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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2546

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“You? You’re hard to get rid of.” Jiang Chen squinted his eyes, feeling extremely solemn. 

Everyone felt a heavy pressure upon their heart. 

Li Zongheng was definitely powerful but not at the level that could make him tremble. Jiang Chen felt uplifted from the previous battle because he gained experience out of it. As Li Zongheng wasn’t the weak foe he faced before and he, himself, wasn’t the same as before, their battle would always be soul-stirring. 

Only one person was able to make Jiang Chen feel threatened within the Hidden Secret Realm, it was Xuanyuan Canglan. The fella wasn’t just powerful, he managed to fuse with Tao Tie. God knows whether it was him who devoured or the other way around. In brief, Jiang Chen had always viewed Xuanyuan Canglan as a threat even though he had left the Linhe Boundary. He felt that this fella’s threat level was very high. 

And the person was Xuanyuan Canglan!

“This fella… to think he came too. Looks like it’s going to be Tao Tie’s feast.” Xue Liang murmured. 

Xuanyuan Canglan wasn’t weaker than Jiang Chen. He witnessed their battle, Jiang Chen managed to defeat Xuanyuan Canglan thanks to several factors. Jiang Chen was weaker in terms of cultivation, which made Xuanyuan Canglan terrifying. 

“Who’s he?” Yu Erniang asked. 

“You could say that he’s the number one expert of the Linhe Boundary. Although Jiang Chen had caused chaos upon the Linhe Boundary, he was forced to leave the realm as a loser. But I know that one day, Jiang Chen will return to that place. Whereas, this person is the true number one expert of the younger generation. The Grand Guardian of the Clear Stream Sect, Xuanyuan Canglan.”  Xue Liang said indifferently. 

The words he said weren’t exactly sincere as he viewed Xuanyuan Canglan as someone insignificant as he had what it takes to fight him. But the distance between them was getting bigger.   

Everyone has their own fated findings or luck. It’s just that Xuanyuan Canglan had the greatest as he fused with the ancient beast Tao Tie. Such dominance, ferociousness. Although Xue Liang was strong, when he’s compared to Xuanyuan Canglan… 

But Xue Liang never backed down, his heart of a powerful one was always there. 

“Clear Stream Sect, Grand Guardian, this name is pretty catchy.” Yu Jingfan said. 

This Xuanyuan Canglan… the pressure he emits is truly suffocating. Not even the previous guy, Li Zongheng, had such aura. Although he’s not a Divine King, it feels like he’s stronger than a Divine King! Even the Divine Beast White Tiger felt pressured from the suffocating aura. Only Jiang Chen was unfazed as he looked at Xuanyuan Canglan coldly. 

“You should feel thankful for my appearance. Is this how you say hello to an old friend? ” Xuanyuan Canglan smiled, as if he wasn’t giving a damn about Jiang Chen. 

“Looks like my greeting is not up to your standard. Should I feel welcome that you’re trying to kill me?” Jiang Chen said with contempt. 

“You still have the same ol’ attitude. The Divine Kings allowed you to leave the Linhe Boundary due to pressure. But now that you’re in my palms, would I become the hero of the Linhe Boundary after killing you?” Xuanyuan Canglan looked at Jiang Chen interestingly.

“I’m afraid you do not have what it takes. You’ll end up just like Li Zongheng, a loser.” Jiang Chen said confidently. 

“Him? He’s unqualified to be compared to me. Hahaha, you overestimate him. He’s but an insect, in the past and in the future.” Xuanyuan Canglan said.

Li Zongheng’s heart was fueled with anger. However, he lost against Jiang Che, so what can he say? 

But his anger was further fuelled as he got further insulted by Xuanyuan Canglan. These two fellas… bastards! Li Zongheng knew that he wasn’t at his best now, only by fusing with the Buddha’s token could the Little Buddha Secret Art be mastered. Only by then could he become unstoppable. 

“You’ll pay for your arrogance.” Li Zongheng gritted his teeth and said.  

“You’re unqualified to talk to me. Li Zongheng, you’re a dead person, to think you’re still here hanging for dear life. I don’t care who it was that saved you. It is as easy as taking candies from a baby if I wanted to kill you.” Xuanyuan Canglan replied.

Xuanyuan Canglan threw a simple palm strike and Li Zongheng formed the buddha hand seal to counter it. The latter got pushed back in a distraught manner, further increasing his injuries. 

A simple strike yet it managed to create such power, shocking indeed. Jiang Chen knew that this’ll become much more difficult. 


Xuanyuan Canglan once again threw another palm strike with vigour, Li Zongheng’s expression changed drastically. But at this moment, the sound of flute could be heard and a terrifying soul sword clashed upon Canglan’s palm strike, rendering the attack null. 

Xuanyuan Canglan raised his eyebrow and looked at the young lady with a slight shock.

“Interesting, such a powerful soul, pity. Do you think my soul energy will be weaker than yours?” Xuanyuan Canglan sneered as terrifying soul energy enveloped the young lady’s surrounding, including Li Zongheng.  

The young lady’s expression was still as cold as ever, but the tune of her flute became disoriented as that terrifying soul energy enveloped, limiting her movement. Her soul swords became nothing in the hands of Xuanyuan Canglan and the young lady’s eyes finally showed a shred of anxiousness.  

“Your spiritual energy, I see some improvement.”

Jiang Chen’s soul energy filled the air and it then clashed with Xuanyuan Canglan.  Both of them took a step back and the latter stared at Jiang Chen. 

“To think you tried to stop me? You ought to tone down on your hypocrisy. You’ll die a death far beyond your imagination.” Xuanyuan Canglan raised his brows and said coldly. 

“You’re the one who went against me when we’re in the Hidden Secret Realm. Looks like you’re a forgetful one.”

Jiang Chen looked at the young lady, the latter’s expression slightly changed, she’s a little stunned. But she did not speak a word as she quickly took Li Zongheng out from this place.

“I recall that the loser, the one who lost, was you.” Jiang Chen asked in return. 

“Don’t you know the reason why you were able to defeat me? Do you think now that I’ve completely merged with Tao Tie that you’re still a match against me? One should know one’s abilities. But you don’t have that, you’re still as conceited as ever.”

Xuanyuan Canglan versus Jiang Chen, enemies that know each other too well. Both of them were extra wary against one another. 

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