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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2531

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Jiang Chen was stunned for a second and wondered why the ape had appeared here.

What was the background of this old gibbon? Does it have some kind of indescribable relation with the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart?

Jiang Chen looked at the old gibbon, and the old gibbon looked back at him profoundly as well. Meanwhile, all the other people were focused on their battle and none of them had noticed the arrival of the ape because the old gibbon’s breath did not cause any fluctuation in the atmosphere. You can say that he was unpredictable or was just like an ordinary person. 

Jiang Chen knew that it would’ve been impossible for him to break the formation so quickly without the old gibbon’s words. If he had failed to break the formation, he possibly would miss out the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart. However, the old gibbon seemed like he purposely wanted him to give up breaking the formation instead of helping him to break the formation. Unfortunately, Jiang Chen had shattered the Peach-Blossom Formation because it was the only way for him to save the others.

Jiang Chen did not know if the old gibbon was a good or bad guy. He also did not know whether the Peach-Blossom Formation was set up by the old gibbon, however, he felt that the old gibbon was not evil. If the old gibbon was really a ruthless demon, he would have killed all the people who were trapped in the Peach-Blossom Formation. Even if he might not be capable of killing all of them, he could’ve played some tricks and made all those people die inside the formation. However, the old gibbon did not do such a thing. 

The Divine White Tiger released a great pressure that made everyone feel extremely tense. Their cultivation realms were not low, however, none of them was able to overcome the Divine White Tiger’s pressure. 

“Old man, why are you here?”

Jiang Chen looked at the old gibbon.

The old gibbon smiled but remained silent. He gave Jiang Chen a glance and finally said in a peaceful tone: 

“There were many people who actually got out of the Peach-Blossom Formation, however, you are the only one who was able to shatter the formation. ”

Although the old gibbon said this in a calm tone, his words actually gave an extremely high appraisal of Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen never expected that he would be valued highly by the old gibbon and this did not sound like bad news.

“If you don’t join the battle, it might be good news to these people. It’s also a good news to the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart.”

The old gibbon said.

“Obviously, you can see my strength, and it’s only on this level. But why do you think so highly of me? I am just an Early Heavenly God guy whom everyone looked down upon.”

Jiang Chen was teasing himself. 

The old gibbon did not seem to have a good intention behind it. Although he did not cast any tricks in the Peach-Blossom Forest, Jiang Chen would still not underestimate this ape as he was able to control such a huge formation in the Peach-Blossom Forest. It’s not something that everyone can do.

The old gibbon thought highly of Jiang Chen while Jiang Chen actually also dared not underestimate the old gibbon.

“Sometimes one’s cultivation realm didn’t mean everything. I can only say that these people are very short-sighted.”

The old gibbon smiled, looking completely steady. He was like an experienced old man who would remain calm even if thunderstorms descended. This situation worried Jiang Chen because it did not look good to him. 

“I am here only for the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart.” Jiang Chen said firmly. 

The old gibbon could not help but heave a sigh when he heard these words, looking at Jiang Chen.

“You’re indeed a genius who can control your own desire and thought perfectly. The way you acted in the Peach-Blossom Forest compared here is such a huge contrast.  It’s not easy for an ordinary human to do this. However, you definitely are an irony to me and the Peach-Blossom Forest.” 

The old gibbon felt a bit shameful while saying these words but he did not take any action. He just looked at Jiang Chen silently then turned his sight to the Divine White Tiger on the battlefield. He looked awe-inspiring.

“I wish that you won’t make me take any action.”

The old gibbon murmured.

“Although you have set up the Peach-Blossom Formation, you haven’t harmed anyone. Everyone here was punished by their own desire. They ended up being alone and depressed in the Peach-Blossom Formation but none of them died under your hands. They all died because of their own desire. All in all, you have actually saved us.”

“I haven’t killed them, yet, they have died because of me. Then what’s the difference? My hands have already been stained with blood.”

The old gibbon held his palms together and closed his eyes. His face was full of guilt. Jiang Chen knew that things did not go as he planned. However, what was the background of this old gibbon? Jiang Chen was in doubt because he didn’t know anything about him. The reason the old gibbon was here was really too puzzling. The old gibbon looked at the battle, and Jiang Chen was sure that he was going to take action soon.

“If you have been suffering, why don’t you just follow your will and do whatever you want?” Jiang Chen said.

“Very often, we don’t have a choice in our life.”

The old gibbon said in a profound way. He was actually the guardian of the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart in this generation. 

The While Tiger was still battling the others. Its mightiness was so unparalleled and irresistable that it caused Fei Ying and the others to be sent flying backwards unceasingly. 

“Whoever submits to me will prosper while those who go against me are going to die!”

The White Tiger roared in rage while its tail swept across in all directions. Everyone was impressed by its divine might. 

A Half-step Divine King was extremely formidable! 

Zhu Ri attacked the White Tiger, but he was sent flying by the tiger’s hoof in the next second. He looked extremely terrible and embarrassed.

Zhu Ri then spurted out a mouthful of blood and shouted:

“Guys, if you don’t take any action now with all you’ve got, I have no doubt that we all would be buried here.”

Everyone was stressed out because they knew that Zhu Ri’s words were true. They really did not use up their utmost strength, keeping a part of their strength in the battle. However, this had allowed the Divine White Tiger to gain the upper hand in the battle, causing all of them to suffer. 

Since the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart had not appeared yet, all of them would want to save as much strength as they can. Why would they want to use up their strength at this moment? All of them wanted to get as many benefits as they weren’t fools. However, right now they had to start the real battle under the pressure of facing death.

“A bunch of old men, if you still don’t take any action, you would all die. This Divine White Tiger is really ferocious.” Jiang Chen said sincerely.

“If you want to defeat the white tiger, you need at least a Divine King expert.”

The old gibbon looked like he was very confident in the Divine White Tiger. 

“Since you guys won’t take me seriously, I also have no patience to play with you anymore. Damn it!”

The Divine White Tiger roared in rage and  rushed towards the four great experts of Red-clothed Thirteen House like an incomparably fierce barbarian. Under its wild attack, one of them was smashed to death and the other three were severely injured.

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