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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2536

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Jiang Chen never doubted that the old ape could easily beat them. He would genuinely be disappointed if he was really defeated, that ape’s too mysterious. He’s like a guardian, protecting the Wu Dong Sunset Mountain without seeking any reward. But why?

Jiang Chen observed the battle as the old gibbon became ferocious, slowly gaining the upper hand in the battle. 

Suddenly, the old gibbon staggered and was pushed back by Hong Yan—the latter managed to cut a deep wound on his shoulder. Jiang Chen felt that the old gibbon was just like a mortal human, without a shred of divine origin energy as he was forced back.   

The old ape was forced back by the force of the six, coughing blood and was sent flying by a kick from Zhu Ri in a distraught manner. 

“How can this be?” Jiang Chen murmured. 

Everyone felt extremely off about this, they were originally suppressed by the old gibbon but he was suddenly pushed back, causing the White Tiger to feel complicated. 

The old gibbon wiped the blood on his lips and shook his head helplessly. 

“This is an utter failure.” The old ape said and once again stood up with vigor, swiping out a sweeping kick, forcing back the six. 

Cold sweat dripped down from the Divine Beast White Tiger as the old gibbon regained his mighty figure. 

“Old fool, are you toying with us?” He Ba wiped the blood on his lips with shaky eyes. 

That attack was unbelievable, it was almost unparalleled. 

“I understand now, his weakness… when he’s powerful he’s as strong as a Divine King, but when he’s weak he’s as weak as it goes.” Fei Ying’s eyes lit up. 

This was the reason why the lord regarded him that highly. 

Everyone fell into a sudden realization. The old ape’s inconsistent strength was evident. The old ape’s divine origin energy became empty as soon as they were pushed back. 

“Seize the opportunity, I refuse to believe that you could maintain that strength.”

Fei Ying once again led the group and clashed with the old gibbon, forcing the latter back as his divine origin energy became empty. He suddenly thought of something, of why his ancestors would mysteriously die without a trace. (TL: no idea who is ‘he’ talking about) 

“This is getting harder and harder to understand.” Jiang Chen frowned.

Where did this old gibbon from, who is he? Why is he so weak? The inconsistency of his strength is too much. Suddenly becoming explosive and suddenly becoming extremely weak. All in an instant. 

Fei Ying rushed first, will the others be afraid? 

The old gibbon was once again pushed back by several hundred metres, coughing out three mouthfuls of blood as his strength wavered as he staggered.  

“Peach Blossom, Scattering Wind!” 

The Old Gibbon’s strength once again returned to its peak as he gulped down the blood within his mouth, leaping towards the sky, flower petals raining from the sky like a flying blade shooting down from heaven. The attack instantly pressured his enemies, one or two petals may not be a threat but thousands of them wasn’t something to scoff at. They blocked and parried the flower-rain, Hong Yan and Zhu Ri’s body were showered with injuries, bleeding as their bodies were covered with cuts. 

“Such a terrifying flower rain.” 

Zhu Ri retreated in distraught, the injuries he sustained were pretty serious. 

Jiang Chen then summoned the Five Elemental Trigram Fire Formation, protecting Yu Erniang and the others, as Xue Liang was injured and Yu Erninag was taking care of Yu Huafan. The Five Elemental Trigram Fire Formation managed to block the flower rain and the old ape looked at Jiang Chen. 

This young man is pretty good, my flower-rain is pretty strong, not many Half-Step Divine Kings could hold them off. 

However, Jiang Chen wasn’t feeling great at all as the Five Elemental Trigram Fire Formation was almost shattered several times, luckily it was able to hold on towards the end. 

Fei Ying, He Ba and the others got pushed back and fear could be seen in their eyes as their faces were covered with scars and cuts. 

“This old ape has some tricks up his sleeves.” Yu Jingfan said. 

“Pretty good technique, but I wonder how long can you last after your next attack.” 

Fei Ying was constantly observing the old ape, he would not let go of any opportunity. 

Although they were heavily injured, this didn’t mean that the old gibbon has won. 


Finally, the old gibbon couldn’t take it anymore and coughed out another mouthful blood as he kneeled with one knee, the divine energy that was leaving his body was severe. 

“Hahaha, you’re not that much stronger compared to me.” He Ba shook his head, pretty delighted, as the old gibbon appeared to be so weak. 

“Old fool, you and that tiger will die!” Xiong Zhan gritted its teeth and said. 

His arm got wasted by the old ape’s technique. The flower petals filled his thick arm, causing him to lose all senses below his shoulder. One could imagine how powerful it was. 


The Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine suddenly shattered. Stunning everyone. 

Four flame Qis burst out from the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine like a firefly, dancing in the sky. 

Jiang Chen thought. This four flame qi came from the depths of this pit, it contained terrifying energy. 

Jiang Chen lifted the black seed. At this moment, a flame qi fell on Jiang Chen’s palm, fusing with the black seed, causing the black seed to change into a reddish colour as it got hotter by the second. 

Fei Ying and Hong Yan ignored the old ape and followed Jiang Chen. Two flame qis fell into their hands and merged with the seed. At this moment, the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine started to burn, its root started to catch fire, it was blazing hot, the ancient wood started to burst into flame, burning across the vines. 

The flaming hot black seed then started to crack, as if a rebellious soul was trying to break through its shell. 

“Is this the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart?” Yu Erniang gasped as she stared at the red seeds. 

Everyone gasped as they watched the three red-hot seed, the atmosphere became tense. 

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