place. It made everyone feel extremely ashamed and disappointed.

“Please save me, dad……”

Xue Ying looked pale and the color left his face. He cried out hysterically and sought help which startled Jiang Chen. It seemed like Xue Ying was experiencing a mental breakdown.

“How dare you!”

An ear-splitting roar reverberated in the air, everyone on the Eight Lineages Silver River was astonished after hearing the roar. Their hearts were trembling violently as they had already known that this person who showed up would be Xue Ying’s father without a doubt.

Jiang Chen stepped backward. He was forced to step back several miles by the horrifying aura and his blood was racing. It was unbelievable that that person had such a terrible power, everyone was shocked with his powerful strike.

A Divine King Realm expert, he certainly deserved the fame.

“Is he the lord of the Eight Lineages Silver River?”

Jiang Chen narrowed his eyes. An overbearing middle-aged man, who was dressed in white with white hair and brows, appeared in front of Xue Ying. At that moment, everyone bowed down before him.

“Greetings to our lord of the river! We wish you with the best blessing, may your fortune be as boundless as heaven.”

The voice was echoing through the void continuously, it was magnificent and overwhelming.

A thin white-clothed middle-aged man stood on the silver mountain range like a gust of wind. His eyes looked extremely cold which seemed like it could pierced through people’s hearts. He turned his back slowly and glanced at Jiang Chen. At that moment, Jiang Chen could feel that his entire body was totally frozen. This man was formidable, he could even be compared with Di Longqing of the Linhe Boundary and Master Luo of Battle Sect. His terrifying aura had swept over the entire Eight Lineages Silver River and Jiang Chen could feel that he was totally constrained by a dreadful power of sealing.

There was a huge difference between the Divine Kings and Heavenly Gods. However, you would only find out how terrible the Divine King experts were once you got the opportunity to fight against them.

Everyone on the Eight Lineages Silver River knelt down and worshiped him, showing extreme respect to the master of Eight Lineages Silver River. It showed the mightiness of their master in their heart. But it was hard to differentiate whether he was awe-inspiring or frightening for them.

Jiang Chen was standing calmly, they looked at each other’s eyes. He still looked fearless and both of them refused to bow their head. Even though Jiang Chen’s strength was incomparable with the Divine King Realm, he could stir a storm and shock the universe by his own strength which could astonish everyone.

“How dare you gaze at me directly? An ordinary person, even a Half-step Divine King, does not have the guts to do so.”

Xue Jia said coldly, he looked overbearing like a mighty strong god. His eyes were filled with terrible killing intent which made everyone shudder.

“Why not? I believe that it will not be easy for you to kill me.”

Jiang Chen laughed confidently while Xue Jia narrowed his eyes.  It seemed like this guy was truly strong and arrogant. Unfortunately, those who were overconfident and arrogant tend to die early. Moreover, the one who he offended was the master of Eight Lineages Silver River. Xue Jia would have given this lad  lessons earlier if he was not at a critical part of his seclusion. If Xue Ying did not seek his help, he would just continue his seclusion.

“Do you think that you could leave here alive?”

Xue Jia was annoyed with Jiang Chen’s overconfidence, he retorted and shook his head with a slight smile.

“Since you’re here, I am not going to spare your life.”

A smile overspread Jiang Chen’s face.

“Hahahaha. You’re really ridiculous, you’re not going to spare my life. You’re just being too confident. In the past thousands of years since Eight Lineages Silver River was built, it is the first time I heard someone say he is not going to spare my life.”

Xue Jia looked calm and arrogant. As a Divine King expert, he would not be easily enraged by Jiang Chen.

“What’s making him so confident? Why don’t he run when the master of Eight Lineages Silver River is here now? It’s really impressive to see him talking nonsense here.”

“Is he really going to fight toe to toe with a Divine King? Even though he successfully made a Half-step Divine King retreat, it would be crying for the moon if he hoped to fight against the Divine King, right?”

“It seems like he is at the death’s door now.”

Everyone was praying silently for Jiang Chen. They believed that his death was merely a matter of time since he had already offended a Divine King, the master of the Eight Lineages Silver River.

“He’s such a foolish guy.”

Yan Qingcheng smiled slightly. Jiang Chen was staring at her thoughtfully. He had infected her with his sweet charming smile.

“I am being foolish, just for you.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile. Everyone’s jaw dropped, they were stunned! It was hard to believe that he could still make those lover’s prattle when he was on the eve of death.

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