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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2529

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The demonic qi dispersed instantly and no one was even able to catch wind of it. However, Jiang Chen definitely felt it. 

The monument felt like it was as heavy as a giant mountain, but luckily Jiang Chen had tremendous strength that he was able to lift it. 

“Why do these broken carvings make one feel unsure about it?”  Jiang Chen frowned as he kept the broken monument. 

Although he had no idea what its use was ,it’s surely something special. He suddenly thought of Tyrant’s God Suppressing Monument, it was somewhat similar, however this was only his guess. 

Jiang Chen quickly caught up to Yu Erniang and the others. At this moment, they had already travelled around ten thousand meters downwards, the scorching heat disappeared, replaced by a mysterious chill, one that seeped into one’s inner heart and spine. 

The Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine already spread for ten thousand meters yet its end could still not be seen. The ancient path was in a much disastrous state, deep sword marks could be seen as if this place underwent a terrible and terrifying battle. However, it had most probably happened at least 10,000 years ago or even further than that. 

Each of those sword marks emitted an ancient feel, grandeur, boundlessness; their dao essence remained and had survived even until this very day. Jiang Chen was pretty shocked and so were the others. Giant portraits were carved beside the ancient path, an ancient battle with splendid battle horses and realistic battle scenes as if the neighing of battle horses and the clashing of blades could be heard in one’s ears. 

“Such cold air, to think that the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine’s root could still not be seen after reaching this far, this is unbelievable.” Fei Ying frowned, feeling slightly impatient. 

Plus, this feeling of the unknown caused everyone to be on edge, as they felt more pressured as they ventured on. Especially those portraits of battle that kept on appearing on the walls of the ancient path, stimulating one’s fighting intent from deep within their soul. 

“Yes. I feel like I’m walking straight to hell if this continues.” He Ba quietly said in a serious demeanour. 

Everyone was probing each other’s strength but all of them knew nothing about this endless pit. 

“Look, there are divine weapons on top of the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine with lingering auras seeping out from it.” 

Yu Erniang spotted carvings and deep cuts across the thick Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vines.

“Those divine weapons are most likely in tatters, corroded. Not even Heavenly Divine Tools can withstand the corrosion of time.” Jiang Chen said.  

Those divine weapons were like scraps of metal although there was ancient essence lingering on them. Powerful but useless in battle. Not even tools could survive the corrosion of time, lest humans. 

Corroded divine weapons that were scattered and planted across the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vines could be seen. 

“Without achieving the God-Emperor hood, one could never withstand the passing of time, you can live thousands and thousands of years, so what? You’ll still end up as dirt in the end. These divine blades and weapons are most likely used by ancient gods. However, it became part of history as time passed.” Hong Yan said indifferently. 

No one refuted him as what he said was totally true. Everyone is the same in the face of time, everyone is weak against it, except for those invincible god-emperors, as they have reigned supreme in this Divine World. 

Jiang Chen took his hand out and looked afar as if he could touch it, feel it, those bloody battles that had happened in this endless pit, on this ancient path as white bones scattered around. But as Jiang Chen’s feet stepped on those bones, it instantly became ash and dispersed into this heaven and earth. 

The sadness of the passing of time as bones became ash. 

Jiang Chen slowly closed his eyes. It’s easy to say, to achieve Godhood. But how many were able to achieve it in these millions of years? One could easily live comfortably in the Immortal World for 1.8million years as a lord, as it’s peaceful over there and the competition is not so fierce. But when it comes to the Divine World, it is truly hard to achieve immortality after going through each stage. Even Divine Kings, Hierarch or even Divine Emperors are slaves of time. 

Everyone looked at this scene silently, they could feel the pressure coming from time itself, they’re racing against time. 

The traces of battle from the ancient times could be seen, recorded around this endless pit. This Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart was also a target of competition in ancient times.  Otherwise, there wouldn’t be such fierce traces of battle left on this place after the passing of such time. 

Battle horses neighed, savage beasts roared, divine weapons vibrated, battle gods rode as they crossed upon this endless pit… 

As they entered the 30,000 meter point, the root of the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart could be seen as it planted itself on the rocks with corpses surrounding it, with shattered divine weapons. However, the group was already used to this scene by now. Each of those bones was like a warning to them. However, they only had one question now, where is the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart?

The Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine was thick, with several metres diameter, it’s like a giant tree growing on this endless pit. 

Those intercrossing ancient vines could not cover the traces of battle. 

“Where is the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart?” He Ba finally got impatient. 

Without the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart, his end would surely come. 

“Legend has it that the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart is an ancient divine vine, a true legacy of the ancient times. The Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart is born from the root and it’s born with an instinct.” Hong Ya said. 

They were all here for the sake of the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart.

“Ancient Vine Forbidden Area, Trespassers will be killed on sight.” 

A coarse and ghastly voice resounded through everyone’s ears. They did not expect it at all. Could there be someone else in this place? 

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