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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2561

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“I only marry a reliable man.”

Yan Qingcheng smiled, making Xue Ying indulge in her words. 

“In Eight Lineages Silver River, there’s no one whom I am afraid of.” 

Xue Ying looked at the sky in pride. Of course, his Divine King father was the exception.

“You don’t deserve to stand next to Qingcheng. You’re the next one to die.”

Jiang Chen could see that Yan Qingcheng’s eyes were not only filled with coldness but also disdain. Yes! It’s a sense of disdain to Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen could feel that right now, Qingcheng was not the lady who needed his protection any more. Her cultivation realm must be high as well.

“Don’t be so arrogant. Since my great guardian has been defeated, I am going to deal with you myself.”

Xue Ying hated Jiang Chen to the core as Jiang Chen had embarrassed the Eight Lineages Silver River. Right now, Jiang Chen even dared to challenge him so he would not let this kid leave this place alive.

How could a Middle Heavenly God turn things around? At this particular moment, Xue Ying must showcase his formidableness in front of Yan Qingcheng.

In front of a beauty, a hero is never afraid of anything. 

“I will wait for your victory.”

Yan Qingcheng looked at Xue ying while her eyes showed some kind of profound hint. Jiang Chen did not know what Yan Qingcheng was thinking, however,  he knew that she must be planning something in the dark. Although she had lost her past memory, she did not look that naive and simple now.

“Sometimes women are even scarier than men, especially beautiful women.”

Jiang Chen thought as he felt that Yan Qingcheng was very different from how she was in the past.

“He really doesn’t know what is life and death. He must be bored of living, that was why he dared to challenge the young master of Eight Lineages Silver River. Sigh.”

Liu Xingjun said with his curled up lips. He was the typical type of man who loved to watch drama happen. However, he had completely forgotten that Jiang Chen was the one who had once saved him from death.

“What an ungrateful man. Even if Jiang Chen does not know life and death, at least he was more powerful than you. I will never forget your ulgy face when we were in prison. Our She Lan Escort doesn’t welcome you.” 

She Xinying glared at Liu Xingjun as she found his behaviour and attitude unacceptable. 

“It’s okay, everyone has their own aspiration.” 

She Zhen sighed and waved his hand to signal She Xinying not to embarrass Liu Xingjun anymore. It’s because he was also completely disappointed in Liu Xingjun.

“That’s right, coward. What a coward. Do you ever dare to face the young master of Eight Lineages Silver River?”

At the moment, Li Peng who is next to Liu Xingjun said that.

“Who is this coward you are talking about?”

Liu Xingjun was outraged but he was stopped by She Zhen. Obviously, it was just a piece of cake for Li Peng to kill Liu Xingjun with his high cultivation realm. Even She Zhen was not a match to Liu Xingjun. 

“Shen Zhen of the She Lan Escort, we have met each other once before. Jiang Chen has saved us before. However, someone here doesn’t only know nothing about repaying kindness, he even kept talking nonsense. I think Brother She should not share the same value with him right?”

Li Lei took a step forward with his mighty aura. Both of them were very strong and even She Zhen was not a match for them. Liu Xingjun was terrified; he looked pale and he did not dare to say anything again.

“I wish that Jiang Chen has his way out because he doesn’t look like a reckless man.”

She Zhen said with a low voice.

“We believe so. He definitely is not a reckless man. In order to save you all, he dared to take the risk to face such a crisis. It’s really admirable.” 

Li Lei said earnestly as he really respected Jiang Chen.

The battle between Jiang Chen and Xue Ying was going to erupt soon. In an instant, a great battle would outbreak.  

“Death is near you. You should know your current situation. How dare you, a nobody, make a mess at my Eight Lineages Silver River. Go die!”

Xue Ying stepped on the void and came face to face with Jiang Chen. His eyes looked ruthless and his terrifying aura spread across the entire Eight Lineages Silver River. Since this was his own domain, he found Jiang Chen’s action no different from courting death.

Xue Ying was talented since he was young and he was skillful. His body was close to the Divine Beast that he inherited from his father. That was why his father was the most formidable beast in the entire Tian Qi Mountain Range and the lord of the Eight Lineages Silver River.

“This guy will have no way to run away anymore as the young master himself took action. It’s going to be a drama. How dare he go against the Eight Lineages Silver River?”

“Yea! Even a Divine King expert might not have much chance of winning against the Eight Lineages Silver River. The lord of the Eight Lineages Silver River is so overbearing.”

“This is going to be a ridiculous show. Hahaha.”

There were some people thrilled while some were depressed. Some of them did not know Jiang Chen’s capability, so they were only interested in the ending of this show. Those who were saved by Jiang Chen before were outraged. More than a hundred experts wished to give Jiang Chen a hand in the coming battle. If they changed their mind right now, they might become Eight Lineages Silver River’s prisoners again. They were now facing the decision that would determine their life and death.

“If we take the chance to run away, how are we going to face our conscience?”

“You’re right. Although we have just met for a short while, he has saved us before. Even if he is conceited, he did this out of getting back his wife. There’s no reason for us to stand aside and do nothing.”

“It’s not a good thing to Jiang Chen if we take action now. I have a suggestion, if Jiang Chen is unable to overcome the enemy, let’s not hesitate and crash into the battlefield. I don’t believe that they would be able to overcome so many of us. We were supposed to die early if Jiang Chen did not save us. How are we going to face our conscience if we just run away at this moment”

“Hahaha. Well said. Being a human, we have the conscience the beasts don’t have. If we don’t live for our conscience, we are no different from beasts and monsters.” 

Li Peng laughed out loud and said. What he said managed to arouse many’s hearts and hundreds of eyes were now gazing on Jiang Chen and Xue Ying. Who’s going to be the winner?

Jiang Chen stared at Yan Qingcheng; he did not care about Xue Ying at all because his strength was almost similar to Yuan Fengchen. Why would he care about him? What he cared the most was Yan Qingcheng. Jiang Chen did not know what she had been suffering.

Jiang Chen had never heard of her after bidding goodbye in the Immortal World. Right now they managed to meet each other again in the Divine World. Of course, he was unwilling to see Yan Qingcheng to be left alone again. Being her man, he would not want to let her suffer anymore. 

“This battle is only for you!”

Jiang Chen said while looking at Yan Qingcheng. If you really have lost your memory, then I am going to be your memory from this moment onwards. If you couldn’t recall back those moments in the past, I am going to pursue you and let you fall in love with me. 

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