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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2542

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Li Zongheng refused to admit defeat. After Jiang Chen had gone through the transformation, his aura was growing stronger. He looked dignified and anxious.

“Little Buddha Art! Buddha that startles the heavens!” 

When Li Zongheng casted his technique, wind blew from all directions. A gust of black wind was formed in his hand and a huge enormous palm print was struck out, and it then collided fiercely with the Divine White Tiger. The strong blow that Li Zongheng struck out was ferocious and invincible which could conquer the mountains and rivers.

The Divine White Tiger looked astonished and retreated rapidly. However,  Li Zongheng was keen on fighting the White Tiger. The Divine White Tiger snorted, barely resisting the strike. 

However, it was immediately sent flying after getting punched by Jiang Chen. It was awkward and miserable as two of its teeth were knocked out by Jiang Chen.

“You have such a strong flesh. I am still wondering what exactly you are, a human or a beast.”

Yu Huafan smiled bitterly. Jiang Chen made him understand a profound truth. The power of the body could be as ferocious as a beast, causing one’s offensive and defensive ability to reach the peak.

Jiang Chen was equipped with the Dragon Scale Armor, overwhelming dragon’s breath and unbeatable mightiness of dragon.

Jiang Chen showed the world who the real king was. So what if the Divine White Tiger was here? No one could even make him take a half-step backward. Jiang Chen stepped forward, forcing the tiger back with irresistible force. The Little Buddha Art of Li Zongheng looked tough and aggressive as well. Under their combined strength, the Divine White Tiger had lost its majestic and overbearing appearance earlier. However, it kept drawing the energy in the cave where the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart was hidden and refused to give up.

“I have never expected that you had made such a huge improvement.”

Li Zongheng glanced at Jiang Chen. 

“You’re doing quite good as well.” Jiang Chen said with a slight smile. 

In front of the dragon transformation art, the tiger was deprived of reason. The White Tiger was being trampled miserably by Jiang Chen during the battle. The tiger would’ve already collapsed if not for its  ability to recover being fast enough and without the infusion of energy.

“Buddha covers the sky!”

Li Zongheng howled. The cave that was glowing with sparking flames was darkened like the night by a giant palm which was trying to reach out to the Divine White Tiger. Jiang Chen followed up immediately, entangling with the Divine White Tiger. There was no chance for the Divine White Tiger to escape, it was roaring under the huge palm of Li Zongheng, eventually retreating due to the duo’s  continuous attacks. Both Jiang Chen and Li Zongheng were at its heels, giving the Divine White Tiger a stronger attack at lightning speed which made it unable to resist or turn things around.

“No, I don’t want to die!”

The Divine White Tiger finally looked terrified and worried as it could strongly feel the killing intent of Jiang Chen and Li Zongheng at this moment. It had stayed alive for over thousands of years, hoping that one day it would be able to transform into a human. Unfortunately, it was under a fatal death-blow at this moment.

“Such a greedy human, you will be dead in your boots.”

The Divine White Tiger said, grinding its teeth. However,  it had already lost two of its fangs which made it look extremely ridiculous.

Jiang Chen sneered. Why didn’t the Divine White Tiger admit its own faults after swallowing those people? And no one had expected that the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart would transform into a tiger eventually.

However, Jiang Chen and Li Zongheng obviously didn’t have any intention  to hold back. At this moment, the Divine White Tiger could hardly resist their attacks. It seemed like it was at death’s door now.

“No way, I will never let them kill the tiger.”

The old gibbon said in a low voice. After struggling, his rationality had finally prevailed over his emotion. No matter if he was weak or merciful, he had no choice but to follow those rules. He was destined to become the guardian of the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart since the moment he was born. In other words, he was bound to protect the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart in his entire life.

The old gibbon was not sure whether his ancestors were foolish to follow it blindly, however,  he had no choice but to follow. Otherwise, he would be ashamed to face his ancestors after death.

The old gibbon gathered all of his strength and leapt up into the sky and held back Jiang Chen and Li Zongheng.

The old gibbon was in a towering rage, sending out a strike and managing to make  Jiang Chen step backward. Jiang Chen narrowed his eyes and stared at the old gibbon.

“Are you really bound to fight to the death with us? But you will never be able to save the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart.”

Jiang Chen looked at him with sharp eyes. Jiang Chen did not mean to trouble the old gibbon but he insisted on meddling in the battle.The old gibbon could actually stand outside and live peacefully like usual. However,  he was determined to protect the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart and vowed to fight to the death.

Jiang Chen had to admit that the unshakable strong determination of the old gibbon had impressed him. However, this was a life and death battle and everyone was here for the precious Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart.

There was obviously no chance of retreat as everyone had burned their bridges behind them.

“It is my ultimate mission. I will definitely protect the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart even if I lose my life.”

The old gibbon said in a deep voice, blocking the path between Jiang Chen and the Divine White Tiger.

“Old monkey, it seems like you’re really stubborn. Let me send you to hell then.”

There was a kind of glitter in Li Zongheng’s eyes, looking cold and gloomy.

“I hope that you’re right.”

Jiang Chen did not say much as he believed that he already showed great respect by launching the battle. It did not matter if he won or lost but this battle would definitely make the old gibbon die without any regret.

“Thank you.”

The old gibbon said, showing his clear eyes. He was facing death unflinchingly as he was ready to fight to the death. Jiang Chen and Li Zongheng were not ordinary people, they were just slightly inferior to a Divine King which was extraordinarily strong and unbeatable.

“Well, I will fulfill your wish then.”

The Divine White Tiger had done something which was out of everyone’s expectation. It opened its bloody mouth and swallowed the old gibbon all of a sudden. Even Jiang Chen did not expect that to happen.

The young girl in green sunk into despair, looking upset.

Jiang Chen felt astonished and became serious at this moment.

“You……should have died.”

Jiang Chen gritted his teeth and said.

“He is willing to live and die for me, I believe that this will be his greatest honour. And he should feel proud and glorious by dying this way. Every generation of gibbons in the forest are the best fertilizer for me! Hahaha.”

The Divine White Tiger laughed wildly, full of deadly coldness and gloomy aura.

Jiang Chen narrowed his eyes and stared fixedly at the Divine White Tiger. It was a pity that the old gibbon still felt proud of his loyalty before his death. In the next moment, he was swallowed by the White Tiger. It seemed like he had never expected the Divine White Tiger had such wild ambition.

Even though Jiang Chen did not care about the old gibbon’s loyalty, he was trying to respect his choice. Unfortunately, everything went downhill. Everyone was shocked at the sad ending. Perhaps the old gibbon would never understand the misery of being betrayed in his entire life. Jiang Chen felt truly sorry and sorrowful upon his death. The kindness of the old gibbon was just to avoid more people from dying in the battle when fighting for the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart. His original intention was to protect the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart, and he had successfully saved most of them from danger. Only those who were obsessed with greed and strong determination were trapped in the Peach Blossom Spring for a long time.

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