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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2539

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The red seed slowly rose from the black-hooded man’s palm with a mysterious flow. The black-hooded man slowly raised his head and Jiang Chen’s gaze was locked on his face. 

“You… to think you’re still alive?” Jiang Chen said.

He never expected the man to be the person who should’ve been dead. 

“You never thought of this, right? You killed me with your own hands, however, I’m here, still alive and well. Hahaha!” Li Zongheng said and laughed madly. 

Sharp eyes with powerful aura emitted under that hood. A Half-Step Divine King. Fei Ying and the others were obviously different from him as he was infinitely close towards the Divine King Realm, he had become invincible under the Half-Step Divine King realm.

Jiang Chen’s expression slightly moved and he said indifferently: 

“Looks like I’ve looked down on you. Resurrection, interesting, interesting indeed. The one who resurrected you must be strong.” 

“Jiang Chen, you managed to kill me in the past. Today, we must settle this once and for all. I won’t be able to wash away my hatred without killing you myself.”

Li Zongheng went through a deathly experience, but had managed to survive until the end. However, Jiang Chen had become an insurmountable obstacle in his heart! 

He couldn’t do anything when Jiang Chen killed him. He could only silently await his death at that time, becoming one of those killed in action inside the Hidden Secret Realm. Fortunately, the Hidden Secret Realm had countless trapped souls and Li Zongheng was resurrected by a powerful expert and took his soul out from that place. 

Li Zongheng could never forget the instant when Jiang Chen killed him. The despair and desolation within his heart. It was thanks to the heavens that he was able to come back to this plain and attempt to reach supremacy once again. 

The Ghost Eye Sect’s resources could not help him improve further, but now he was different from the past. 

“Really? I had already killed you once, I think I can probably kill you again. It shouldn’t be too much of a hassle.” Jiang Chen said confidently. 

At this moment, Fei Ying, Hong Yan and the others were in utter shock. Jiang Chen dared to spout such nonsense. The black-hooded man was pretty strong. Fei Ying could clearly tell that even at his peak, he only had a slim chance of winning against the black hooded man. However, Jiang Chen was able to speak with such confidence, a naive youngling truly does not fear the world. But the most shocking thing was that Jiang Chen said that he had already killed him once. 

“Thou art a beautiful woman, why do you assist in the cause of an evil person?”Jiang Chen looked at the young lady and sighed. 

The young lady wanted to say something but chose to be silent. Li Zongheng’s cold eyes were like a pair of sharp blades, staring down towards Jiang Chen with murderous intent. 

“You said this yourself I am looking forward to it, do you have what it takes to kill me the second time. Do you really think I’m still my weak self? I am just a step away from the Divine King realm, what do you have to face me? Hahaha!”

Li Zongheng too was confident. Both of their confidence was off the roof. However, Li Zongheng obviously came prepared. 

“You’re still great with your mouth, aren’t you still the same as in the past, where you got beaten down by me in the end? Do you think you can defeat me after resurrecting? A loser will always remain a loser.” Jiang Chen looked down on Li Zongheng with pride. 

Li Zongheng’s eyes became cold. That scar silently pressured him within his heart, causing him to gasp for air. He had vowed to kill Jiang Chen, otherwise he would be unfit to be called a human! 

Yu Jingfan, Fei Ying and the others were dumbfounded. A Mid Heavenly God kid’s arrogance was off-the-roof. 

The both of them were now very different from their past whereby the difference in their cultivation realm was too vast. Jiang Chen may not be able to win if they clashed again.  

Only Xue Liang knew how terrifying Jiang Chen was. This battle will most likely be a shocking battle. 

A battle was on the verge of exploding, however a change occurred as the burning Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine burst into flame and the red seeds started to crack under the heat.  

“How could this be?” Hong Yan said in shock. 

A heart-shaped crystal came out from the cracked red seed, like a new-born baby. It’s filled with massive and pure energy, signifying its extraordinary existence. 

“This is the true Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart.” Fei Ying said excitedly as he tightly grasped the seed, trying not to gulp it down immediately. 

The Divine Beast White Tiger then licked its dried lips as greed filled its eyes. 

However, the flaming Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine had covered the whole endless pit, everyone felt short of breath as if their divine energy were depleting. 

“This Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine, there’s something off!” Jiang Chen frowned. 

“If it wasn’t for the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart, I would torment you here and now, and I will make you wish you’re dead.”

Li Zongheng did not attack first as the heart-shaped crystals attracted everyone’s attention. That terrifying energy had caused them to be alarmed. 

“Heavenly Fire Domain!” The old gibbon gasped as he looked up. 

The skies were covered with the raging flame of the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine. To think they’re trapped in this endless pit after the Heavenly Fire Domain limited their space to move around. 

“What is the Heavenly Fire Domain?” Jiang Chen looked at the old ape. 

“I don’t know, however I do know that this was a message left behind by my ancestor. The Heavenly Fire Domain was the last thing they ever saw.” The old ape said. 

He could feel a hint of death coming towards him. This was probably the reason why his ancestors mysteriously disappeared. The Heavenly Fire Domain was created from a sealed space with the extreme Heavenly Fire. Especially in this pit, there’s no place for them to run, only death awaits them. 

Jiang Chen also realized the seriousness of the situation. The Heavenly Fire Domain, it’s name could even make people’s hair stand on end. Plus, the Heavenly Fire was on the same level with his Five Elemental True Fires, and he had never heard of this Heavenly Fire. However, this flame caused the Five Elemental True Fire within his body to become restless. 

“This Heavenly Fire is terrifying.” Yu Erniang murmured. 

Death crept upon each person’s heart as the Heavenly Fire was hanging on the sky, slowly dropping downwards, inch by inch, meter by meter, it was a challenge towards their heart. 

“Everything shall burn into ashes under the Heavenly Fire Domain, quickly towards the treehole.” 

The Divine Beast White Tiger rushed into the flaming tree hole. Everyone hesitated as it was where the Divine Beast White Tiger headed. They dare not to be reckless, but only death awaits them if they stayed. The Heavenly Fire Domain may burn them into nothingness. Not even the powerful Li Zongheng dared to be reckless. 

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