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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2562

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“You’re such a despicable guy. The Eight Lineages Silver River is not a place that will allow you to run wild!”

Xue Ying took the lead, stepping on the snowy mountains and frozen rivers. He was determined to have a toe-to-toe battle with Jiang Chen.

Xue Ying held his weapon—theSurging Heaven Hammer—and roared so loud that it could pierce one’s ear. The wind was howling angrily when the overbearingly huge hammer fell from the sky. It was falling out of the sky and surging forward like mountains and seas.

Jiang Chen looked dignified and serious. He was holding the Heavenly Dragon Sword in his hand, wielding it as he soared into the sky. The sky was lit up, sword’s rays shone in all directions. The intense battle between Xue Ying and Jiang Chen shocked the nine heavens. The ferocity of the hammer intermingled continuously with the aggressiveness of the sword. It made Jiang Chen grow stronger in strength. The roaring Heavenly Dragon Sword was devouring the universe while the howling of the dragon and tiger frightened the whole universe.

“This guy is really strong. Is he really just a Mid Heavenly God?”

“I guess Xue Ying got into trouble now. But the old lord still hasn’t taken any action yet and there are more strong experts like Xue Ying in the Eight Lineages Silver River.”

“It is going to take all the fun out of it. Isn’t it ridiculous that a young master who has a good reputation is beaten hollow during his wedding day? “

There was a large crowd of spectators complaining about the battle. The shadow of Jiang Chen and Xue Ying was crossing constantly while the hammer and sword kept colliding. The battle continued for a long time and neither of them could gain the upper hand as both of them were almost equal in strength.

The glacier and the rift valley was covered with frosty dust from the falling snow. The eight mountain range was trembling with shock.

“He is the true young master of the Eight Lineages Silver River. It seems like he is still capable of doing this.”

Jiang Chen gave a slight smile and glanced at Yan Qingcheng. And it was obvious that Yan Qingcheng was attracted by Jiang Chen. But it was just a little interest, it was nothing like love.

Jiang Chen did not care about it at all. Since he made up his mind to start all over again, he would make a spectacle of himself in front of the person that he love. Moreover, it would not be easy for Xue Ying to defeat him after all.

“It is lucky that you knew about it. Perhaps I will consider making you die in peace if you drop your knee and beg me now. Or else, I will definitely make you torn apart and die miserably.”

Xue Ying said softly.

“Your strength is just ordinary but you’re bluffing and boasting as if you are an expert.”

Jiang Chen said it without any facial expression.

“Kid, I will make you die miserably. I promise.”

Xue Ying was enraged by Jiang Chen. Both of them crossed their weapon once again. There were hundreds of feet high of sword’s light sweeping through the mountain, the shattering of the glacier was deafening while the avalanche was pouring down for a hundred miles and the place was nearly devastated.

The wind and snowflakes were filling the sky, which was overwhelming and breathtaking. However, every blow was challenging Xue Ying’s limits which made him feel frightened because he’s repulsed again and again.

But Xue Ying refused to give up. He swung his mighty harm down and the entire world was trembling violently. Jiang Chen had successfully escaped from his onslaught and immersed himself in the intense battle.

“It’s enough. It’s time to go back home, my girl.”

Jiang Chen smiled coldly, looking sharply. Under the Dragon’s Transformation, his power was boosted once again and his body had reached the Half-Step Divine King Realm. He swept through the place, breaking through the void with his sword and towering over Xue Ying. At the moment, the spectators had finally understood that Jiang Chen was irresistible and unbeatable. He wielded his sword toward Xue Ying’s crown and the latter looked utterly confused with dishevelled hair. Jiang Chen’s strong blows made Xue Ying drawback constantly, he still had the glitters that Jiang Chen’s sword was wielding over his head.

“This guy is truly a monster.”

“You’re right. Now only I realized the reason that he was so arrogant. This lady is not an ordinary person either. If she is really his bride, it will be a life or death battle with Xue Ying.”

“Eight Lineages Silver River will not be defeated easily.”

Xue Ying was being beaten up helplessly under the mighty Heavenly God Sword’s Solitude, staggered and retreated.

“Did he just eat something? Why did he suddenly become so strong?”

Xue Ying looked ghastly white. Under Jiang Chen’s ferocious attacks, he had lost his initiative to attack. Even though he was the young master of the Eight Lineages Silver River, no one was shielding him or having his back. So he was destined to lose in this life or death battle.

Jiang Chen was unbeatable and overwhelming like an overbearing battle god. Xue Ying failed to resist his attacks at all. It sounded ridiculous to call Xue Ying Invincible under the Divine King realm at the moment.

Jiang Chen was stepping on the snow in the teeth of wind. JHe was hitting Xue Ying constantly and the latter was unable to escape. The continuous attack eventually broke Xue Ying’s last defence. He used to be the pride of the Eight Lineages Silver River but he had become a standing joke after he was defeated.

Xue Ying’s face was growing gloomy and his blood reddened the ice field. He was holding a silver spear with his shaking hand. The silver spear which looked extremely terrifying had made everyone draw a deep breath. 

“This spear is dreadful.”

Jiang Chen narrowed his eyes. This silver spear was a treasure, a supreme-grade Divine Tool which was different from normal Divine Tools. The silver spear that Xue Ying was holding tightly was emitting a kind of strong and forceful aura. There was a gleam of creepy cold light.

“I told you, right? Xue Ying will not be defeated easily like that, he just hasn’t shown his ultimate killing weapon.”

“That’s the Silver Snowflake Spear. That spear is the ultimate Heavenly Divine Tool of the old master. No wonder Xue Ying called himself invincible under the Divine King realm, he just told us the reason. Haha.”

“Thousand years ago, this Silver Snowflake Spear was used to fight against countless strong experts in Tian Qi Mountain Range. Everyone is trembling in fear upon hearing about the silver spear. And that’s how the old master gained his great reputation in the Tian Qi Mountain Range.”

“I am just wondering if the young master could exert the Silver Snowflake Spear’s power to the fullest.”

The Silver Snowflake Spear gained everyone’s attention; its power was highly anticipated. This Silver Snowflake Spear was the pride of the Eight Lineages Silver River.

The old master was formidable with this Silver Snowflake Spear and Xue Ying got it in his hands now. However, it was still unknown whether it could regain its good name once again.

“It’s truly a treasured Divine Spear.”

Jiang Chen was impressed. If the Silver Snowflake Spear fell into his hands, he could include it into his Little Ashura Sword Formation. If he was able to do so, the killing ability of the Little Ashura Sword Formation could be boosted. This supreme-graded Divine Tool would be way stronger than two Surging Heaven Hammer.

At the moment, Jiang Chen was only able to produce a Supreme Divine Tool on his own. It would not be easy to make a Heavenly Divine Tool. So, this kind of Heavenly Divine Tool was really precious to him.

“It’s good that you know that well. This is known as Silver Snowflake Spear, which is strong enough to kill you.”

Xue Ying glanced at Jiang Chen again, full of killing intent. Jiang Chen had made him suffer terribly just now, so it was the time to take his life in one blow.

“Your  spear looks good. I will take it.”

Jiang Chen said it with confidence and certainty. He was determined to kill Xue Ying at the moment.

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