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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2556

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“I’ll help you get your revenge. I will let that old coot of the Eight Lineages Silver River know what price he has to pay for killing my son. I’ll have him pay the price with my life on the line.” The Old Toad was fearless, even if it cost him his life. 

Jiang Chen thought, Looks like he’s not confident in defeating the lord of the Eight Lineages Silver River as he has just reached the Divine King Realm recently. 

Jiang Chen could see the hesitation in the Old Toad’s eyes. However, he decided to do so nonetheless, for the sake of his son. 

“I’ve already suspected that my son was killed by the men of the Eight Lineages Silver River. Looks like I’m right. I will have them pay the price. ” The Old Toad gritted his teeth and said. 

“Could, senior also save my wife??” Jiang Chen asked softly. 

“You knew my son and I’m grateful towards you. It would be my pleasure to help save your wife.”

“Senior, shall I propose a deal with you today? ” Jiang Chen suddenly became serious. 

The Old Toad looked at Jiang Chen with squinted eyes. 

“Speak, quickly.” 

“Senior, I accidently found an Azure Spirit Pill in a mountain. Does senior know the effect of this pill?”

The Old Toad quickly moved towards Jiang Chen with a rugged breathing. 

“Azure Spirit Pill. You said you have an Azure Spirit Pill?” The Old Toad became excited. 

This was the reaction Jiang Chen wanted from Old Toad. 

“Yes, I am willing to offer this Azure Spirit Pill to senior, my only hope is for senior to save my wife. I would be extremely grateful for it. Although the Azure Spirit Pill is also precious to me, I cannot truly use it effectively. Because, only Divine King experts could fully utilise its effect and thoroughly absorb the medicinal essence.” Jiang Chen said, as if he made a great resolution. 

“Has senior already broken through to the Divine King Realm?”

“Of course. Where is the Azure Spirit Pill?” The Old Toad said impatiently, staring at Jiang Chen, without blinking. 

Jiang Chen then snapped the Azure Spirit Pill into his palm. 

“This Azure Spirit Pill. Senior’s strength will surely improve if senior takes it. Then, you’ll certainly be able to beat the lord of the Eight Lineages Silver River and exact revenge for brother toad and save my wife. The price of the Azure Spirit Pill could not be compared with my wife and brother toad.” 

Jiang Chen said with tearful eyes. The Old Toad also felt moved as he saw Jiang Chen.  

The Old Toad only has one thought after taking the Azure Spirit Pill, to break through as soon as possible. So that he could have a grand battle against the lord of the Eight Lineages Silver River. Especially that young lord, he’ll certainly tear his body apart, leaving him with a cruel death. 

“Not bad, you have some great foresight even though you’re still young. Responsible and righteous. You’re allowed to follow me after we save your wife, be my adopted son and I’ll cultivate your talent.” The Old Toad took the Azure Spirit Pill and said. 

“Thank you, senior. This lad dares not to ask more, I only hope that senior could kill the young lord of the Eight Lineages Silver River and take revenge for brother toad and save my wife. I shall be eternally grateful for it.”

“I will make the Eight Lineages Silver River lose face when all the guests are present for the wedding ceremony!” The Old Toad held the Azure Spirit Pill with the fire of vengeance in his eyes. 

Jiang Chen also felt slightly pained in his heart, but as long as it managed to do the job of pointing the Old Toad towards the lord of the Eight Lineages Silver River. The timing was right as the pill could make the Old Toad face the lord, it would be great if both of them got gravely injured, or even die fighting.  

Moreover, the Azure Spirit Pill was able to win the Old Toad’s trust. Now, the old fool completely trusts Jiang Chen. 

“There’s no worry about my vengeance not being paid with this Azure Spirit Pill!” The Old Toad sneered as he was holding his urge to swallow the Azure Spirit Pill.

“I shall take this Azure Spirit Pill now, protect me and leave the vicinity of Eight Lineages Peak.”

“Alright, senior will certainly create another legend this time, not even the lord of the Eight Lineages Silver River shall be your match.” Jiang Chen praised. 

“Yes, good good good. Although it’s a bit over the top, but you’re right in one thing. My power will surely reach a new height after taking this pill, and then, not even that old fool shall be my match. Hahaha. Then, the lord of the Tianqi Mountain Range will change.” The Old Toad said with a mad laugh, full of confidence. 

“Senior is mighty and powerful! You’re the true Overlord of the Tianqi Mountain Range.” Jiang Chen said with a smile.  

He had tampered this Azure Spirit Pill, making him easily kill off the Old Toad once he devoured the pill completely. The Azure Spirit Pill was marked with Jiang Chen’s Five Elemental True Fire, the Old Toad will certainly die once the Five Elemental True Fire takes his life essence. Therefore, Jiang Chen wasn’t afraid of the old fella. He hoped that the Old Toad could get rid of the lord of the Eight Lineages Silver River. Then his job would be easier. 

The Old Toad digested the pill in less than half a day, however the effect wasn’t thoroughly digested. He has already reached the Peak of Early Divine King Realm, he could even reach the Mid Divine King Realm if he continued digesting the pill. However, the Old Toad couldn’t wait anymore as the time given to them was running out. 

Eight Lineages Silver River was filled with a festive vibe, flowers, lanterns, colourful decorations and playful gongs could be heard. 

“Haha, congratulations, congratulations. I prepared a small gift for the wedding of the young lord. I hope the young lord will accept it.” 

“Yeah, this one is the same too, although my gift is small, the feelings are real, I hope the young lord does not dislike it.”

“The young lord is a talented and handsome man. The soon-to-be young madame must be gorgeous, a one of a kind.”

“Congratulations, young master, you’ll need to take hold of the future of the Eight Lineages Silver River.”

Innumerable voices of flattering resounded throughout the Eight Lineages Silver River, thousands of demonic beasts and humans came to congratulate. The rulers of the Tianqi mountain range weren’t limited to demonic beasts but humans too. Many came in this mountain range to avoid the mortal realm, but things did not change because this place was much more realistic, much more dreadful than the outside world. 

Xue Ying was holding a golden cup, drinking away with countless experts of the Tianqi Mountain Range, the gong and drums were extremely loud as magpies hovered around the thousand Li icy plain. 

Xue Ying squinted his eyes as he saw thousands of human experts were prepared to become feast for this grand festivity. 

Xue Ying glanced at Yuan Fengchen beside him, notifying him that he could show the thousand-man feast to the guest anytime.

“The young lord is one-of-a-kind, extremely talented individual. We’re now more curious how beautiful the young madame is?” Li Lei mixed into the crowd of the Eight Lineages Silver River and said loudly, perking the interest of others. 

“This brother is right, young lord, when could we witness the greatest beauty under the heavens? We’re here wanting to feast our eyes on. The young lord wouldn’t be that stingy, right? The young madame is the most impressive and dignified under the heavens, we ought to see it ourselves, am I right, everyone? ”  Li Peng said with a smile, following in the footsteps of Li Lei. 

Suddenly, everyone followed suit, and Xue Ying got troubled by this.  

“Alright, alright, I wanted to have my wife come and meet you all at the very end. Since everyone is very impatient about it. Then, my ugly wife will have to meet the guest. Hahaha, it’s up to the guests’ judgement whether she’s as peerless and graceful as you all said.” Xue Ying laughed madly. 

On this grand day of his marriage, he wore a stylish red robe. As he got pressured by the crowds, he was forced to ask his wife to come out. 

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