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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2520

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Jiang Chen grabbed an Azure Spirit Pill and flicked it towards the Jade-faced Spiritual Fox. 

“Take it, I shouldn’t hoard when I used your ingredients to make them.” Jiang Chen generously said. 

The Jade-faced Spiritual Fox was stunned, his expression was filled with disbelief as he trembled. 

“Are you… are you saying that this Azure Spirit Pill is for me?” The Spiritual Fox never in his dreams expected Jiang Chen to give him one. 

It’s the Azure Spirit Pill that was much sought even by the lord of the Eight Lineages Silver River. This idiot gave me one?! 

“I’ll take it back if you don’t want it.” Jiang Chen said. 

“Want, want, want, want.” The Jade-faced Spiritual Fox nodded his head in happiness like a woodpecker, shock could clearly be seen in his eyes.. 

All of my treasures combined couldn’t even compare against a single Azure Spirit Pill. How could he not be excited? This ‘despicable’ human once again amazed the fox. He wasn’t as shameless as it seems. 

The Jade-faced Spiritual Fox never had dreamt of this, to think Jiang Chen handed him such a treasured pill. Plus, he even concocted ten of them in a single batch. Batch concoction is not something that could be done by a master alchemist, peerless!

The pill lightning disappeared from the sky and Jiang Chen knew that a group of people was getting near. Countless experts’ aura was closing in, they had to leave this place as soon as possible. 

“Sh*t, someone’s here!” The Jade-faced Spiritual Fox shouted in surprise as he grasped the Azure Spirit Pill tightly in his palm, as if it was something much more important than his life. 

“You felt it too?” Jiang Chen said indifferently. 

“Plus, it’s not just a single person, a hundred over powerful auras are closing in.” The Jade-faced Spiritual Fox was feeling somewhat pressured. 

“There isn’t much time, let’s go.” Jiang Chen said as he rushed towards Yu Erniang’s party with the Jade-faced Spiritual Fox.  

Jiang Chen broke the party’s illusion with his soul energy, asking them to leave without him. 

“You guys leave and I’ll stay back. A bunch of people are closing in.” Jiang Chen said. 

“But… you!” Yu Erniang looked at him anxiously. 

“Rest assured. I won’t die. With this little fellow here, the living map of theTianqi Mountain Range, I won’t be in danger.” Jiang Chen smiled. 

“Let’s go, believe in Jiang Chen, it’s safer to trust him than trust yourself.” Xue Liang said indifferently. 

From disdain towards Jiang Chen, to shock and then a bigger shock and finally respect. Jiang Chen was truly a rival to be respected. Xue Liang knew that he’s probably not Jiang Chen’s match now. But the men of the clan shall always pursue the path of supremacy, throwing away all infatuation and love, to live for the sword. 

“Alright, we’ll wait for you from a thousand li away.” 

Yu Jingfan took Yu Erniang’s hand and left like the wind. 

Jiang Chen watched as Yu Erniang’s worried eyes left from his sight. 

“An infatuated woman,” the Jade-faced Spiritual Fox smiled and said, pretending to be emotional. 

“Do you believe me that I can kill you now and cook up a fox broth?” Jiang Chen stared at the Jade-faced Spiritual Fox. The latter chuckled, not talking back. 

He knew that Jiang Chen wouldn’t do such a thing, the moment he handed the Azure Spirit Pill to him, the fox knew that Jiang Chen still had a heart. 

There’s no good nor evil from the eyes of demonic beasts. However, one must return a kindness received, a debt must be repaid. Moreover, he wouldn’t have gotten his hands on a Azure Spirit Pill in his whole life. Although the Jade-faced Spiritual Fox wasn’t happy, he genuinely respects Jiang Chen. 

But at the next moment, the Jade-faced Spiritual Fox thought that his eyes were playing a trick on him. 

Jiang Chen wielded the Heavenly Dragon Sword while commanding 108 Peak Divine Tools and planted a sword formation in the dark valley’s illusory formation. 

“What are you planning to do?” the Fox asked. 

Jiang Chen did not answer his question. At this moment, he found out that Jiang Chen’s face was extremely cold, like a death-god, that prickling chillness even caused him to shiver. 

“It’s here, the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart must be here. Let’s go, let’s go!” 

“Hahaha, I’ve finally found it, hoho, such a secluded place.” 

“Ain’t that right, I dare say that the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart is here.”

“Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart, its mine!” 

“Don’t be so sure about that, your tongue might come off.” 

Many more people entered the dark valley, hundreds of them. All of them were pretty strong, the weakest one were at least Late Heavenly Gods, the strongest amongst them were Peak Heavenly Gods. The Half-Step Divine Kings, however, were not present.  

Jiang Chen was expressionless as he observed those people walking into the illusion and sword formation with a cold heart. 

“Are you thinking of killing…” The Jade-faced Spiritual Fox felt somewhat parched. 

Hundreds of Late Heavenly Gods and even Peak experts. Isn’t he afraid? Isn’t he too confident in this sword formation? Plus, these people had no grievance with him, why would he kill them? 

The Fox had a lot of questions. However, Jiang Chen was silent. The sun finally set in half an hour and darkness enveloped the whole mountain. But little did they know that a massacre was going to happen in this deep and dark valley. 

Jiang Chen slowly closed his eyes and murmured in his heart: Everything ends here. 

The Little Ashura Sword Formation instantly enlarged at that moment. Hundreds of Heavenly God experts felt that the sky darkened. The shriek of despair rang loudly as terrifying sword reflections cut across the Little Ashura Sword Formation. 

There wasn’t any dead angle. Hundreds of Heavenly Gods died amidst those cold and bloodied screams. It was a bloody scene and the Jade-faced Spiritual Fox went blank watching it. Is this the same temperate human earlier. The one who selflessly gave me the Azure Spirit Pill?

The Jade-faced Spiritual Fox couldn’t understand as he watched those Heavenly Gods experts perish under the sword formation, not being able to fight back. After all, life was such an invaluable thing. 

The Jade-faced Spiritual Fox was no ‘good guy’. Yet his heart trembled at such a gruesome scene. He finally saw how powerful Jiang Chen was, not even Half-Step Divine Kings could replicate such a feat, killing hundreds of Heavenly Gods and he could even possibly kill 200-300 Half-Step Divine Kings. Jiang Chen silently killed off hundreds of experts, alone. 

The cold and dark valley once again fell into silence. 

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