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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2559

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Jiang Chen must take her with him. It doesn’t matter if Qiancheng knew him or not. 

Unless, she really liked that young lord of the Eight Lineages Silver River, but that’s impossible. Jiang Chen believed in Yan Qingcheng. 

“Why? Got shocked by our young lady? Not just you, the whole Tianqi Mountain Range is shocked. Because our young lady is one of a kind.” Yuan Fengchen said indifferently. 

Obviously, he did not go any further, he was an expert with principle. 

“You’re right, but it’s a pity that she isn’t your young lord’s woman.” Jiang Chen glanced at Yuan Fengchen and said coldly. 

Yuan Fengchen was stunned as Jiang Chen flew towards the sky like a meteor with great speed. Yuan Fengchen did not expect him to be this fast, to travel a dozen li in such a short moment. Yuan Fengchen couldn’t catch up to where Jiang Chen was going when he used the Great Void Technique.

“So fast!” 

Jiang Chen stood proudly in the sky like a peerless battle god, arriving on top of the Eight Lineages Silver River. Everyone looked up towards his sudden arrival because the Eight Lineages Silver River prohibits flying. Moreover, it was extremely difficult to fly in such a harsh environment.   

Everyone was surprised, shocked and curious by Jiang Chen’s appearance. A Mid Heavenly God fella dared to stand on top of the skies of the Eight Lineages Silver River, making everyone look up to him as if he’s courting death. 

“Release her, otherwise, I’ll level the whole Eight Lineages Silver River flat!” Jiang Chen stared at Xue Ying  coldly. 

“Who are you? You dare cause trouble at my Eight Lineages Silver River? Have you seen yourself, is this a joke?” Xue Ying’s voice was cold and murderous as he stared back at Jiang Chen. Both of them were filled with murderous intent directed at each other. 

“And who the hell are you? Do you know who she is? Wanna marry her? You’re not qualified. Because she’s my woman.” Jiang Chen said coldly. 

“Such an arrogant lad, looks like you’re here to cause trouble. Yuan Fengchen, kill that ape for me.” Xue Ying stared at Jiang Chen. 

To dare pry upon his woman… looks like this fool doesn’t know what death is. On this Eight Lineages Silver River, he’s the supreme royalty. 

“Who is he? To think he dares to trespass the Eight Lineages Silver River alone to rob the young lord’s wife? Is this real?”

“Looks like it’s an idiot. A mere Mid Heavenly God dares to cause a scene? He’ll certainly lose his life.” 

“This kind of fool will never be a match against the young lord. He’s unqualified.” 

“Really? He looks pretty serious, he doesn’t look like he’s joking. Did the young lord rob him of his love?” 

The guests discussed amongst themselves. Each having their own opinion. Jiang Chen’s presence has piqued their interest. This young lord who had invited everyone to come for his wedding day to have such a show, it truly makes one wonder… 

Especially since Jiang Chen said the wife-in-question was his woman, looks like it’s going to get spicy. 

“It’s Jiang Chen? Has he gone nuts?” She Xinying said with a  shocked expression. 

Jiang Chen suddenly came out of nowhere, what does he want to do? Did he get horny, wanting the young madame of the Eight Lineages Silver River? But that’s not right, Yu Erniang’s pretty good too. Jiang Chen was able to stay calm in front of her, now he’s this desperate, to even rob one’s wife.

“Brother Jiang, why are you doing this? Could he really be related to that woman?” She Zhen was also extremely shocked. 

“I don’t believe it.” She Xinying gritted her teeth. She cannot accept this. 

However, if that beauty was really Jiang Chen’s woman, then, She Xinying will give up. Because she couldn’t be compared against such a woman. 

Jiang Chen looked at Yan Qingcheng with a gentle gaze. But the latter just looked at him with the eyes of a stranger. Jiang Chen felt pain from his heart, a tearing pain. 

“How can this be?” 

“Who are you? Why do you say that I’m your woman?” Yan Qingcheng frowned. 

“Qian Cheng, you… have you truly forgotten?” Jiang Chen was completely stunned. 

But in the eyes of Yan Qingcheng, she couldn’t see any connections, longing, the familiarity between lovers changed into an unspeakable unknown. It wasn’t an act, could she have really lost her memories? 

“You’re not the great hero that I dreamed of marrying since I was young, nor are you a prince or an expert.” Yan Qingcheng stared at Jiang Chen. 

However, this man really gives off such a familiar feel. To crave for what he is not worthy of, yet I couldn’t speak of those words. 

Jiang Chen shook his head with a bitter laugh. 

“Yeah, I’m not a prince nor an expert,but  why did you like me?” 

In the past, Yan Qingcheng ignored the distance and pursued me, just to be by my side. Now, she’s so beautiful, graceful and talented. Whereby she left quite a gap between us. Jiang Chen thought of giving up but he knew that the current Yan Qingcheng wasn’t happy, no matter if she was being controlled or had lost her memories. He will not let her go. Just like her, not willing to let go of his arms even in the face of death. 

“Although I don’t remember who you are, I do feel a special feeling from you, making me think about you, not daring to forget you.” Yan Qingcheng murmured with a faint smile on her lips. 

This person was surely special, but she couldn’t remember, was there something special between them?

“That’s enough.” 

Jiang Chen’s heart felt much more determined. She’s his Qiancheng. 

“Since you’ve forgotten it all, it’s all well. From now on, I will pay back everything I owed you. You have pursued me back then, now I will use my own method in chasing you. To love is not to part, it’s two hearts who shall never be separated no matter how far both of them are. No matter what happens.” 

Yan Qingcheng looked at Jiang Chen with an interested gaze. 

“You’re pretty interesting.” Yan Qingcheng lightly bit her fingers. 

Countless people were shocked. Such a pretty woman. This act of robbing one’s wife is truly bold. 

“Trash, you dare try to rob Qingcheng from me, are you qualified? I will kill you off like stomping on an insect.” Xue Ying said with disdain. He wouldn’t even bother killing Jiang Chen himself.

“Trying to kill off someone just to get rid of the evidence? Robbing off one’s love, trying to eliminate evidence, she’s my woman, you’re unqualified to be with her.” Jiang Chen sneered. 

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