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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2543

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“I won’t ever feel guilty about his death. He was bound to live and die for the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart. This is the inheritance of the gibbons through the ages which also only showed that their life originally belonged to me.”

The strength of the Divine White Tiger reached another level. At the moment, its power reached the critical point of making a breakthrough. After swallowing the old gibbon, it had reached another level in strength and the addition of the energy of the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart also created an opportunity for it to break through to the Divine King Realm.

“We must not let him break through to the Divine King Realm. Otherwise, we will be in trouble for sure.” Li Zongheng said in a deep voice. 

It was not that he was afraid of the Divine White Tiger, but he did not want the White Tiger to become their stumbling block. And Jiang Chen has been coveting for the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart eagerly.

“You’re truly cruel hearted. The old gibbon vowed to protect you to the end of his life but you chose to swallow him instead. His death was a great sorrow.”

Yu Huafan looked serious. He was a guy of sentiment. Even though he was not on the same line with the old gibbon, he was still feeling aggrieved with how the old gibbon was treated. The Divine White Tiger was a cold-hearted monster.

There was full of killing intent in Jiang Chen’s eyes. He was determined to kill this Divine White Tiger who transformed from the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart. No one could hold him back anymore.

Jiang Chen and Li Zongheng used to be enemies, but both of them had reached a consensus to confront the Divine White Tiger whose strength continued to rise constantly. Their attacks were still extraordinarily strong as always.

Jiang Chen swore to defend to the death with his full strength. However, the tiger never stopped  absorbing the energy in the holes of the tree. It was internal and unbeatable. But Jiang Chen was like a sharp wicked knife which constrained the Divine White Tiger by striking its back.

Li Zongheng’s Little Buddha Art kept bothering the Divine White Tiger. It was attacked front and rear, both of them had the whip hand over the Divine White Tiger. But it remained calm without showing any nervousness or hesitation, it seemed to have a well thought out plan.

“It’s enough. Now, it’s my turn.”

The Divine White Tiger’s eyes were sparkling and it smiled coldly. Jiang Chen’s dragon transformation had repressed it from making a turnaround. At the moment, it finally made a breakthrough to the Divine King Realm.

“Oh no! He still managed to break through the Divine King Realm after all.”

Li Zongheng said in a low voice.

“Not yet. He was just trying to reach the Divine King Realm using a part of the energy of the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart. But it will be able to make it eventually.”

Jiang Chen looked cruel and gloomy.

“Even so, I can still take your life easily.”

The Divine White Tiger was trying to turn defeat into victory, and started to launch a counterattack.

“Sword of Solitude! Man and Sword merged into one!”

Jiang Chen intended to burn the bridges behind the Divine White Tiger as his tolerance had reached the limit. It would be a glorious death if he had a fight with the old gibbon. However, he was shocked to watch the old gibbon being swallowed by the Divine White Tiger. The beast was truly a monster.

Jiang Chen turned himself into a gleam of light and the light spread throughout heaven and earth. The loneliness of the sword swept through the nine heavens, irresistible and overwhelming.

“Heavenly Great Fortune Palm!”

Li Zongheng also struck out remorselessly. Jiang Chen had seen this attack previously, it was exceedingly strong and terrifying. Both of them were exerting the ace up their sleeve, not planning to spare the life of the Divine White Tiger.

“The mightiness of White Tiger, and the Hereditary Qi shock the universe!”

The Divine White Tiger was spurting its Divine Origin Strength, covering heaven and earth. This was its ability of retaining its memories, the Hereditary Qi was shocking the universe. But Jiang Chen and Li Zongheng did not give up. The wind was howling wildly, the sun was blotted and the sky covered. The attack was too strong to resist, even the space of the tree hole was nearly shattered.

Jiang Chen’s Sword of Solitude and the Fusion of Man and Sword acted extremely fast. It pierced through the body of the Divine White Tiger and nine swords travelled through the body again and again.

The blast of wind covered the sky. Jiang Chen passed through the wind and made the Divine White Tiger completely constricted. The Divine White Tiger felt his body being penetrated. The Heavenly Great Fortune Palm, meanwhile, had completely knocked the beast down, its knee cap broken and it now lay flat on the earth. It had lost its battle strength entirely, it was weakened.

Jiang Chen’s strength was exhausted as well. He had exerted nine swords in one attack which wasn’t something he could do in the past. Li Zongheng was also in the same situation as the Heavenly Great Fortune Palm was his best shot. In order to kill the Divine White Tiger as soon as possible, both of them had shown their cards up their sleeve. Even though the Divine White Tiger had slightly attained its memories, it was useless.

“It will not be this easy if the true Divine White Tiger exerted its full strength.”

Jiang Chen murmured. He looked at the White Tiger who was puffing hard and lying on the earth, full of killing intent.

“Just accept the trials of death.”

Jiang Chen struck once again, trying to kill the Divine White Tiger but he was unexpectedly stopped by Yu Er’niang.

“Hold on!”

Yu Er’niang exclaimed, which startled Jiang Chen.

“Just give me a reason to spare its life.”

“If you took its life, the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart will definitely lose its original value. It will become a normal medicine by the time.”

Yu Er’niang looked desperately at Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen remained silent for a moment.

“I agree with what she said. Even though this monster should die, we only have one Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart.”

Li Zongheng narrowed his eyes and glanced at Jiang Chen. The Divine White Tiger was defeated but their battle had just begun.

“If you said so, I have to own this Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart. I am going to make a pill and the main essential ingredient is this Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart.”

Jiang Chen asserted confidently.

“Although this Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart was important to me, it was incomparable with you in my heart. Perhaps it will be the most exciting thing to kill you rather than getting the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart.”

Li Zongheng smiled slightly, curling up his lips. Enemies are bound to meet on a narrow road. Both of them were determined to fight to death. Even if Jiang Chen was willing to let him off, Li Zongheng would never leave simply.

Jiang Chen understood clearly about the harm that he had brought to him previously. Li Zongheng had made up his mind to take Jiang Chen’s life, he would not be able to become a real strong expert if he failed to release himself from the confinement of his soul.

“Let’s see if you can do that. You vowed to do that before but the ending was totally different. It seems like you still have a bad memory even after escaping from the Hidden Secret Realm.”

Jiang Chen said coldly.

Yu Jingfan and Yu Er’niang felt impressed with Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen was still the same, he was still the inevitable figure who could devour the entire universe and a curse to half of the Lone Dragon County.

“If you wish to do so, I am sure that you will die miserably in this battle. I promise.”

Li Zongheng raised his head slowly. The space of the tree hole was completely covered with an unholy dark aura and the glowing flames were totally shaded.

A life-and-death battle was on the verge of breaking out. Only if Li Zongheng overcame the demon in his heart would he find a wide open path to his bright future!

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