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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2558

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“So beautiful! The best of the best in the Divine World. I swear, I’ve never seen such a beautiful woman before.” 

“I’ve never seen such a beautiful woman before. God, this is truly an eye-opener.”

“I would certainly snatch her away right here and now if I’m strong enough. I’ll gladly die in her embrace, it would be worthy for me to die 10,000 times over for a woman like her.” 

“This is the best gift the heavens could give to the world, what do the Eight Lineages Silver River’s young lord have to marry such a beautiful woman and become his wife?”

“The young lord of the Eight Lineages Silver River is so lucky.”

At this moment, all the guests that came to the Eight Lineages Silver River to congratulate the couple felt angered by this. Xue Ying held the white-robed lady’s hand, her beauty couldn’t be blocked by a mere veil. She’s like a perfect sculpture, art, drawn by the heavens, one that could only be admired from afar and not be tarnished. 

The lady’s expression was cold, her eyes were calm with a beauty that couldn’t be blocked by a veil. Xue Ying, who was beside her, was filled with excitement and pride, who can possibly compare against him in the Eight Lineages Silver River? In this whole Tianqi Mountain Range, even the whole Qilian Region. His woman is the number one under the heavens. 

Xue Ying too did not expect to be blessed, their meeting was pretty hilarious. It should be the heroine saving the hero, but in the end, the young master of the Eight Lineages Silver River regarded her highly (TL: This is exactly what’s in the raw). Xue Ying used countless methods and schemes to have her stay in the Eight Lineages Silver River. Moreover, he wouldn’t have such happiness if it wasn’t for his father’s strength suppressing her. 

Xue Ying could care less about the views of the commoners, after all he was the future master of the Tianqi Mountain Range. He does not need to care about the bark of others. He finally got his hands on such beauty after many difficulties. I won’t complain after she becomes my official wife. Why should I care even if she rebels a hundred years later? She’ll become a mom by then. 

Countless men and demonic beasts of the Tianqi Mountain Range congratulated the happy birds. Xue Ying had become the main character on the whole mountain range, fulfilling the dreams of all men, marrying such a gorgeous woman. 

“Today, everyone is fortunate enough to come to my Eight Lineages Silver River’s great wedding, my wife and I have fulfilled the wish of everyone here. My woman is certainly the number one beauty in this world. Hahaha.” Xue Ying said with a wide smile, eyes filled with pride. Can any of you do it? No one, only me! 

Xue Ying looked at those eyes of jealousy, feeling much more delighted. He wanted to let everyone know that he’s royalty, one that no one dares to go against. He’s using this chance to let everyone know that he should become the master of the Eight Lineages Silver River.

“It’s like a beautiful flower stabbed on top of a cow dung. That beautiful woman wouldn’t have come for Xue Ying if he wasn’t the young lord of the Eight Lineages Silver River.”

“Ain’t that right, it’s truly a waste. Such a woman should only exist in the legends, that arrogant Xue Ying gives off a blasphemy feel.”

“That face of a bully, chet, if it wasn’t for his father, who would come and congratulate him? My anger came boiling at me after seeing the bride, he got it all didn’t he.”

Countless people silently discussed in private, mostly the ones who were moved by the beauty of the bride, suffocatingly beautiful. This wedding feast will truly cause many people to feel bitter. 

The winter wind blew as it brushed across that sculpture-like beauty, the veil slowly flew away and it unveiled her beauty. 

Beautiful… Gorgeous… 

Everyone looked at this scene, stunned, still as a statue, shocked by the beauty of the bride. She should be an angel, one that has fallen into this mortal realm. 

“How come I have never heard of such a beautiful woman…?” Liu Xingjun murmured. 

At this moment, he stopped running, not just him, even SHe Zhen and the others paused to have a look. Not a single man could remain calm in the face of such a woman, that was the power of the charm of one that could bring down castles and countries. 

Even She Xinying couldn’t help but sigh: 

“If I have 1/10,000 of her beauty, Jiang Chen would surely never ignore me…” She Xinying smiled bitterly as she too was immersed in the beauty of the lady. 

Jiang Chen slowly turned back and looked. At this moment, he shook as if he was struck by lightning. 

“Qian… Qiancheng… is that you?” Jiang Chen murmured. 

Yan Qiancheng, why is she here? Plus, the wife-to-be of the young lord of the Eight Lineages Silver River? Jiang Chen frowned, feeling extremely complicated. He never expected to be reunited with her in the Divine World. Moreover, at her wedding. It’s a joke, a hilarious joke, a sad joke… 

“I refuse to believe it! Qiancheng will not leave me!” Jiang Chen stared at her without blinking. 

He believed that Yan Qingcheng would never betray him, not even death would move her. It must be the scheme of the lord of the Eight Lineages Silver River. Qingcheng, you had your own difficulties, right? 

Before, Yan Qingcheng pursued Jiang Chen with a struggle, from that nameless border city without any experts towards the Immortal World’s stage. Jiang Chen was finally moved by Yan Qingcheng, her fiery love enveloped Jiang Chen wholely. 

It’s not that he doesn’t love her, he’s just worried that he couldn’t give her enough. Humans slowly pursued, crawled each and every step for the sake of immortality,  this was the least bit of promise that he could give her. 

Since one has fallen in love, there are no qualms about it. Wu Ningzhu, Yan Chenyu or Yan Qingchen, all of them were important to Jiang Chen, not one of them better than the other. They were all his true love. 

Somebody else covets my wife. Jiang Chen’s heart became ice-cold, he’ll never let this go no matter what. 

Jiang Chen never expected that the lie he simply thought of actually came true. The Eight Lineages Silver River’s young lord was actually marrying his woman. 

Honestly, it was pretty hilarious, but Jiang Chen would never allow Yan Qingcheng to marry the young lord. His original plan was to leave as soon as possible after saving the others, but now, it looks like it’s not that easy. 

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