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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2522

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The Jade-faced Spiritual Fox exclaimed in shock, giving Jiang Chen and the others a shock. The other Jade-faced Spiritual Fox caught their eyes as well. It also proved that they were not the only one who found this place by following the Jade-faced Spiritual Fox. There  could be others coming here with bad intentions.

“Who is Little Jade?”

Yu Er’niang asked.

“She is the one I admire. She is just perfect, pure, highly spiritual, smart and lovely, kind and gentle, and ……”

The Jade-faced Spiritual Fox closed his eyes, losing himself in the imagination like a young guy falling in love. He stretched out the corners of his mouth, full of happiness.

“If we can’t catch up to her now, I am sure that your fox princess who is perfect, pure, brilliant and kind will definitely become a puppet, falling into the wrong hands.”

Jiang Chen sneered.

The Jade-faced Spiritual Fox opened his eyes suddenly and a light bulb went off in his head. He realized that Little Jade could possibly be in danger now. Luckily, Jiang Chen had awakened him and roused himself from his imagination.

“Hurry up!”

The Jade-faced Spiritual Fox went after Little Jade swiftly .

“It seems like we are not the first to enter this volcanic cave.”

Yu Jingfan murmured. At this moment, they were convinced that the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart was here for sure.

“We must hurry up. Or else, we will be beaten by someone.”

Yu huafan said and all of them ran behind the Jade-faced Spiritual Fox.

Jiang Chen chased after the Jade-faced Spiritual Fox. He could feel that there were two formidable powers entering this volcanic cave. Even though the cave was rough, narrow and ever changing, they still managed to come to a flaming area under the guidance of the Jade-faced Spiritual Fox. There were countless flames roaring up from the bottom, leaping out of the light beams, and soaring to the sky. Ten-meter high lava spurt out from the volcano. It calmed down after spewing out several fire columns, accompanied with flows of hot magma, turning into ashes eventually.

In each meter, there were flaming holes which were around one meter wide. Millions of hot spots were glaring and dazzling. Jiang Chen and the rest were moving cautiously. The fire spot was a hundred meters high with a pale smoke drifting over the top, and the air was extremely thin.

“It’s burning here. I feel like being roasted by the heat.”

Yu Huafan rolled his eyes, breathing heavily.

“Jiang Chen, how could you still look fine?”

Yu Huafan looked around. All of them were covered with sweat, even the Jade-faced Spiritual Fox was pouring with sweat. His white fur which previously stood on its end, laid flat on his body now.

“Have you ever heard of the saying ‘curiosity killed the cat’?”

Jiang Chen asked lightly.

“You……Oh, cut it out. I won’t bother arguing with you.” Yu Huafan said in disdain. 

However, he was truly astonished about the secret of Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen had saved their lives from the Peach Blossom Formation and helped them get rid of the illusion. He knew that Jiang Chen was certainly not spiteful, however, he felt uncomfortable being kept in the dark.

“It’s strange, I can’t sense Little Jade’s aura anymore.”

The Jade-faced Spiritual Fox anxiously said.

Jiang Chen tried to feel the aura around them but nothing was found. As the heat wave in the deepest side of magma was boiling furiously, what he could feel was just the terrifying heat.

“Someone is coming.”

Jiang Chen whispered and all of them looked back. As expected, there was someone approaching them—a lady with long hair and dressed in red clothes. She looked cold and gloomy with her long and narrow eyes. Her thin lips looked wicked and malicious. She was pretty and also seductive—a femme fatale. And there were four other women with outstanding appearance and extraordinary strength, fixing their glance on them silently. Their eyes were filled with cruelty and hardness with cold and strong killing intent. It was in sharp contrast with the growing flames of the volcanic cave.

“Are you guys looking for her?”

The red-clothed woman asked lightly. Her hand was squeezing the neck of Little Jade who was nearly fading away, a deadly coldness plastered her face.

“Hey, crazy lady! What have you done to Little Jade? I will never let you off easily.”

The Jade-faced Spiritual Fox gnashed, showing his aggressiveness and ferocity. He felt pain and suffering upon seeing Little Jade being hurt.

“You’re such a despicable guy, do you think you could take a slice of the cake here? This is not a place for everyone.”

The red-clothed woman sneered.

“She has completed her mission, you can take her back.”

The red-clothed woman threw Little Jade, falling into the holes with glowing flames which were boiling with hot magma. At this moment, the Jade-faced Spiritual Fox was dumbfounded at her action as he had never expected that the woman in red to be viciously evil.

“Little Jade!”

The Jade-faced Spiritual Fox released an ear-shattering roar. Jiang Chen disappeared instantly without the notice of the red-clothed woman.

Under the shield of the Five Elemental True Fire, Jiang Chen jumped into the depths of magma and snatched Little Jade out of the jaws of death at the critical moment. Then, Jiang Chen fed her with two elixirs which was enough for her to barely survive.

“Killing without batting an eyelid. You’re such an old witch.”

Jiang Chen was calm as he held Little Jade in his arms and walked out of the cave slowly.

All of them were shocked, including the red-clothed woman as they had never thought that Jiang Chen would be able to do that. An Early Heavenly God Realm like him could save a beast under their very nose. This only showed that his strength should not be underestimated.

The Jade-faced Spiritual Fox held the claws of Little Jade tightly, showing a shade of anxiety in his eyes. However, he felt relieved after seeing her narrowly escaping from death. Without the help of Jiang Chen, Little Jade would have died. The Jade-faced Spiritual Fox gazed at Jiang Chen in astonishment. He was the life savior of Little Jade, it was like saving his life as well. Even though Jiang Chen’s real identity and strength still remained unknown like a mystery, he had gained a great deal of respect and admiration from the Jade-faced Spiritual Fox.

“Little Jade, wake up.”

Little Jade had been trampled terribly by the red-clothed lady and was still in critical condition.

She could finally wake up under the help of Jiang Chen.

“Little Ice? Am I dead?”

Little Jade asked in a weak voice, she could barely open her eyes.

“No, you aren’t dead and I will never let you die. It’s fine even if you don’t like me, but I promised to protect you for the rest of my life.”

The Jade-faced Spiritual Fox held Little Jade tightly. Even though his body was warm, his heart was cold. He hated himself for being incompetent and weak, he could not even save the one he loved from danger.

The red-clothed lady narrowed her eyes and said coldly.

“It’s merely a beast. I can just kill it whenever I wish. What can you do to me?”

“Life and death lies in the lap of the gods. How dare you decide the life and death of others randomly?”

Jiang Chen said calmly.

“Because I am strong enough. You guys are too adorable. But you should not stay here, I am warning you guys to leave here before it is too late. Or else, don’t be regretful when you lose your life later. Hahaha”

The red-clothed woman was playing with her long hair, covering her mouth while laughing. There was a hidden killing intent on the air.

“If I am not mistaken, you’re from the ten greatest sects, Qilian Region, the people of the Red-clothed Thirteen  House?”

Yu JingFan said in a deep voice.

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