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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2535

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Everyone was shocked, but all of them agreed with what Zhu Ri told them. They would feel extremely aggrieved if they were all killed by the Divine White Tiger’s last ditch effort. They were determined to kill the White Tiger while the White Tiger also aimed to put them to death.

As they expected, the breath of the Divine White Tiger had become weaker and weaker, falling off sharply and finally stepping back. Even though it had successfully repelled most of them, it also became exceedingly weak, like a sign of imminent death. The condition of its body was flagging down.

“It’s time to take a rest, Little White Tiger.”

The old gibbon took a step forward, flew across the sky and said lightly. It kept the Divine White Tiger behind.

“Old monkey, why are you here?”

The Divine White Tiger was surprised.

“I came late. Please don’t blame me for this, Little White Tiger.” 

The old gibbon giggled and fixed his glance at the Divine White Tiger.”

“How could I blame you.”

The Divine White Tiger shook its head. He also clearly understood that being overconfident and underestimating the enemies was the main reason he lost the battle tragically.

“Old gibbon, are you going to interfere in this affair?”

Fei Ying said coldly.

“I have heard of you for years. You are the old knowledgeable gibbon who had been staying in the Peach Blossom Spring of Wu Dong Sunset Mountain, aren’t you?” 

He Ba said with a slight smile, he had known the old gibbon a long time ago.

“It’s me.”

The old gibbon wore a smile on his face.

“I’ve long desired to meet you. I don’t mind if you want to obtain the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart. But we are bound to kill this Divine White Tiger.”

Yu Jingfan said in a low voice. The Divine White Tiger had nearly killed Yu Huafan, and he would’ve been dead without the help of Jiang Chen. It seemed like Hong Yan of the Red-clothed Thirteen House was also unwilling to spare the life of the Divine White Tiger. The reason all of them were badly injured was because of this Divine White Tiger after all.

“I have heard that those who entered the Peach Blossom Spring hadn’t found a way out since thousands of years ago. However, I’m told that your Peach Blossom Formation was destroyed by someone recently, and the people who have been trapped inside were all able to escape. It seems like you are not as mysterious as I had thought.”

Zhu Ri laughed, being scornful and provocative. No one was willing to let the Divine White Tiger off, even if this old gibbon stood out for it. It would not make any difference.

The old gibbon looked at Jiang Chen without saying anything. Jiang Chen did not want to be put in a difficult position and it was meaningless to drag Jiang Chen in this affair.

“One of my friends put this little white tiger under my care a while ago. If any of you dare to do anything about it, I will not sit by and let it go on.”

The old gibbon said in a deep voice, his previously benevolent and kind countenance disappeared. This battle was inevitable and he had to save the Divine White Tiger by teaching them a hard lesson.

“The name of the old gibbon has stunned the West Mountain. Honestly, I am not willing to fight you. It’s better to avoid fighting face to face with you as much as possible. This is what the master of Eight Lineages Silver River had told me before leaving,” Fei Ying said in an extremely deep voice. 

Even the master of Eight Lineages Silver River was paying careful attention to the old gibbon, he believed that the old gibbon wasn’t someone ordinary. However, this old gibbon was not as terrifying as those Divine King Realm experts. It was not unbeatable and he was not fighting him alone this time. Moreover, he was not the only one who was determined to kill the Divine White Tiger.

“That is just fame. If all of you insist on killing the White Tiger, please allow me to fill-in its shortcomings. I swear to fight to death if any of you dare to hurt White Tiger.”

Jiang Chen had never expected that the old gibbon was such a person who was venerable and imposing. Even the master of Eight Lineages Silver River, a Divine King Realm expert, was giving face to him. The old gibbon’s harmless and kind appearance made them feel more frightened.

The old gibbon was someone that even those Divine Kings find hard to deal with, this only showed that they should treat him carefully as the Half-Step Divine Kings.  

“We are bound to fight to the death. It would be our pleasure if we could fight you before we died. Hahaha.”

He Ba laughed. However, everyone knew that this old immortal crane was actually afraid of dying, and was instead determined to get the others killed. In this case, he had a strong desire to stay alive, and the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart was his last hope. How could he possibly give up easily?

“Say no more, old gibbon. This day will be your memorial day next year.”

Hong Yan took the lead, impatient to fight the old gibbon. It was because the Divine White Tiger was the one who killed her four comrades. Even if they all suffered severe injuries, it was inevitable for them to fight the old gibbon together at this moment.

Yu Jingfan made an alliance with some of them once again. Before the emergence of the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart, they could still unite as one to defend against the enemy together. It seemed like the vulnerable alliance would only collapse when the real Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart appeared.

“ Let’s fight to the end.”

The old gibbon said coldly. He then walked weirdly with a rickety body, like a beam of light sweeping through some of them. Neither Hong Yan nor Yu Jingfan could catch him, only Fei Ying and He Ba were comparable to him. Compared to all of them, the old gibbon was faster in terms of speed. None of them had expected him to move with such terrifying and impressive speed.

“Old monkey, please be careful.”

The Divine White Tiger did not forget to remind the old gibbon. It was obvious that he was worried about the old gibbon. After all, he would be at death’s door once the old gibbon was defeated.

Jiang Chen realized that the Divine White Tiger was not showing any appreciation to the old gibbon. It seemed like it was putting the blame on the old gibbon. Their relationship was unpredictable and mysterious.

This explained why the master of Eight Lineages Silver River was afraid of this old gibbon, he was extremely fast, disappearing in an instant. Even though he was under attack from all sides, he was still able to deal with every one of them with ease and leisure.

“The name of old gibbon stunned the West Mountain. Your reputation is well deserved. Let me see why the master of the river had such a high evaluation of you.”

Fei Ying refused to believe that the strength of this old gibbon was truly terrifying to such an extent.

Everyone was curious about the old gibbon and was burning with strong intent to fight. No one can kill the Divine White Tiger if the old gibbon insisted to stand out for it. The White Tiger had to die for sure! 

“Old codger, take my sword!” 

Hong Yan flew like a dragon and danced like a phoenix, full of killing intent. The old gibbon just backed off and was stable in the battle. Even though he was fighting six enemies, he wasn’t nervous. On the other hand, the six of them were totally restrained by the old gibbon instead.

The old gibbon was fighting bare-handed, looking awe-inspiring and overbearing. None of them had expected this old gibbon, who had been hiding in the cave most of the time, to have such a formidable and unbeatable strength.

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