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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2545

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When the power of Buddha Radiance and the power of belief collided against each other, Jiang Chen had successfully made an escape from danger. The Buddha Radiance saved Jiang Chen’s life at the most critical moment. However, after losing the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda, Jiang Chen’s defensive ability was greatly weakened. Even his Dragon Transformation Art was slightly different at this moment.


The Seventh-storied Pagoda drove Jiang Chen back. His facial expression did not look well. He was spurting out black blood and his face had lost its color.

“How is this possible? How could you break free from my  Seventh-storied Pagoda?”

Li Zongheng was dumbfounded as he himself would certainly not be able to do that as the Seven-storied Pagoda would definitely constrain his power. However, the Buddha’s Radiance had intercepted his Power of Belief, it was the bane of his existence.

“It seems like this Power of Belief was a kind of dark and wicked power.”

Jiang Chen was frightened. If he was trapped in the Seven-storied Pagoda and being assimilated by the Power of Belief, he would surely be in danger.

“Jiang Chen, I am getting even more interested in you.”

Li Zongheng was paying more attention to Jiang Chen. The Seven-storied Pagoda was damaged by Jiang Chen and he suffered severe injury as well.

“Stop talking nonsense. You’re still incompetent to defeat me.”

Jiang Chen raised his sword and struck out once again. The Heavenly Dragon Sword was changing fast like the stars as he casted the sword of solitude. Every strike was a death blow, it was impossible for Li Zongheng to treat it lightly.

“Let’s put an end to this. Little Buddha Art, Black Graded Pagoda !”

Li Zongheng soared into the sky, the Seven-storied Pagoda changed unceasingly. It fused with the Buddha Token and formed a gleam of terrifying Buddha Radiance. In the pagoda, there was a dark light which made people feel terrified and nervous.

Jiang Chen held the Heavenly Dragon Sword in his hand as he rushed forward and fought desperately. The Black Graded Pagoda was like a huge rocky mountain which looked overwhelming, hovering overhead. The Black Graded Pagoda became heavier and more ferocious. Jiang Chen was forced to kneel down, and got down on one knee eventually. The Black Graded Pagoda was extremely dreadful and everyone could not help but hold their breath. Yu Jingfan and the others were constantly retreating, having a hard time breathing.

“The Black Graded Pagoda was supported by the Buddha Token and it was terrifying, even the Divine Kings.”

Jiang Chen gritted his teeth, he could feel his power being engulfed by the Black Graded Pagoda and his body was rapidly getting exhausted. He landed on his feet and spurted out blood, there was a kind of stiffness and Dao sense in his eyes.

Suddenly, Jiang Chen saw a gleam of light flashed across his mind. The light seemed to be coming out from the ice sealed man, exploding and bursting out instantly. It seemed like the ice sealed man in the Myriad Qi Cauldron opened his eyes at that instant. Jiang Chen saw a shade of will to fight, or rather a kind of will power. And that kind of will power was like the master who conquered the earth and heaven, overriding the universe, changing the world and created the living creatures. Jiang Chen was acting like the Ancient Lord, controlling over the whole universe, irresistible and unbeatable. At this moment, Jiang Chen showed an unshakable will to fight, the weak belief that had been hiding in the depth of his mind had been aroused.

Surging Heaven Dao!

Jiang Chen’s eyes were glittering and growing with delight once again. Surging Heaven Dao was overbearing in the universe and overriding the world. Jiang Chen was full of will to fight once again.

“Surging Heaven Dao, no one could defeat me!”

“It’s not possible!”

Li Zongheng exploded in anger. It was true that Jiang Chen was able  to rise once again like a flashing thunder and a genius warrior.

The Dao sense of Jiang Chen had become stronger. When he tried to look back upon the Myriad Qi Cauldron at this moment, he realized that the ice sealed man was still laying there silently without any change. It was just like it never appeared in his mind in the first place.

However, Jiang Chen clearly understood that this kind of strong will had existed once in his mind.

“Between the heavens and earth, I will devour the universe.”

Jiang Chen raised his sword, sending a powerful blow on the Black Graded Pagoda. The overwhelming will to fight had boosted Jiang Chen’s strength to another shocking level. That sword was not only the Sword of Solitude anymore, but was covered with another mighty strong Dao.

The Black Graded Pagoda was shaking like crazy and the Buddha Token was falling apart, even the Seven-storied Pagoda was torn apart. Li Zongheng’s heart was shaking up-and-down, and he felt extremely astonished. At this moment, Jiang Chen’s strong will to fight had made him feel frightened. Even though it was not about the difference in strength, there was a kind of Dao which made him feel frustrated and depressed.

“It is such a terrifying aura.”

Everyone felt frightened and curious. Yu Er’niang felt truly astounded by watching Jiang Chen, who was acting like a supreme existence. Even though it just happened in the twinkling of an eye, the overwhelming will to fight had made everyone hold their breath in astonishment.

“Oh no! My Black Graded Pagoda!”

Li Zongheng roared continuously and went wild. His body was boiling inside and his mind was distracted by Jiang Chen, so everything suddenly crumbled apart. Jiang Chen’s Dao was travelling wildly and he was caught up in fear.

“Man and Sword merged into one!”

Jiang Chen transformed into a sword with an overbearing aura, and collided against the Black Graded Pagoda. The mightiness of the Heavenly Dragon Sword which was unbeatable, had made Li Zongheng lose his initiative in battle.

“I own a sword which could devour the universe!”

Jiang Chen raised his sword and struck a blow again. The Black Graded Pagoda of Li Zongheng was attacked by the Heavenly Dragon Sword constantly, the golden sparkling light was intermingled with the dark radiance. At last, the Black Graded Pagoda broke into pieces while Li Zongheng bathed in his own blood.

“I lost but I can’t admit that. Why? Why!”

Li Zongheng was out of his mind, he howled like a thunder but he was impotent at this moment. Jiang Chen stood by his sword, looking calm and relaxed.

“Well, no need to feel embarrassed as you had just lost to Jiang Chen.”

“Hahaha. Jiang Chen. Oh God, I am not convinced!”

Li Zongheng looked up into the sky, and he had mixed feelings. He used to be a formidable warrior in Linhe Boundary and he was born to be one of God’s favourite children like Xuanyuan Canglan. How could he be convinced when he kept losing to Jiang Chen again and again?

“The Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart is yours now.”

Li Zongheng murmured.

“I already expected that.”

Jiang Chem smiled.

“Did you ever ask for my permission, Jiang Chen?”

A voice was heard in the void, echoing through the tree hole space. Jiang Chen turned back immediately. He was about to confront a great rival at this moment.

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