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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2550

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“Since you’re undying and immortal, then I shall wipe off your  trace from the Divine World.” The Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine raised his arm and countless vines rushed towards Feng Qiuhuang. However, the latter was completely unfazed.

His figure disappeared as soon as the vines pierced his body, appearing beside Jiang Chen. 

“You dare go against me? Nobody could go against me in this tree-hole space.” The Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine said with extreme confidence. 

“Leave, quickly. I can only hold him off for a short while. Otherwise, all of you will die.” Feng Qiuhuang said with slight anxiety as he destroyed the vines surrounding Jiang Chen.

“Who are you? Why are you helping me?” Jiang Chen was extremely curious about Feng Qiuhuang.

“There’s no time to explain. He was reborn the moment you drew the Demon Suppressing Stele out,” Feng Qiuhuang sighed without any trace of blame in its eyes. 

“Demon Suppressing Stele?” Jiang Chen thought. 

So, that Demon Suppressing Stele was suppressing the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart. But I am the one who took it out. Jiang Chen laughed bitterly, so this was all his undoing. 

The rise of the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine had a reason, there was karma behind it. Now that he took the Demon Suppressing Stele, does he need to put it back? Jiang Chen felt reluctant about it as it was not your average treasure. This Feng Qiuhuang and the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine weren’t your simple foes too. 

“Looks like I’m still too greedy.” 

“There were others who tried to pull the Demon Suppressing Stele out in the past. But none of them were able to do so.” Feng Qiuhuang murmured. 

“Quickly, go, do not turn back.” 

Jiang Chen took Yu Erniang and the others, preparing to leave. At this moment, nobody hesitated in the face of death. However, Jiang Chen felt slightly reluctant to have others risk their lives for him, to die for him. Jiang Chen was not an ungrateful man. 

“Trying to leave? Let’s see if you can get through me first.” 

The Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine sneered as countless vines burst forth once again. This time, Feng Qiuhuang’s illusory body shone brightly. 

“This should be your final glory, right?” The Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine said, not fearing Feng Qiuhuang.

“You’re welcome to try, let’s see whether I have what it takes to stop you.” Feng Qiuhuang said with an indifferent smile. 

At this moment, Jiang Chen found out that she’s a true angelic woman, truly beautiful. 

“The esteemed Princess Qiuhuang, to have fallen into such a state. The Divine Phoenix Clan… pfft… You guys should all vanish from this world.” Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart said in a weird tone. 

Princess Qiuhuang!

Jiang Chen was shocked. This Feng Qiuhuang was the princess of the Immortal Phoenix Clan, the chosen one of the Divine Phoenix Clan!

“Leave, quickly, this place is not suitable for you all to linger around.”

Jiang Chen said as he pushed Yu Erniang, Yu Huafan, Yu Jingfan and Xue Liang out from the tree space. 

“No, we have to leave together, I will not let you go alone.” Yu Erniang said firmly as she looked at Jiang Chen with a fiery gaze. 

“I cannot rest easy when I know there are others who are going to die for me. I will not step back even if I know that death awaits me.” Jiang Chen then instantly turned back towards the tree hole. 

“I must follow him.” Yu Erniang looked at her brothers firmly. 

Xue Liang stood silent. He didn’t have the qualifications to interfere with Jiang Chen’s decision. 

Yu Erniang chose to follow Jiang Chen while Yu Jingfan and Yu Huafan were still hesitating. 

Feng Qiuhuang reverted  back to her true body, a five-coloured phoenix with golden wings appeared in the tree-hole space. It was much more beautiful as it bathed in flames. But the flaming phoenix was on its last leg. She had lost her true body long ago, only a shred of her lingering soul was left after millions of years of cultivation. Now she risked losing her life just to save Jiang Chen and the group from the grasp of the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine. 

“Stubborn fella, the Undying Phoenix Clan will certainly have a day where they should die.” Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine said as ancient vines pierced through Feng Qiuhuang’s body.

The spiritual light slowly dispersed and her body became even more illusory right at the moment when Jiang Chen returned once again.

“Why did you come back?” Feng Qiuhuang stared at Jiang Chen. 

“Because I will never stand idle when I know that you’re in danger.”

“Not even when you know that only death awaits.” Feng Qiuhuang murmured. 

“This feeling is born from nothingness yet it goes deep.” 

Feng Qiuhuang’s heart once again fell into sadness. As she remembered that sturdy warhorse, the time of bloody battles. There was someone who once told her such affectionate words. ‘I will never stand idle when I know that you’re in danger.’ Those words reverberated around her ears. But the one who spoke it couldn’t be seen anymore. One cannot go back to the past. 

“Great, a person with feelings and righteousness. I like it.” The Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine sneered with sarcasm.

“Didn’t you mention it before? This Demon Suppressing Stele can suppress him. This time, I believe it can too.” Jiang Chen held the Demon Suppressing Stele tightly. 

Bloody rays shot out from the stele with the domineering qi from the heroes, slightly stunning the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine.  

“You manage to suppress me because of your boundless divine energy in the past. Otherwise, that mere rotten  Demon Suppressing Stele could never suppress me, do you think it can now?!”

The Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine glanced at the Demon Suppressing Stele, he wasn’t afraid of it anymore. It was due to Feng Qiuhuang’s strength that he was suppressed in the past, she burned all of her life essence to suppress him, to destroy him. However, he was born from this heaven and earth, he wasn’t that easy to kill, his life essence was on-par with the immortal phoenix clan. 

“Keep dreaming, hahaha.” 

“You’re too reckless.” Feng Qiuhuang looked at Jiang Chen and sighed, her expression became pretty ugly. Her face was filled with anxiety and darkness.

It would be a sad thing if the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine managed to get his hands on the Demon Suppressing Stele. 

“Boy, since you don’t know how to appreciate kindness and are such a righteous person, I should teach you a good lesson as your senior.” 

The Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine rushed towards Jiang Chen with countless vines surrounding him. 

Jiang Chen’s eyes became heavy as he held the Demon Suppressing Stele tightly. This was his only chance now. 

“Suppress it for me!!” Jiang Chen raised the Demon Suppressing Stele and rammed it upon Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine.

The Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine sneered as he wasn’t afraid of the Demon Suppressing Stele anymore. However, this Demon Suppressing Stele was still a divine item from this heaven and earth so he still needed to be cautious as the suppressing energy of the Demon Suppressing Stele filled the air. 

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