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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2533

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Even though the White Tiger was formidable, it was still impossible for him to face or at least resist all of the opponent’s attack. Each of them was full of  experience, whether it was their combat strength or skills, they were both outstanding. In comparison, the White Tiger had less combat experience. The roof caved in because of the strong alliance. The old gibbon looked extremely worried.

The White Tiger was actually strong but with Fei Ying and the others attacking it from both sides, the beast was placed at a disadvantage. However, it was not a simple task to kill the White Tiger, after all it was one of the four greatest mythological creatures. Fortunately, it had not developed the ability to remember its past memories. If it had reached the Divine King Realm and started retaining its memories, even a Late Divine King could do nothing about it.

Everyone should be grateful that the White Tiger was still a Half-step Divine King who hadn’t yet retained its memories. Otherwise, everyone here would have already died.

“If the situation goes on like this, I believe that the Divine White Tiger will be defeated soon.”

The old gibbon murmured.

“It seems like the Divine White Tiger is not as strong as I thought.

Jiang Chen giggled, giving the old gibbon a profound glance.

“He is too young, lacks combat experience and overconfident. That is the reason he fell into the trap. He’s losing his touch, and his strength is gradually being exhausted.”

The old gibbon heaved a deep sigh.

“It’s not a trifling matter, not a joke either. It is an issue of life and death and no one can stay out of the battle. But you can do that as a victor.”

Jiang Chen closed his eyes slowly, sitting cross-legged and wore an air of neutral calm.

Jiang Chen remained calm and swallowed an Azure Spirit Pill. Due to the pill, the Divine Origin Strength in his body was rolling, boiling and growing constantly. The Azure Spirit Pill was completely absorbed by Jiang Chen. The number of the dragon marks in his inner body was increasing rapidly and his divine strength was surging over continuously. He was confident that this Azure Spirit Pill could definitely improve his strength to the next level.

The old gibbon fixed its gaze on Jiang Chen. How could this guy possibly remain calm and choose to make a breakthrough at this moment?

Jiang Chen had reached the Early Heavenly God Realm but still had no opportunities to make a breakthrough yet. But with the Azure Spirit Pill, the knowledge he had gained from this battle among those Half-step Divine Kings this time, it is now possible. No one understood how important the fight was to Jiang Chen. In his time in Linhe Boundary, he killed those Half-step Divine Kings by using the Little Ashura Sword. He would definitely be defeated if he fought against the Half-step Divine Kings without any opportunity to exert any formation.

The battle just now was a fight between the White Tiger and numerous strong experts. Jiang Chen had benefited greatly from the battle and with the addition of the Azure Spirit Pill which was a great panacea, he could now breakthrough.

Battling was a way to improve strength rapidly and the fastest way to make a breakthrough.  Even being a spectator to the battle was the same. It actually made Jiang Chen feel the strength of Half-step Divine Kings and watch the final result by staying out of the battle. Everyone here was extraordinarily strong, even any one of the Half-step Divine Kings was capable of conquering the world.

Jiang Chen was astonished by Xue Liang’s growth of strength. As the strongest descendant of the Forgotten Sword Tomb, he was a genius with greatest talents for sure. He was unable to give it full play to his greatest strength in Hidden Secret Realm and that was the reason that Jiang Chen failed to realize Xue Liang’s actual strength. Jiang Chen believed that Xue Liang would not be weaker than himself at least.

Jiang Chen realized that it could be a coincidence or even a fate for them to meet again here. But they were not enemies for life but bosom friends, a great friend who could win over themselves. Staying with Xue Liang reminded Jiang Chen to slacken his efforts for a moment.

Jiang Chen’s Divine Strength was growing constantly. The effect of Azure Spirit Pill was out of his expectation. Even a Divine King would be unable to predict the effect of this Supreme-grade Medicinal Pill, and it was wasteful to use it on a Heavenly God Realm expert. But Jiang Chen had a different feeling. He was startled when he felt the huge benefits that the Azure Spirit Pill had brought to him. The Spirit Pill had cleared all the impurities in his body, everything that he had absorbed during cultivation was being purified while his divine strength was flowing continuously.

“I should strike while the iron is hot.”

Jiang Chen swallowed another Azura Spirit Pill. Luckily, the Jade-faced Spiritual Fox was already kept in his Myriad Qi Cauldron. Otherwise, it would definitely make him pissed off if he was here as Jiang Chen was wasting the treasured pills recklessly. After all, swallowing two Azura Spirit Pills in his current realm would only improve and purify his divine strength.

However, Jiang Chen believed that he should take those pills during cultivation. He did not feel sorry or regret.

The effects of two Azura Spirit Pills were exploding at the moment. The dragon marks in his body were increasing madly and brought him to another level.

There were more than three million and thirty thousand of them now. 

Jiang Chen felt himself being purified and it made him complete his breakthrough. The pills were improving his strength to the next level, he had now reached the Middle Heavenly God Realm. At this moment, Jiang Chen opened his eyes and his breath was extremely stable and steady.

The old gibbon took a glance at Jiang Chen. Even though he did not wish Jiang Chen to join the battle, he did not take advantage of Jiang Chen when he was breaking through.

“You’re an early bloomer. But it is a pity that you’re obsessed with greed and desire.”

The old gibbon murmured.

“The desire of humans is always proportional to strength. It breeds sadness and sorrow if your strength is weak but obsessed with strong desire. If you’re strong enough, then your desire is not desire anymore but determination and dedication.”

Jiang Chen gazed at the old gibbon, he could feel that it was about time to participate in this battle.

“You’re only finding an excuse for your desire. Don’t you yearn to get the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart? Do you guys ever know how the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart grows?”

The old gibbon’s words had aroused Jiang Chen.

“What do you mean?”

Jiang Chen asked and frowned.

“My intention was actually good, but you people just don’t appreciate my kindness.” 

The old gibbon smiled bitterly and shook his head. He did not expect things to go this way. 

There was still someone entering this bottomless abyss to obtain the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart. 

The Peach-Blossom Formation was able to constrain the people, but not their desire and greed.

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